10 Best Electrician Trade Schools in the World (Benefit, Duration) | 2023

Electrician Trade Schools around the world give students hands-on training and a classroom setting to learn about electrical ideas and systems.

An entry-level electrician who lacks the ability and hands-on experience to work with increasingly complicated systems and technologies may benefit greatly from a decent education.

The first step to becoming an electrician is attending an electrical trade school.

Installing and repairing new electrical components and repairing and maintaining existing electrical infrastructure are all part of the electrician’s work duties.

This article gives a detailed guide on the best electrician trade schools in the world, who an electrician is, the duration it takes to become an electrician and many more.

Is a Career in Electrician Trade Worth it?

Electrical work is in high demand and pays well, making it a lucrative career choice. Because of the rapid development of technology and the widespread use of power, it is simple to keep a job.

You can work for yourself if you choose to pursue a career in this field. It’s absolutely worth it to become an electrician.

Regardless of whether you work for yourself or someone else, your “office” is your vehicle, which allows you to go where you want when you want. And, no matter who you work for, electricians are more likely to have a secure career.

Instead of spending their days at the same desk, electricians are always on the go to various job sites to complete new projects.

A profession as an electrician also offers several opportunities for promotion. As an electrician gains expertise and knowledge, he or she can move up the ranks from Journeyman to Master.

How Long Does it Take to Train to Be an Electrician?

The typical time to become an electrician is between four and five years. Most people who want to be electricians get their education and experience through an apprenticeship program.

To a large extent, the path you choose and your goals will determine how long it takes to become an electrician.

Between five and six years are required to become a professional electrician or engineer at a university. Moreover, the length of time it takes to become an electrician can vary widely depending on the school you choose.

You can complete your education in a few short months with a trade school.

You may also be qualified for a shorter apprenticeship if you have previous military or construction experience, which may affect the length of your Electrician Trade school.

You should have an associate’s degree in a relevant field or technical school experience that can be utilized in your apprenticeship.

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How Much Does it Cost to attend an Electrician Trade School?

To start a career as an electrician, you will need to invest in various tools and equipment, as well as liability insurance and licensing fees. Depending on the institution, this can cost anywhere from $54,110 to well over $90,000 USD.

How to Become an Electrician (five Major Steps):

1. Obtain a GED or a High school diploma:

Before beginning training or an apprenticeship, a high school diploma or GED certificate is required. Although GED has other meanings, it is generally known as the “General Educational Test”.

To receive a diploma certificate, you must complete all the necessary courses. This certificate is got when you must have been done with high school. You must also have gone through school for at least 4 years to get a diploma.

Students without a diploma certificate participate in taking several exams to show if they have got a high school education.

You will complete this educational prerequisite to ensure that you have the necessary math, science, thinking, and communication skills.

2. Attend a traditional school:

The foundations of the work, such as reading blueprints, learning electrical code requirements, and understanding safety measures, can be learned in a classroom setting.

There are various ways to finish an apprenticeship program, including classroom instruction. Aspiring electricians may enroll in a technical school that combines classroom instruction with hands-on practice.

3. Apprenticeship is Key:

General electricians must complete an additional 8,000 hours of training, with most full-time apprentices earning 2,000 hours yearly.

However, if you’re going to school full-time, you’ll have to finish a four-year degree. If you work part-time, your apprenticeship may take longer.

4. Get and renew your License:

When people ask how long it takes to become an electrician, the most common response is, “How long does it take to become a journeyman electrician?”.

Journeyman electricians have completed their training and are ready to work on their projects.

Take an exam from your state’s licensing agency to become a journeyman. Afterward, complete an apprenticeship and pass the exam.

Wiring processes, electrical theory, and safety considerations are among the topics addressed in the exam.

Once you passed the test, you were considered an electrician with a license. On top of that, electricians must labor for four years as journeymen before they can receive their licenses.

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Top 10 Electrician trade schools in the world:

1. Aviron Technical Institute:

Aviron Technical Institute has been recognized as one of the provinces of Quebec’s best vocational institutions.

They wish to expand their knowledge base into worldwide markets by offering courses that are relevant to future needs and desires.

A graduate of Electrical Engineering can look forward to a prosperous and bright future in a diverse field of prospects.

Electrical systems and equipment installation, repair, and maintenance are all skills that are taught in the electricity program.

The curriculum consists of 24 competencies and requires a total of 1,800 hours for a full-time student.

Students will learn the skills necessary to fulfill roles, functions, tasks, and activities through a combination of classroom theory and hands-on work, preparing them to advance quickly and securely on the job.

As one of the best electrical trade schools in the world, the Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal trains students to build and maintain electrical systems in residential, commercial, industrial, and public work environments.

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2. Washburn Institute of Technology:

The Washburn Institute of Technology’s electrical construction and maintenance program will help you land a job. Basic electrical safety, blueprint reading, and diagram interpretation are among the topics covered in the course of study.

