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Studying abroad isn’t as easy as it seems. Though there are good things about it, here are the reasons not to study abroad:

1. Reasons not to study abroad: It can be too Expensive:

Before you think of studying abroad, you need to make sure you have enough money to foot the bills.

The money can be from your sponsors like a parent, or a relation.

Something like this can happen:

Due to economic issues in the exchange rate, there can be pressure on your parents in paying your bills because

the exchange rate can be high thereby making you have issues in school due to lack of funds.

So, if you want to study abroad make sure you have enough money at hand to avoid a lot of insecurities or if possible get a job abroad that can fetch little money.

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2. Too much Complication:

There can be complications in processing your documents like getting results ready, scanning some documents in a particular format,

getting an international passport, booking your flight, locating the school etc.

Funny enough during the application progress, you can be scammed by your agent or

can get the application submitted the wrong way. So, this is one of the reasons not to study abroad.

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3. If you don’t want to fall in love:

If you are in a relationship and you don’t want to fall in love with another person abroad, then don’t bother studying abroad.

If you know that you can’t control yourself at parties, then don’t study abroad because you will attend parties and can easily fall in love with someone there.

Again, if you can really handle yourself, maintain a long-distance relationship well, then you can study abroad.

Relationships have fallen apart due to long-distance and lack of trust. This is one of the reasons not to study abroad.

4. Racism:

What is Racism?

Racism means discrimination from people around you due to differences in belief, skin color or even language and believing that your own is superior.

If you can’t cope with the students of different skin colors, then no need to study abroad because most of your course mates will be of different skin colors and will speak different languages.

Racism is highly prohibited in foreign countries, so if you can’t cope with it, you better not travel at all because there is a great penalty for racism abroad.

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5. Reasons not to study abroad: Here can be better:

Reasons not to study abroad

Studying here can be better,

Check it out…

When you go abroad, you still need to study hard just like here, you need to connect with people just like you will do here, you don’t need to depend on what is thought in class to do well just like here.

All these things are still normal things you can do in your present country.

So, if you feel comfortable studying here, keep it up.

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6. Awkward Weather Conditions:

Due to the weather differences abroad, you might not be able to cope with it.

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Weather conditions like winter might be difficult to adjust to but if you are in your country you need not worry about the weather conditions there because you are already used to it.

I know of a friend who traveled abroad to study, during winter he developed Cold that really affected his health badly.

Due to the exchange rate involved in treating him, he couldn’t stay abroad but to come back to his country.

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7. You might be maltreated by your Relations:

Due to the high cost of staying in a college dorm, you might opt-in to stay in the house of a relation.

Your relation can use that as a means to maltreat you, you will be subjected to unnecessary difficult work that is beyond you just because you are staying in their house and feeding you.

Funny enough, that relation of yours will appear nice and innocent before your

parents but when you are with them, they are the reverse.

This is one of the reasons my coursemate did not study abroad.

8. Homesick:

Reasons not to study abroad

What is homesick?

Homesick means Being unhappy, depressed and uncomfortable because you are away from home for a while.

If you are such that you can’t handle staying away from mummy and daddy, then don’t bother traveling abroad because you can’t cope with it.

When you are abroad, you will miss a lot of friends and family members,

funny enough, you might even see them like once or twice a year.

9. If you can’t learn a new Language:

There are some countries that require that before you start studying in their college, you need to learn their language for about 6-12 months of your stay in the country.

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If you don’t want to take the stress of learning a new language for that period of time, no need to bother traveling to that country.

10. New Rules:

As a student getting into a new country, you will be faced with new rules and regulations that the citizens of that country abide by.

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For American students, you need to follow rules like

  • You don’t have children out of wedlock
  • You shouldn’t have historical grudges.
  • You shouldn’t take things away from other people because of your skin color.

11. If you don’t want to lose friends:

If you don’t want to lose most of your network of friends, don’t travel abroad.

Your network is your net worth.

Due to the new network of people, you will meet in school, you need to update your network and remove some people that are less important. So you will lose most of your friends.

12. Reasons not to study abroad: You can feel lonely:

Reasons not to study abroad

It’s natural to be lonely in a new country with new faces and different skin colors. It’s going to worse if you are not a sociable person because nobody will like to hang out with someone who is not lively or active in the discussion.

If you find it difficult to associate or even talk to people, I suggest you stay in your country to study.


The reasons not to study abroad given here are important tips but if you can overcome these challenges, you can move on to study abroad because there are good benefits to studying abroad.

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