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Need Extra Cash? See How to Get Paid To Do Nothing

You can get paid to do nothing. This is achievable by investing in passive income channels that do not require physical efforts.

However, combining these investments with actually doing a physical job is a great way to generate enormous wealth.

This post will focus on genuine ways to get paid to do nothing.

What Does It Mean to “Do Nothing”?

To “do nothing” means to engage in no specific activity or task.

It’s when you’re not actively working, studying, or busy with usual tasks.

It can be a way to relax, take a break, or simply enjoy being idle without any particular goal or purpose.

What are the Ways to Get Paid to Do Nothing?

Below are the 11 unique ways to get paid to do nothing:

1. Invest in securities:

This is one of the ideal ways you can get paid to do nothing. Investing in securities and other assets always returns excellent profits in the long run.

Although some of these opportunities may demand you to put in so much physical effort, many prospects don’t require so.

No matter how much you desire to invest, there will surely be a prospect that is available for you.

Investing in securities is a great way to develop post-retirement savings, reduce terrible spending habits, make more money, and develop knowledge.

2. Rent Your House:

Renting your house for people’s use is another way to get paid to do nothing.

It does not matter if you are the landlord/lady or paying for the space you live in; you can put it up for rent on a short-term basis on platforms like Airbnb.

This site allows you to determine the rate you desire to charge as well as the period of rental.

If you don’t want to go through all of this, you can employ the services of a management company to complete such deals on your behalf.

Renting your house short-term is one of the easiest ways to earn hundreds of dollars monthly.

3. Unlock your phone:

If you are, unfortunately, a phone addict using an Android phone, some apps can enable you to earn more money by unlocking and using your phone daily.

This action can attract as much as about $25 per month.

However, in return, these apps will gain access to your device to extract valuable information and data for research analysis.

Before downloading any app that offers this kind of service, ensure that you confirm their reliability to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters.

4. Test Mattresses:

You can earn some good cash by testing new mattresses and sleeping. This is a shocking but incredibly effective way to get paid to do nothing.

Many sleep research and mattress review sites utilize information drawn from your sleeping patterns to make valuable analyses that will enhance the quality of products they sell to people.

You can make an average of about $1,500 for each sleeping project you contribute to.

5. House Sit:

This is one of the most straightforward jobs that anyone can ever do. In this job, you are expected to watch the houses of those embarking on a long trip.

There are several platforms for finding these uncommon but profitable jobs. You don’t even have to do anything on this job besides watching movies all day long.

6. Rent your car:

Parking your car in the garage when you are neither working nor going out daily is a great mistake.

If you rarely drive your car, the chances of breaking down are very high.

Several care rental apps enable you to rent your car to interested individuals nearby.

The company behind these apps will offer insurance for your vehicle, which makes a lot of sense, and they will also install a tracker in your car so a renter does not run away with your vehicle.

You only have to leave your car in the selected space agreed between you and the renter to rent your car.

Most car rental apps allow you to determine your rates and make more money, especially if the car runs optimally.

7. Listen to music:

Another way to get paid to do nothing is by listening to music. There are lots of platforms that facilitate this.

Music is life and can empower you with the energy you need to perform house chores or take that taxing course.

However, to begin making money from such apps, you must create an account with them and consistently use them daily.

8. Use a Cashback Site:

Saving money is an excellent way to earn money. Several cashback shopping platforms can enable you to actualize this.

Some of them offer incentives when you purchase items on shopping platforms. Most cashback sites work perfectly well with shopping apps.

Furthermore, some cashback sites are developed with a technology that will inform you of any store offering free deals.

You can get up to 25% discounts when you shop using several cashback apps.

9. Rent your Wi-Fi:

If you are staying in a heavily populated vicinity, you can make money by installing and launching Wi-Fi and selling connectivity to people.

To facilitate this, you need the help of a network service provider.

These providers exist in their numbers online, and before making a choice, it is ideal that you consider their reliability and reputation.

You can make about $100 monthly through 100 GB of bandwidth sales.

10. Sell your items:

You can get paid to do nothing by selling items or products you don’t want to use again or desire to upgrade upon.

Several companies offer good pay for items people don’t need anymore.

While some re-sell these items at a profit, others recycle them and sell them back as new products to those who need them.

11. Collect a pension:

Pension enables you to make money when you are retired.

This payment is part of your entire salary set aside for when you finally complete your allowable service years with the firm or voluntarily stop working, maybe because of a health or private concern.

Unlike public establishments, most private companies don’t pay pensions anymore.

The amount of pension you would receive working for any government department or agency varies according to the tier of government you work for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Get Paid to Do Nothing

What are the top ways to make money from the comfort of your home?

Some of the best ways to make money from the comfort of your home are by taking freelance work online, testing apps, making money from blogs using affiliate links, and self-publishing e-books.

What are the best ways to earn up to $100 daily?

Some of the best ways to earn $100 daily are by engaging in a research project, answering questions for money, getting paid to watch videos online, taking surveys, and playing online games.

What are the best ways to earn money within an hour?

Some ideal means to earn money per hour are selling items you are no longer using, completing online surveys, engaging in paid focus groups, taking up pet-sitting jobs, and doing odd jobs in your neighborhood.

What are the best ways to make more than $300 online?

Some of the best ways to make more than $300 off the internet are by flipping Amazon deals, joining Google AdSense, selling physical items, selling digital software, and running website ads.


You don’t need to work tirelessly for many hours to earn a living. This post has justified this by providing several ways to get paid to do nothing.

However, before choosing any of these ways, ensure that it is sustainable enough to handle your daily needs and those of your loved ones, especially if you have family commitments.

If this is not the case, start working immediately and save yourself from the danger of going bankrupt.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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