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“Amature and Amateur” are two words that are always misplaced because they are homophones (words that sound alike). They have different meanings, of which one is correct, and the other is incorrect.

Amateur is the correct word, while the other is the incorrect word. Even as I write this article, the amazing thing is that my laptop’s autocorrect underlines “Amature,” stating it as a wrong word.

As you read through this article, I will explain the difference between these words and the best way to identify the correct one.

Amature vs Amateur

Meaning of Amateur:

An amateur is not skillful in a specific work; in other words, an amateur is not a professional. You see this word mostly in games when you are asked to select from the category of Newbie, Amateur, or Professional.


  • I hope this game has a setting for an amateur like me because it is too challenging.
  • The new player that moved from St. Francis Fc is an amateur; he needs serious training.
  • You are the only amateur among us, so please, you need to keep your mouth shut.

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Amature vs Amateur


Most times, this word is often a misspelling of Amateur because it is pronounced the same way as the definitive word. Amature is an incorrect word that doesn’t exist in the English dictionary.

If you type in this word into Google Search, it will produce the answer on “Amateur,adding the phrase, “Do you mean Amateur?”.

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  • The one issue I have about the new amature is that it generates low power. (incorrect)
  • The engineer asked me to bring an amature on science to the lab tomorrow. (Incorrect)
  • I never knew amature was an incorrect English word until I saw “amateur” and wondered the difference.

Amature vs. Amateur – How to remember

These two words seem very confusing, and one can be misplaced for the other. Since “Amature” isn’t so familiar to people, have it in mind that “Amateur” is used to describe an individual who is not a professional in a particular thing.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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