Homeschooling in Oregon (A-Z Guide)

Homeschooling in Oregon (A-Z Guide)4 min read

Understanding how to start Homeschooling in Oregon will go a long way in helping you homeschool successfully in Oregon. Thus there are some basic Oregon homeschool laws that you need to follow to homeschool legally that I will outline in this article.

If you are wondering how to homeschool successfully in Oregon, this article is for you; I will explain the Oregon Homeschool laws, homeschool graduation requirements in Oregon, Oregon Homeschool groups, and everything you need to know about Homeschooling in Oregon. So sit tight and follow up till the end.

Oregon Homeschool Requirements

For you to homeschool legally in Oregon, you need to do the following:

Inform the Education Service District (ESD):

For you to start homeschooling in Oregon, you need to notify the Education service district of your intent to homeschool. You do this by sending a one-time letter of Intent to homeschool. There are two ways of addressing the Letter of Intent to Homeschool:

  • Within 10 days of starting homeschool
  • Within 10 days of withdrawing your child from Public school.

When you file a letter of Intent with the Education Service District (ESD), they will give you a receipt of your intent within 90 days of your notification to homeschool. You need this for successful homeschooling in Oregon.

The Notice of Intent must include:

  • The name of your child
  • The name of the Parent/Guardian
  • Your Home Address
  • Your school district
  • The date of birth of the child – this is to know if the child is within the age (6-16).
  • The name of the school your child is currently attending or attended in the past before the intent to homeschool.
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Test your Child:

For an efficient homeschooling in Oregon, you need to test your child according to grades.

The Ideal age for homeschooling in Oregon is six years old, that is, presumed to be in Kindergarten, otherwise stated by the Parent to be placed in a Higher Grade.

FOr instance, let’s assume the child started homeschooling at the age of 7(that is grade 1), the first test will be at the age of 9(grade 3), the next test will be at the age of 11(grade 5), this continues till the age of 16 which is the 10th grade. All these tests will be by 1st September.

The Parent can test his/her child earlier if she decides that her child has got to the required grades.

Address any Disabilities:

If your child has any disability, you need to have your child tested according to an individualized education plan (IEP) or privately developed plan for satisfactory educational progress. It is essential following to Oregon homeschool laws.

Record-Keeping according to Oregon homeschool laws:

Unlike in Alabama Homeschool laws where you have to submit a record of your subjects and Progress of your homeschool activities, Oregon homeschool laws don’t expect you to submit records of homeschooling.

On the other hand, record-keeping is very important in homeschooling; some parents love to use a homeschool tracker to keep track of their child’s day to day progress.

The good thing about the homeschool tracker is that it reduces the use and paper in record keeping, keeping track of subjects taught, and the scores of the test in each subject. All the records in the tracker can print out to form a Homeschool portfolio.

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The impressive thing about record-keeping is that it shows proof of homeschooling and the performance of your child during the homeschool period. Though it is not mentioned in homeschooling in Oregon, it is very essential.

Subjects to be teach:

There are no subject requirements according to Oregon Homeschool laws, but you should teach the basic subjects the same as the ones taught in Public school. Some of the basic subjects include:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Grammar

On the other hand, there are no qualifications for parents to homeschool their children.

Oregon Homeschool Graduation Requirement:

There is no graduation requirement for homeschooling in Oregon; you should know when to graduate your child based on the Homeschool curriculum you are using to teach.

But I know you should graduate your child when you know your child is doing well then compile the records into a Homeschool Portfolio, which can be used for applying for College.

Oregon Homeschool Groups:

These groups in Oregon provide assistance and homeschool advice to homeschool parents. the groups include:

Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN):

Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN) supports families with critical information, resources, helpful suggestions, and words of encouragement from homeschool families and professionals in Oregon. 

Total Education at Christian Homes (TEACH):

TEACH exists to support and encourage members in their Christian homeschooling effort through fellowship and education. Our function is one of watch keeping and nurturing, not one of evangelism.

Final Tips

Oregon is a homeschool friendly state so its fun when homeschooling in Oregon; all you need to do is to inform the Education Service District (ESD) of your intent to homeschool and follow up with the required steps to homeschool properly.

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Awesome one, I hope this article helped. Thanks for reading this article.

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Disclaimer: Every information we provide here is not legal advice but as a result of research. We are not an endorsement of any homeschool group.

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