Idaho Homeschool Laws

Idaho Homeschool Laws (Well Explained)3 min read

Idaho Homeschool laws are very easy for homeschoolers in Idaho; unlike other homeschool laws from other states, they do not monitor homeschool education. You teach your child the best way you can.

There is no set-out curriculum for you to use, all that required is for the parent to use the curriculum that will fit them well, and all costs and expenses of Homeschooling will be handled by the parents and not the government. Although, if you are in Homeschool, you could receive public funding for Homeschooling.

It is the responsibility of the parents to track the progress of their child homeschool to know if the child is doing well or not. An easy way is to use a homeschool tracker to follow up with the timing and creating a personal result sheet for the child.

An important thing as a homeschool parent while teaching in Idaho is to teach your children the subjects that are taught in school. The Homeschool Organization in Idaho provides the required tips and a reference curriculum to help homeschool your child correctly.

Idaho Homeschool Laws(More details):

Subjects you should Taught:

As a homeschool parent, you need to teach your child the subjects that other kids learn in public schools.

These subjects include Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts and Communication. Other subjects like Public Education, Health Education are included too.

Its not mandated that you keep a record of your child’s progress but always advisable so as to know how to follow up with him/her if there is the learning pace decreases.

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Time of Homeschool:

There is no exact time or number of days enacted by Idaho homeschool laws on how long you should homeschool your child; everything is up to you depending on the learning pace of your child.

The good thing about this is that you will plan the day to fit your schedule and teach your child the best way you can still having time to engage them into extracurricular activities that will help build up their passions and interest.

Graduation Procedures:

There are no specific graduation procedures set by Idaho Homeschool laws. Everything is set out according to the way the homeschool parents want it.

The grades needed to provide a Transcript for application to college are solely the responsibility of the parents;

Thus, the parents should create Professionally and fantastic looking transcripts when their child is done with homeschool and wants to apply for college.

You don’t need to worry because your transcripts are covered by the Idaho homeschool laws.

Dual Enrollment:

According to Dual Enrollment Law, the homeschool parent can enroll his/her child into the public school activities for dual enrollment purposes like sports, dancing, or music programs.

It’s advisable to live close to the public school where you are on dual Enrollment for easy access.

Final Tips:

The Idaho homeschool law states that only a child in a Public or Private school should receive a vaccination. It shows that homeschool students don’t receive protection, and there is no need to file an exemption form until you meet the requirements.

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