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DealDash is one of the largest penny auction websites, that you make a lot of money on. Moreover, like the title says, “You can win on Dealdash”.

DealDash is a real website. One can sign up and receive big savings on products. However, keep in mind that each bid requires payment.

And, because each auction attracts a large number of players, the possibilities of a single bid securing a discount buy are quite slim.

For just $2, you can get a $50 gift card to Sephora, Walmart, and Amazon. DealDash, a penny auction site, makes this claim. 

This article gives tips and tricks on how to win on Dealdash, what dealdash is and many more tips you need to know.

What is DealDash About?

DealDash is an online penny auction platform. Anyone can place a bid on goods on this website, and each bid raises the price by one cent.

As a result of their low prices, penny auctions have become popular. It takes 100 bids to break a dollar. More so, they may not be the best solution for people who want to save money.

What is DealDash’s Methodology?

Though their commercials are a little unclear, DealDash does a decent job presenting their service on their website.

The initial price for all products is zero cents, and there is no minimum reserve price. Bidding is open to the public, and you are free to place as many bids as you like.

For each bid received, the price is raised by one cent. Each bid delays the auction by 10 seconds. The highest bidder at the end of the auction is declared the winner.

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Is DealDash a Scam? 

DealDash is a real website. Furthermore, it is possible to sign up and receive big savings on products. DealDash’s commercials are quite confusing, but the website itself performs an excellent job of explaining the business.

In other words, for some users to save money on the platform, the great majority of users must forfeit theirs. As a result, DealDash is a potentially interesting website but not a wise choice if you’re looking for a discount.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Successful DealDash Bidder:

In the first few weeks after signing up on DealDash, many new bidders win a couple of auctions but then lose all of their bids, failing to win even a $10.00 gift card.

At this stage, the bidder may ponder if they’re using the right technique for bidding. That’s when individuals begin to question their judgment.

Consistent winning, according to the old-timers, is achievable. Even so, you must put in the time and effort to learn what works for you before using it to your advantage in any endeavor.

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However, all successful bidders on realize that hard work differentiates winners from BINners.

Below are a few tips to help you get out of your rut, master the art of finding big-ticket prizes, and start winning large. Why do you think that is?

Before You Begin Playing, Observe:

Compared to snagging a 55-inch 3D flat-screen TV or a MacBook Pro laptop, winning at the beginning stage is merely a piece of cake.

It is an evil strategy to load your automated bidder on Saturday morning in the hope of winning the same computer that 500 other bidders are battling for because you will undoubtedly lose.

You’re in a different league when you’re trying to buy something that costs more than $1,000.

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Is it Better to Go Big or Small?

Big-ticket prizes have been winning people for months and even years. Before the auction price reaches one dollar, they can accurately forecast how new buyers react.

Take your bidding skills to the next level by studying how the professionals do it. You’ll soon be able to outbid them.

To keep track of everything from the days when specific things sell for the lowest price to how close each given bidder is to their limitations at any given time, savvy bidders use DealDash’s extensive set of tools.

More than simply being aware that the information is there, astute bidders will use it to calculate the best and worst days and times to bid when that buried treasure comes up for auction and when to fold and walk away from an auction they will not win.

A dedicated bidder will watch everything that happens on DealDash and only bid when the odds are decent to great of winning.

Keep track of trends, probabilities, and bidders, regardless of using a spreadsheet or a simple notebook with a pencil and pen.

More so, look for those who never stop bidding until they’ve won (even if they lose money), those who have a history of bidding and then disappearing completely.

When bidding on auctions, keep track of how much you paid for your bids, which products you’re interested in winning, and which auctions are most likely to win based on your knowledge and intuition.

Learn How Your Rivals Bid:

Only other bidders stand in the way of securing the prize of your dreams. If only those other bids had backed out of the auction, it would be so simple to win!

If only those other bidders had withdrawn from the auction, winning would be straightforward! That is unlikely unless you are bidding while everyone else is required to come up for Christmas dinner or Fourth of July fireworks.

