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The Dungeoneer’s Pack is similar to the Explorer’s Pack used to visit and learn about new places. It contains almost the same items as the explorer’s pack with the exception of a Crowbar, a hammer, and 10 pitons.

In this article, I will give you the list of materials/items you can find in a Dungeoneer’s Pack.

Dungeoneer’s Pack Weight:

The weight of an Dungeoneer’s Pack is 61.5 lb. It costs 12gp.

List of materials for a Dungeoneer’s Pack:

  • Backpack
  • Crowbar
  • Bedroll
  • Tinderbox
  • 10 Torches
  • 10 days of rations
  • 50 feet of Hempen rope
  • Hammer


The backpack is the overall container for the entire equipment. It can be made of leather or wool. A 50ft of hempen rope can be strapped to the side in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, the backpack might not be water-resistant but it can be semi-proof for a long-lasting journey. In the case of rain, you can use nylon to cover it entirely. The backpack can carry 30 pounds of gear and still be firm.

Dungeoneer’s Pack


A crowbar is an adventuring gear weighing 5lb and makes the adventuring process easier and faster.


The backpack contains the bedroll. It serves as a form of comfort to sleep on, in case you want to camp during exploring. It can hold your pillow and blanket when adequately packed into the Dungeoneer’s Pack.

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The bedroll is still useful even though the people of the west have taken it as a tradition. On the other hand, the bedroll can be small in width, so you can add a sleeping bag to make you sleep comfortably in the case of cold.

A waterskin or a water pouch is a major adventuring gear in the explorer’s pack. It is made with goat or sheepskin, but most of the popular waterskin is made of plastic or rubber.

It can hold about 4 pints of liquid and fit properly in its space in the backpack. You can fill the waterskin with a water fill jug.

As an explorer, you need to take adequate water to stay healthy and stronger and you travel through different cities and towns.

Dungeoneer’s Pack


The tinderbox also know as a Patch box helps in making fire lightening easier. It contains flint, fire steel(for lighting a spark), and tinder (a small cloth soaked in oil that lights up easily when ignited).

10 Torches

A device used for seeing in the dark. In the context of a Dungeoneer’s Pack, you need 10 Torches to avoid running out of light supply. On the other hand, getting additional batteries in the backpack will go a long way.

10 days of Rations

A ration is an amount of food for a definite purpose. For the Dungeoneer’s Pack, rations consist of dry food like nuts, jerky, hardtack, and nuts. Ten days of Rations can last longer or lesser than ten days, depending on usage. It is about 20lb in weight.

On the other hand, taking up extra rations into your backpack will save you the cost of emergency in the case of extra days.

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A Hammer is a standard adventuring gear that weighs 3 lb. It is used for hitting down hard surfaces and structures.

Dungeoneer’s Pack

50 feet of Hempen rope

With a 23 strength check, the 50 feet Hempen rope has two hit points and is made of help or silk. In some context, the Hempen rope can serve as a climbing tool because if it’s strength and durability.

10 pitons:

Piton is an adventuring gear used for climbing. It weighs 3 lb. According to Wikipedia, Pitons are equipped with an eye hole or a ring to which a carabiner is attached; the carabiner can then be directly or indirectly attached to a climbing rope.

Final tips on Dungeoneer’s Pack[5e]:

The Dungeoneer’s Pack contains the basic needs of an explorer.

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