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Homeschool Prom (Must Read Rules)2 min read

Homeschool prom was formed by a network of homeschoolers and groups to introduce a homeschool child in today’s society.

It is open for homeschoolers within the ages of (15-19 yrs) to express themselves and socialize with other homeschoolers.

It’s just like the high school proms, but it’s not held in a school gymnasium but a specified location.

So sorry that most of the Homeschool Prom for 2020 are canceled due to Covid-19, but I want to talk about the Homeschool prom, the rules that follow it, and Information needed during registration for it.

Examples of Homeschool Prom Groups:

  • Forth worth
  • Pathways Academy etc.

Some Rules for Homeschool Prom:

These rules might not apply to all homeschool groups but this is found in most proms. They include:

  • The age limit of an attendee of a Prom should be aged (15-19), and the guest attendee should be of ages(15-21).
  • All tickets are booked and sold online; thus, no money comes to the prom venue unless otherwise stated.
  • Once you submit the form of application to attend, you’ve accepted all terms and rules that come with attending the homeschool prom.
  • You should look formal, wearing a dress or a Tuxedo for guys. (Its advisable to book your Dress or Tuxedo one month before Prom to be prepared).

Information needed in the Application of a Homeschool Prom:

In applying for a Prom, you need to put in the following details while registering.

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Just like there are different prom, some features might not be required for all prom registrations. They features include:

  • Name (First and Last name)
  • Your Phone number will be Valued
  • Parent’s Phone number
  • Student email address (for updates and significant information)
  • Emergency Phone numbers
  • Date of Birth / Age of homeschooler attending the homeschool prom

Christian Homeschool Proms:

They are Christian proms for Christian homeschoolers to gather together and celebrate their faith. Its usually a strict dance between boys and girls, and as much, everything is done in line with the doctrine of the church.

Final Tips:

Homeschool Prom is always fun because you get to meet new people and connect with another homeschooler who is in line with your interests and passion. A lot of fun activities like dance, plays, and networking are done just to feel free and have fun. Topics like Homeschool Pros and Cons are talked about helping to improve their lives as homeschoolers.

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Disclaimer: Every information here is as a result of research which could change in the future.

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