If someone uses their bio to portray himself as someone who will win at any cost, how can you tell the difference between someone serious about bidding and just trying to get some bids in?

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Sometimes, it’s not the retired Army colonel stealing the television sets, computers, and other valuables; it’s Granny knitting those scarves and mittens who’s stealing them.

Keeping track of your competition is essential for staying one step ahead of them. Take your time, a few days or even weeks, before participating in any major auction to prove you too can win large.

Try to figure out who else is bidding on the same item. If you’re prepared to put in the effort and watch two weeks’ worth of auctions, you can learn to forecast bidders’ behavior precisely.

Generally speaking, human beings are averse to change. Once you see a person’s behavior throughout a few auctions, you can pretty much assume that they’ll act that way in all future auctions.

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Individually or Collectively?

Would it be fair to say that bidders divide their time and money across different auctions?

Do they only enter one auction at a time until winning it all? Putting in three or four bids and then scrambling when they don’t win suggests fear.

Be aware of bidders that leap in late in the game (when the game should be ended) looking for an easy win, but who watch long enough to know how long they’ll bid after they jump to make an informed decision.

Discover who the top bidders are as you climb up the ladder to becoming one yourself. Even if someone has never won more than $200, that doesn’t indicate they’re not a professional.

Timing Matters a Lot:

The best bidders recognize that timing is more crucial than what they’re bidding on when winning the bidding war.

It takes a lot of time and effort to study the auctions and information offered by DealDash, but it will pay off in the form of rewards.

Be on the lookout for bids and keep track of the days and hours when most individuals participate in the auctions (remember, bidders, live in different time zones).

Is it possible that certain days are better than others when getting a reasonable price on a product? The site’s list of tracked wins can help you find specific products you’re looking for. When should you bid on a home theater or an expensive camera? In your spreadsheet or notebook, record those data.

Avoid the Hot Spots:

At DealDash, locating auctions when only one person is bidding is the best method for winning a few bids or a 95% discount.

Check your records to determine if that one other individual is a long-term big-ticket winner before you put $300 in an auction. Automated bidding may be a good option if you’re not confident in your abilities.

Additional DealDash Winning Strategies to Consider:

  • Maintain maximum concentration at all times.
  • Accept that not every bidder behaves and believes exactly as you do.
  • Think about when and what you want to bid on before placing your order.
  • Observe your competitors.
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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Win on DealDash:

How does bidding work on DealDash?

At the beginning of each auction on DealDash, each item is set to $0.00. Each time an auction item receives a bid, the price increases by one cent. As a result, the final price of an item is determined by the number of bids received; the more popular an auction item, the higher the price.

Does DealDash charge a monthly fee?

Joining DealDash is completely free, and we provide a 100% money-back guarantee on your first bid pack purchase.

What is DoorDash do?

DoorDash is a food delivery service that allows you to order food and beverages from restaurants in your neighbourhood. When you purchase food through DoorDash, it is delivered by a freelance worker who is not affiliated with any particular restaurant.

Why is ask price higher than bid?

The bid price is the highest price at which a buyer will purchase a security. The asking price is the lowest price at which a seller will sell a security. The spread is the difference between these two prices; the lower the spread, the more liquid the underlying security.

How do you get free bids on DealDash?

If you’re unfamiliar, you may earn free bids from DealDash by logging in and submitting at least one bid daily, snapping a selfie with your DealDash auction win, and accruing “clock time” by being the highest bidder in any auction.

What is Dealdash official website?


Millions of users use DealDash every day, and they work on hundreds of auctions each day. DealDash is the best penny auction site because it is educational, entertaining, and straightforward.

DealDash’s buy bids are necessary for purchasing items; the first time you use them, you’ll get your bids back, but they’re not. Luggage, jewellery, home appliances, and art can all be purchased.

Using Facebook and DealDash daily will keep you up-to-date. You can easily win low-priced products on DealDash, but it isn’t easy to win high-priced items on DealDash. To play, regardless of the outcome, you must make a payment.

The best approach to winning an auction on DealDash is to put in the effort and keep track of your progress. If you’re bidding at an auction, you should exercise patience at all times.

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