Nebraska Homeschool Laws (A-Z Guide)

Nebraska Homeschool Laws (A-Z Guide)4 min read

Nebraska Homeschool Laws are easy to follow with just one homeschool option where you homeschool like a Private school. It is quite similar to homeschooling in Kansas such that it’s a non-accredited private school where you enroll your child.

If you are homeschooling in Nebraska and need to understand the Nebraska Homeschool Laws, in the article, I will explain how to homeschool in Nebraska, Nebraska Homeschool Laws, Graduation requirements and Recordkeeping.

Nebraska Homeschool Laws Requirement:

File an Intent to Homeschool(Form A):

Form A is a notarized parent/Guardian form filed July 15th annually upon starting homeschooling according to Nebraska Homeschool laws.

The form requires you to state under oath that requirements for state approval and accreditation of your school either “interfere with my decisions in directing my child(ren)’s education” or “violate my sincerely held religious beliefs.”

On the other hand, submit your child’s birth certificate to the Nebraska Education Department or file an affidavit on why you don’t have the birth certificate.

Parent Representative Form (Form B):

Form B is the parent representative form to affirm some responsibilities like student enrollment, attendance, and how the homeschool progress is going. It is submitted July 15th annually upon starting homeschooling according to Nebraska Homeschool laws.

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Annual Information Summary:

This is similar to form A, B such that it is filed July 15th annually or within 30 days of the first time you file form A, B. It includes the slope and sequence of each grade level taught and how long the learning process took.

The length of learning should be a  minimum of 1,080 hours in secondary schools and 1,032 hours in elementary schools.

Nebraska Homeschool Laws

Teach the Required Subjects:

As you homeschool in Nebraska, you need to follow the require subjects which includes:

  • Maths
  • Social Studies
  • Health Education
  • language arts

Parent Quantification:

Nebraska doesn’t require any parent qualification to homeschool unlike in Washington homeschool laws where you take a Parent Qualifying course before you can homeschool your child efficiently. The same applies to the curriculum, you are not forced to use any curriculum to teach your child.

Comply with Vaccination requirement:

If you decide to homeschool in Nebraska for non-religious reasons then you need to comply with the Vaccination requirement or otherwise stated.

Graduation Requirements for Homeschooling in Nebraska:

According to Home school facts, Nebraska requires students to complete a minimum of 200 high school credit hours before qualifying for graduation. A minimum of 80 percent of these hours must be completed in core curriculum subjects with Four credits English/language arts, two credits mathematics, three credits social studies, and two credits in science.

Homeschool Groups in Nebraska:

Homeschool groups are associations of homeschoolers; its a medium of interaction between homeschoolers. Here are the major homeschool groups in Nebraska:

Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association (NCHEA):

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They assist you in homeschooling even if you are new to homeschooling, updating you regularly on changes in Nebraska Homeschool laws, and connect with other homeschoolers.

Bellevue Area Christian Homeschool Group (BACH):

Bellevue Area Christian Homeschoolers (BACH) is a group of homeschooling families living in Bellevue, Nebraska and surrounding areas who come together to provide support, encouragement, and opportunities for each other.

Heartland Home Schoolers:

Heartland Home Schoolers is a community of homeschooling families in the greater Lincoln, Nebraska area whose members voluntarily organize and host quality educational and social opportunities within the community.

South Central Christian Home Educators Association (SCCHEA):

A group of homeschooling families based out of Hastings Nebraska, serving Hastings and all the surrounding communities.  

Nebraska Homeschool Laws

Public School after Homeschool:

The fun of homeschooling in Nebraska is that you can go back to a public school of your choice. You do this by notifying the Nebraska Board of Education (NBE) by mail that you intend to go back to public school.

Final Tips:

Homeschool in Nebraska is referred to as exempt school and is considered as a non-accredited school. An exempt status implies that a parent indicates not to place his/her child in a state-approved school while still educating their children from ages 6-16.

The amazing thing about Nebraska Homeschool laws is that the kids perform extracurricular activities but not the ones governed by the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA).

Awesome one, I hope this article helped. Thanks for reading this article.

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Disclaimer: Every information we provide here is not legal advice but as a result of research. We are not an endorsement of any homeschool group.

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