Georgia Homeschool Laws (Ultimate A-Z Guide)

Georgia Homeschool Laws (Ultimate A-Z Guide)5 min read

Georgia is a Homeschool friendly state with relaxed Homeschool laws that families can follow. In Georgia, a Homeschool is referred to as a “Home study Program” where a family decides the right way to teach their child and the best curriculum to fit their style of study. If you want to start homeschooling in GA but do not know how to go about it, in this article,

I will give you an A-Z guide on Georgia Homeschool requirements, GA homeschool groups, Record-keeping in Georgia Homeschool, GA homeschool laws, Georgia homeschool letter of intent and many more. So sit tight and read till the end.

Georgia Homeschool Requirements:

As a parent, for you to efficiently homeschool your child in Georgia, you need to follow the requirements stated by the Georgia Homeschool laws:

Letter of Intent:

Letter of Intent is a letter a parent or guardian of a child files to the Georgia Department of Education declaring an intention to utilise a home study program.

According to the Georgia Homeschool laws, the parent files this letter within 30 days after beginning homeschool and annually by September 1st.

When you submit this letter, either by mail or fax, always keep a copy. This is because it serves as a proof of homeschooling in GA and for record-keeping. The Georgia homeschool letter of intent should include the following:

  • Name and Address of Student
  • Age of student (Date of Birth)
  • Date of School Year; other information includes:
  • Name and Address of Parent
  • Phone Number of Parent
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It is advisable to formally withdraw your child from school to avoid truancy problems when you file the Georgia homeschool letter of intent.

Georgia Homeschool Laws


Homeschooling in the US is controlled at the state level, so it’s not all states that require qualifications to homeschool a child.

The minimum requirement for homeschooling in GA from either a Parent or tutor is a High school diploma or GED (General Education Development) Diploma. This is because the Georgia Department of Education wants a child to get adequate education from a reliable teacher.

Teach the Required Subjects:

The Georgia homeschool laws have specified a set of subjects to teach homeschool children. You don’t limit the study to these subjects, but these basic subjects must include in the study. The subjects include:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English language arts,
  • Social studies, and
  • Reading

On the other hand, the tutor is to teach a child for a minimum of 180 days with at least four and a half hours every day. The four and half hours could be; (8 am – 12:30 pm), (9 am – 1:30 pm), or as the time fits your schedule. The child’s time can be adjusted if the child cannot physically handle the time.

Record Keeping:

The Georgia homeschool laws require that you give a Standardized Testing to your child every three years starting from the end of the third grade. The results of the tests compile into a homeschool portfolio which can serve as proof of homeschooling in GA. Also, you need to write an annual report on the progress made in each subject and file it into your portfolio.

The progress of each subject includes the topics covered and how well the child performed. It is required that you do this for at least three years to have an adequate report for your homeschool portfolio.

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On the other hand, record the curriculum used, the quizzes, text books and include into the homeschool portfolio.

NB: An easy way to monitor homeschool activities without the use of pen and paper is to use a homeschool Tracker. A Homeschool tracker keeps tracks to time and progress of the homeschool. It keeps records following days and time of homeschool.

Georgia Homeschool Groups

Georgia Home Education Association (GHEA):

GHEA is a homeschool association that provides the homeschool resources needed for families to homeschool efficiently. Also, GHEA helps in the advancement of home education and the protection of every family’s right to home education.

In GHEA, you get to meet up with fellow homeschoolers who can help answer some of your homeschool questions and provide encouragement during the hard times of homeschooling.

Central Georgia Christian Home Educators (CGCHE):

CGCHE is a support group for home educators within the central Georgia vicinity. They are comprised of volunteers striving to provide wholesome, Christian fellowship and activities for their children.

Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association(SGHA):

SGHA is an association of Christian homeschoolers. SWGHA’s goal is to provide support and assist families of Southwest Georgia with the challenges of educating their children at home.

They provide an association of homeschool families to meet up and interact with one another.

On the other hand, they also support homeschooling by providing the necessary materials needed for effective homeschool.

Georgia Homeschool Laws

Enrolling in Public School:

A family can decide to stop homeschooling due to some specific factors. In this case, there are no requirements according to Georgia Homeschool laws on how to enrol back into public school.

Thus the school district can choose to see your homeschool records to know how well your child is performing and to decide the grade to enrol the child.

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On the other hand, some school districts might also decide to test the child and allocate a grade based on the score of the test.

Final tips:

Ga homeschool laws are easy to follow. Just do the required; like filing a letter of intent, annual standardised testing, record keeping and have a minimum qualification of a high school diploma; then you will enjoy your homeschool journey.

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Disclaimer: Every information we provide here is not legal advice but as a result of research. We are not an endorsement of any homeschool group.

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