How to stay warm in A Tent.

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I’ve travelled a lot and camped in different parts of the world like China, the Uk, etc, and I wrote an article on “Things not to do when visiting china” you could check it out, so I know what it is like to stay in a tent. Thus, in this article, I will explain “How to stay warm in a tent,” “How to winterize your camping tent,” “How to heat a tent,” “Cold weather camping checklist,” “tent warmer.” So sit tight and right to the end.

Camping is enjoyable because you will get to learn new things and connect with people who are more inclined than you are. But invariably, camping can be a hell of cold if you don’t prepare with the necessary Cold weather camping checklist needed to keep yourself warm in a tent.

So, I will guide you through the necessary packs you need while you are traveling for camping in another location. In addition to this, one thing you need to have in mind as you read along is, put into consideration the destination of your camp, the weather conditions, and the necessary bags you need to travel.

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Cold weather camping checklist:

If you have identified where you are traveling to and found out that it’s going to be a very cold place, I suggest you go with these cold-weather camping checklist containing all the necessary materials needed to go on a cold camp.

  • Long underwear and socks
  • Warm Sweater
  • Rainproof Jacket – In case of rain outside the tent
  • Morpheous Sleeping Bag
  • Down Insulation – with an excellent warmth to weight ratio, which makes it easy to wear and also pack in your Camping pack.
  • Tent Carpet – This plays a big role in making your tent very warm in chilling weather and also adding beauty to the floor of the tent. It also softens noise while you walk through a tent. Amazingly, it adds comfort, and It has different sizes to fit into the size of the tent.
  • Synthetic socks – In this case, you need two types of socks, one for camping activities and the other one for keeping your feet warm at night.
  • Portable Heater: This is needed in the case of cold seasons that can’t be controlled. It could serve as a tent warmer.
  • Hand Warmers: As the name implies, it keeps your hands warm in case of freezing situations.
  • Head Warmers: This is highly needed to cover your head while you feel freezing in a camping tent.
  • Pee Bottle: In cases where you are pressed at night, you can use it at your convenience when you can’t go out at night.
  • Water Bottle: This is needed for storing warm water you can take when you feel freezing and vice-versa.
  • Snow Pants: Snow Pants play a vital role in cases of snowy areas that can’t be controlled.
  • Mylar reflective space blanket: Warms the tent longer.
  • Heat Packs: For keeping warm
  • USB Powered hand warmers
  • Battery Powered heaters
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Brilliant ways to staying warm in a Tent:

These are the top 10 tips you need to have to have in mind to winterize your tent and sleep comfortably. These secrets are efficient and very easy to follow. Let’s get to them:

Wear the Right Pyjamas:

The right pyjamas will save you more than a 50% rate of catching a cold. A loose well-covered one will keep you warm and help in proper blood circulation in the body. Other than protecting your body from Cold, you are also protected from Insects, scratches that may be found inside the tent.

In addition to the pyjamas, warm socks and a hat will make your sleep in the tent very awesome in spite of cold or any other hazards in the tent. But even if you don’t feel cold when you want to sleep, keeping it beside your tent bed will make it very reachable to you when the harsh cold start inside the tent and then use it to stay warm in a Tent.

Don’t Use a Big Tent:

A big tent has a way of making you have unnecessary space inside your tent. If the tent is too big, with few persons, it will have more space making it cooler than when you are in a small tent.

Let the tent be proper with less space; a suggestion is a 4-Season tent that can fit into any season of the year.

Let’s look at it in a more practical way, imagine 5 persons are in a big tent, staying warm in the tent will be nice but imagine that you stay alone in that big tent, you will really feel cold because the excess space makes room for cold air to reside and not forced out by hot air. Thus, the smaller the tent, the warmer it will be.

How do I cover the tent:

Covering the tent with a tarp keeps it warm to some extent but its very bad in the presence of a tent heater.

The tarp helps to keep the heat inside the tent so that you can feel warm.

Besides, tarp at the bottom of your tent will play a major role in getting the ground warm, so a piece of important advice in using a tarp is to find one that matches the size of your tent.

An alternate solution to using in the case of a big tent is to use a tent warmer, such that if the tent is too cold, the tent warmer will help to remove the cold air and balance the air in the tent. More will be explained about a Tent warmer and how to winterize a tent as you read along.

As for the outer wall of the tent, use plastics sheets to as a vapor barriers while inside the tent.

Go with big Blankets:

Just in case you are traveling to a freezing location, big blankets will help you in the middle of the night when the cold is at its peak.

But it’s advisable not to assume the weather conditions in the location you are traveling to, just go with extra blankets that will cover your feet entirely and not halfway. If in the case your area is hot, your coverage can serve as a support for your bed to give it more weight.

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A fantastic benefit of an extra blanket is that it can keep you warm and retain body heat when the cold is too much.

