Homeschooling in Maine (A-Z Guide)

Homeschooling in Maine (A-Z Guide)5 min read

Homeschool has grown so well, with thousands of families homeschooling in Maine. On the other hand, Maine is a homeschool friendly state that gives families the option to legally control the education of their kids, produce the best curriculum, and assess their kids.

If you want to start homeschooling in Maine, but don’t know where to start, in this article, I will give an A-Z Guide on the Maine Homeschool laws, Maine homeschool graduation requirements, Maine homeschool groups, record-keeping while homeschooling, and Maine homeschool resources. So you are in the right place.

Homeschooling in Maine Requirements:

There are two major options for homeschooling in Maine, they include:

Homeschooling under Maine’s home instruction option:

File a Letter of Intent:

This is a letter you file to the superintendent of your school district. You present this letter ten days upon withdrawal from school to avoid truancy charges.

If you are starting homeschool from the beginning of the school year, you need to file it before September 1st with a return receipt request so as you will have proof that your letter was received and processed.

For Homeschoolers of Maine, the letter of Intent should include the following:

  • The name and age of your child (Compulsory attendance age is between 7-17 yrs)
  • The name and signature of the Parent/Guardian
  • Your Home Address
  • Your school district
  • Date to begin homeschool
  • The number of days to homeschool (175 days)
  • The required subjects

Submit an Annual Letter:

This letter indicates that you will continue homeschooling your child in Maine.

You file it annually (September 1st) to the local school superintendent and the state commissioner of education. The letter should contain the annual assessment and the intent to continue homeschooling.

From time to time, the commissioner of education can request for the annual letter, so it’s necessary to keep a copy as proof of homeschooling in Maine.

Teach the Required Subjects:

For homeschoolers in Maine, there have a different set of subjects unlike other homeschoolers; the subjects include:

  • English and language arts,
  • math,
  • science,
  • social studies,
  • physical and health education,
  • library skills,
  • fine arts,
  • Maine studies (in one grade between grades 6 and 12), and
  • computer proficiency (in one grade between grades 7 and 12).

Submit year-end evaluations:

For you to homeschool effectively in Maine, you need to submit the year-end evaluation of all the tests and progress reports to the officials of your district. The evaluations include:

  • Results of a standardized test – An annual test that helps parents grade their children.
  • A letter showing that a Certified Maine teacher has reviewed your child.

Homeschooling in Maine as a Private School:

In homeschooling in Maine as a private school, you need to have two unrelated students. The requirements for this option includes:

Letter of Intent:

By October 1st, the family should file a letter of intent stating that the private school complies with state and local fire and health laws. The names and addresses of the students should be included in the letter sent to the superintendent of the school district.

For a child to be excused from public school attendance to attend a private school, the child’s parents must provide public school officials with a certificate stating the child’s name, residence, and participation, signed by the private school’s administrator.

Number of days to Homeschool:

Just like in Homeschooling under Maine Home instruction option, you have to teach for 175 days.

Teach the required Subjects:

An important factor in homeschooling effectively in Maine, is to teach these subjects.

  • English (reading, writing, spelling, grammar),
  • math,
  • science,
  • American history and geography,
  • Maine History,
  • civil government and citizenship,
  • health,
  • fine arts.

Record Keeping in Maine:

Record keeping is not mandatory in Maine, but it’s essential.

The records of the Standardized assessment tests and evaluation letter are significant homeschooling proofs. Also, the tests and quizzes can compile into a Homeschool Portfolio, which can be quickly reviewed by the superintendent of the school district. Or it can be processed into a homeschool transcript that can serve for college application.

An easy way to keep track of homeschool activities is to use a Homeschool Tracker. A homeschool tracker helps you to record the progress and performance of the entire homeschool activities without the use of pen and paper.

Homeschoolers of Maine are favoured because they automatically keep records that are reviewed by the superintendent annually.

Maine Homeschool Groups:

Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME):

Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) is the premier non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting homeschooling in the State of Maine. We define homeschooling as home-based education that is both parent-led and privately funded. The Maine homeschool laws are explained in details by the association of HOME.

Maine Homeschool Graduation Requirements:

There are no graduation requirements set out for Homeschoolers in Maine, but the parents need to know when to graduate the kids and issue a high school diploma. In the case of application in college, you need to create a high school transcript for use into the desired college.

Final tips for Homeschoolers in Maine:

Maine Homeschool laws are relaxed if you follow them with the right homeschool option. So do well to provide the required details to the superintendent of the district and enjoy your homeschooling journey.

The good thing about Homeschooling in Maine is that homeschoolers of Maine may enrol in public school classes provided they can perform well. But this has to be approved by the superintendent of the district.

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Disclaimer: Every information we provide here is not legal advice but as a result of research. Thus, we are not an endorsement of any homeschool group.

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