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Musical theatre is gradually becoming a popular degree program in several colleges. This field of study concerns dramatic performances that use acting, dance, spoken dialogue, and songs.

In other words, a musical theatre degree studies the genre of drama that uses several elements to create entertainment. It is highly revered around the world.

Presently, several schools offer degree programs in the field of musical theatre. Nevertheless, some schools possess better educational facilities than others.

Thus, this article will provide a list of the top 10 schools for musical theatre education, tips for musical theatre schools, and several reasons why you should pursue a career in musical theatre.

Best Schools for Musical Theatre Education

University of Michigan 

The musical theatre department at the University of Michigan is the ideal destination for students aspiring to pursue a career in musical theatre.

This school offers a comprehensive learning program and several practical learning experiences that develop students’ abilities.

The University of Michigan offers a conservatory-style musical theatre education and remains a leading school for musical theatre education. 

Syracuse University

Syracuse University is a college that offers an inclusive learning experience.

It is an institution that empowers students to become excellent professionals in the musical theatre field by exposing them to an intensive education program.

Syracuse University is a top-class educational institution that promotes creativity and diversity and deservedly remains one of the best schools for musical theatre education.

American Musical and Dramatic Academy

American Musical and Dramatic Academy is a top ten musical theatre school. It has a broad curriculum focused on practical growth.

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The American Musical and Dramatic Academy offers a mentorship program for students and a series of educational seminars for industry professionals.

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy also exposes students to professional development summits and seminars.

Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University is an A-rated University for musical theatre education. It offers a rigorous curriculum that guarantees the intellectual development of students.

Baldwin Wallace University is renowned for exposing students to several programs that warranties their professional growth. Moreover, it has several state-of-the-art facilities for musical theatre education. 

Boston Conservatory at Berklee

The Boston Conservatory at Berklee is a top musical theatre school. This school’s performing arts department unleashes students’ gifts.

The Boston Conservatory at Berklee exposes students to instruction that will improve their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, all of which are important attributes in musical theatre.

It is a school that values diversity and provides unparalleled professional chances.

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Other Impressive Schools for Musical Theatre Studies

Florida State University

Florida State University is one of the best colleges for music theatre education. It has several distinguished liberal arts professors with extraordinary teaching abilities.

Florida State University also has state-of-the-art musical theatre facilities that offer high-quality learning experiences.

Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan School of Music is famous for its excellence and creativity. This school produces graduates with exceptional professional skills.

The Manhattan School of Music is a top-rated conservatory that motivates gifted students to aim for quality in their chosen career fields and offers an opportunity for people to become seasoned performers, teachers, and composers in the field of musical theatre.

University of North Carolina School of Arts

The University Of North Carolina School Of Arts is one of the best institutions for musical theatre education.

This school offers a learning program that empowers students with deep knowledge and advanced skills.

University Of North Carolina School Of Arts offers degree programs in visual and performing arts at all levels of education.

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Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is another remarkable University on this list.

This college offers one of the best musical theatre programs globally thanks to the presence of fully-equipped learning facilities and distinguished tutors that combine to provide rich learning experiences in the field of musical theatre. 

New York University

New York University is one of the top 10 schools for musical theatre education. This school embraces a learning curriculum that exposes students to several practical experiences.

The musical theatre department in New York University has Nobel Prize Laureates, and their graduates go on to become distinguished musical theatre professionals.

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Study Tips for Musical Theatre Schools

Musical theatre is a demanding degree that requires lots of commitment and hard work. Moreover, you can graduate with excellent grades from a musical theatre school by applying the following tips;

Practice continuously:

Although music theatre schools nurture students on several practical lessons, they create enough time daily to practice. This will help you master your roles and lines.

Don’t miss theoretical classes:

Having a good knowledge of the theoretical content of the coursework will boost your mastery of the practical aspect of lessons. Thus, don’t miss theoretical classes for any reason.

Use the internet:

Several videos are available on social media to improve your dancing, singing, and acting abilities. Thus, use social media frequently to learn more.

Learn from your colleagues:

Leverage on your colleagues that have extraordinary abilities in your area of specialty by training with them. 

Seek the advice of your professors:

Visit your professors after class regularly to receive some learning tips that will improve your professional abilities in your chosen area of specialty.

Join a practice group:

Practice makes perfect. Thus, join a practice group to prevent undue procrastination, as members will motivate you to do better.


Sign up to dance, sing or act free of charge for different organizations at the same time in front of packed halls to improve your self-confidence and abilities.

Do the extra:

Be prepared to lose more weight to make you a better dancer. Read the biographies of elite professionals in your chosen specialty, as they surely contain valuable and helpful tips.

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Top reasons you should pursue a career in Musical Theatre

High career opportunities:

Holders of musical theatre degrees are entitled to several career opportunities. They can feature in movies or as chorographers in music videos.

Thus, pursuing a degree in musical theatre to enjoy access to unlimited career opportunities.


Starring in a viral show will make you famous, attracting lucrative advertisement deals with top companies.


A career in musical theatre offers you an opportunity to build relationships with many people you meet along the line. These people can connect you to several shows and events.

Develop your knowledge:

Performing different roles in several shows will expose you to several cultures, which can open up a career path in tourism management for you. 

Improves your creativity:

Adding style to the roles you perform will enhance your creative abilities, which are vital in any area you find yourself.


Musical theatre is one of the required fields of performing arts that offers you an opportunity to enjoy an enriching career.

However, acquiring a musical theatre degree in any of the very best schools for musical theatre education will boost your professional skills extraordinarily.

Thus, the ten schools listed above are highly recommended for musical theatre education.

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