It’s also more advisable to use a camping blanket that is lighter in weight like Cotton blankets so that the weight will not be much on you while you carry it in your camping bag. This is a blanket you can winterize your tent.

How to stay warm in A Tent.
How to winterize a tent
How to heat a tent
Vital secrets on staying warm in A Tent. (Pexels image)

Have a Hot Water bottle:

There are times in the middle of the night that cold will be so much that you can’t handle, and at that time, you will feel that you are already feeling sick, thus, a hot water bottle will help to calm your temperature and improve blood flow well in your body thereby releasing energy(sweat).

The best way to deal with heavy cold at night while having hot water is to put the hot water bottle between your thigh and the heat will flow around your body in less time.

A piece of important advice for taking water to stay warm in a tent and winterize a tent is that you don’t have to take cold water, try taking warm water to keep warm, take a walk or exercise a little to help blood flow in your veins and maintain a temperature in the body.

Use Portable Heaters:

This is a very important kit to stay warm in a tent which requires utmost caution. An important message that you have to learn is not to leave your tent heater “on” while you are asleep.

Portable gas heaters should also be used with caution to avoid cases of fire in a camp. Even if you should make use of it, tell someone to turn it off if you mistakingly sleep off.

Here are the rules of using a Portable warmer(More explained):
  • Never use it when you are asleep.
  • Keep flammable devices away from it.
  • Place it in a Heatproof carpet.
  • Always make sure the flow of air is continuous to avoid overheat.

But to avoid stories of “I forgot”, avoid using it because the hazards are worse than the gains. But one of the benefits of a portable tent heater is that it is very portable and can be carried along easily.

I mentioned the USB powered hand warmers as an important device you use; its easier to use and can be recharged by solar when the power goes low.

Another Tent warmer is Battery Powered heaters, they are very portable to carry along with their batteries inside your bag to avoid temperature from destroying it.

A local way to winterize your tent is to place a campfire near your tent which will help a lot by providing a lot of warmth.

I know this is very common in movies, they make a long fire and open a side of the tent facing the fire.

You may ask, “Won’t the smoke come into your tent?”, the answer is this, “use a clear plastic sheet/plate tarp” to cover the side so that smoke won’t get in and in other words, the tent will warm safer for you thus it will winterize your tent.

Keep your Tent Ventilated:

It may sound weird to tell you to keep your tent ventilated to stay warm camping in a tent. It’s a good idea to allow it for the in and outflow of air in the tent.

Another area of importance is in the sense of using a tent warmer where the hot air needs to leave the shelter for a cold-warm to come in and keep the tent fresh.

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So this is important even in the presence of cold so that the tent doesn’t get damped by too much heat thus making you uncomfortable while inside the tent.

Another primary reason is so that you don’t suffocate inside the tent; if the shelter is locked airtight, you will suffocate due to lack of in and outflow of air to winterize the tent.

Cover your feet and hands:

One of the essential requirements I mentioned above as the Cold weather camping checklist are socks, hat, and hand warmers.

Warm and fluffy socks will help to keep your feet warm despite a cold environment or in this context, inside a tent.

It’s expected that you come with different socks for a hike and another one for going to bed.

At night, you don’t have to wait for the cold to start to put on socks, once you are ready to sleep in your sleeping bag, put on your socks. If you feel hot, you can consider placing it beside your bed in case of cold in the middle of the night.

Remove Frost from your Tent:

The frost from the night usually condenses the inner wall of a tent; thus, it’s best you remove them in the morning, else, it will condense, and the tent’s inner wall will start peeling, or it will affect the opening of the tent.

Sure you know frosts are inevitable in cases of winter or snow, so the best you can do is to remove them and dry your tent during the day by inverting it and letting the sun do the remaining job for you. This is really a great tip to winterize your tent and stay warm.

Exercise Daily:

It may sound a little weird to you but exercise plays a major role in helping your body stay warm in any place even in a tent.

A simple exercise like jumping, jogging, and skipping will play a major role in helping the flow of blood in your body and also help you get better sleep at night.

How to keep a food warm in a Tent:

Plan to know the food to go camping ahead. Foods like bars, peanut butter will solidify due to cold weather, so it’s advisable to take foods that are resistant to a low temperature so that once you are back in your tent, you can easily place the fire and warm it.

It implies that you go with enough fuel so that you don’t run out of fuel for heating your food.

Final tips on staying warm camping in a tent:

Camping is enjoyable if you are prepared to go for it. The primary things that will help you enjoy your stay play a vital role in your safety in the camp and help you stay safe, so get all the Cold weather camping checklist required to keep your tent warmer every time you go to bed so that you can sleep comfortably.

Finally, I have covered “How to stay warm in a tent,” “How to winterize your camping tent,” “How to heat a tent,” “Cold weather camping checklist,” “tent warmer.” If you have questions, drop it in the comments below.

Awesome one, thank you for reading this article.

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