This half-day program can be completed in two semesters by both high school students and adult learners. You’ll receive a 30-credit-hour technical certificate when you finish the course.

A second-level apprenticeship program with an electrical union may also be an option for you.

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3. Coyne college:

Coyne College is one of the electrician trade schools in the world.

In addition to the Electrical Construction & Planning (ECP) degree, Coyne College now offers an Electrical Construction & Maintenance (ECM) program (ECM).

Students can quickly become licensed electricians by enrolling in Coyne’s evening electrical school.

Program content in electrical construction and planning is more comprehensive than that in electrical construction and maintenance, with a completion time of 78 weeks being possible.

On the other hand, electrical construction and maintenance can be completed in 42-56 weeks, depending on whether you choose day or night classes as your learning style.

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4. Emily Griffith Technical College:

When you enroll in an apprenticeship program such as Emily Griffith Technical College, you’ll get hands-on training from your employer and classroom instruction from the college.

Electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment, as well as process controls, instrumentation, solar and photovoltaic systems, and wind turbines, are all topics you’ll cover in this course.

Electrical training is available for both residential and industrial settings. A high school diploma or GED is required for those interested in the Electrician apprenticeship program.

As one of the best electrician trade schools in the world, credits in high school or college algebra are required to show mastery in the subject. Applicants must additionally present two kinds of state-issued ID.

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5. Salina Area Technical College:

Electrical Technology at Salina Tech can help you break into this field by equipping you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to install, maintain, and repair even the most sophisticated residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems.

From blueprint reading and motor control to advanced automation and circuits, our graduate’s graduate prepared to sit for the Journeyman’s Exam and pursue a fulfilling career as a qualified electricians in their chosen profession.

Following years of practical expertise, many electricians establish their own electrical businesses, earning a comfortable income working for homeowners, industrial facilities, telecommunications organizations, and construction enterprises.

It is one of the best electrician trade schools in the world.

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6. Altierus Career College:

Altierus Career College’s electrical technician training program teaches you how to build, maintain, and repair electrical systems that power lights, appliances, and devices that make life easier and more convenient for people.

You can train as an industrial electrical technician or an electrical construction technician.

As an electrical construction specialist, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems that power modern technology that make life easier and more convenient for people.

If you wish to further develop your skills after completing this electrical technician course, you can enroll in a three-month course to learn as an industrial electrical technician.

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7. Pamlico Community College:

Electrical Systems Technology training teaches students how to install and maintain electrical/electronic systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

PCC’s electrical systems technology program covers fundamental wiring techniques, conduit bending, and industrial motor controllers.

Coding and standards, digital electronics, construction mathematics, and programmable logic controllers are all critical subjects.

Training accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research delivered by NCCER-certified teachers.

As one of the best electrician trade schools in the world, applicants must, however, possess a high school diploma or equivalent and may be required to take a placement test to determine the appropriate math and English course sequence.

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8. Manchester Community College:

Electrical technology continues to expand in scope and career opportunities at Manchester Community College due to technological advancements, economic changes, and expansion.

Electrical work is increasingly sophisticated due to integrating electronics, microprocessor-based controllers, and data communications into the home, commercial, and industrial electrical systems.

This expanding complexity is generating an ever-increasing demand for highly trained and competent licensed electricians and electrical technicians.

Classes for the Associate Degree are held during the day and evening to meet various scheduling requirements.

Students who attend school full-time during the day can complete the program in two calendar years after completing any required developmental curriculum. Evening students will complete the program in a minimum of four years.

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9. Central Louisiana Technical Community College:

Central Louisiana Technical Community College’s Electrician program provides a foundation of specialized instruction and hands-on shop experience to prepare students for employment in the electrical trades.

After completing the basic core, students may elect to specialize in any specialization areas.

The graduate is prepared to work as an Industrial, Residential, or Commercial Electrician in the specialty areas.

Each region entails an examination of all applicable codes and standards, blueprint reading, wiring diagrams, and area-specific installations. All work is completed with a focus on shop and workplace safety.

As one of the best electrician trade schools in the world, graduates of this school operate as independent or self-employed electrical contractors.

In homes, companies, and factories, electricians install wire, fuses, and other electrical components.

To graduate from this program, students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and finish all required courses. The time required to complete a course depends on the number of courses taken, withdrawals, and repeat courses.

The curriculum is typically three semesters long if you are enrolled full-time (15 hours per semester).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Electrician Trade Schools in the World 

Which course is best for electricians?

An Associate Degree in electrical technology

What skills do electricians need?


What is the role of a senior electrician?

An electrician’s duties include the design, development, and upkeep of electrical infrastructure and schematics and the installation of new electrical components.


Career options for electricians are numerous. Working as an electrician and attending a trade school also has various advantages.

Electrical wiring, power distribution, and other related duties are the domain of the electrician, a tradesperson who specializes in these areas.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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