Solo Homeschooling Advice for Single Parents

Solo Homeschooling Advice for Single Parents3 min read

Solo Homeschooling as a single mom isn’t as easy as it seems. The biggest challenge is the lack of help or support from anyone but your kids alone.

Fending for the family, working a job of 5 hours, and still coming home to homeschool your child; I mean, it’s not easy. Though as the kids grow, the workload will get more comfortable for you because the teachers will take some of the responsibilities of teaching the child.

Why most single Moms practice Solo Homeschooling:

most parents homechool their kids because of these proven reasons:

Lack of satisfaction with Academic Performance:

A situation where you pay much at school for your child to learn but the reason you are getting is not appealing; thus, you try to teach yourself and concentrate more on the child’s weaknesses.

Another major cause of poor performance in school could be a result of bully or intimidation by fellow students making the student dull in class.

Poor Child Security:

If you are unsure of the security of your child’s safety in the school, you should consider solo homeschooling your child as a single parent to provide further protection to the in and the movement of the child.

Poor Religious Practices:

If you want more considerable attention to the religious life of your child, you could consider homeschooling your child. At home, you would foster and guide the prayer time of the child.

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Less Time for Passion and Interests:

Solo Homeschooling by a single parent will play a significant role in helping a child concentrate more on his/her interests and passion instead of in a public school where they will be forced to learn all the subjects that are made for a grade.

Solo Homeschooling Advice for Single Parents:

These are the ways a homeschool parent can handle homeschooling a child to avoid stress and health issues that comes with it:

Homeschool is a gradual Process:

As a solo homeschooling parent, I want you to understand that you do not compete with anyone towards homeschooling your child. You don’t compare your child to others; just teach the best way your child best understands and his/her pace of learning.

You don’t need to worry, “How many days you should Homeschool” everything is depending on your child, state laws, and the way you balance work and homeschooling.

One thing I want to understand is that you can make the entire process work in line with your timing so that you will have the time to rest, read, and relax as a solo homeschooling.

Don’t complicate it:

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for you; just like you are the teacher, the funds’ provider, and the all in all of the family, you don’t need to complicate your life; keep it simple, and it will be easy for you. Take some time off and chill so that you don’t get stress out.

The teaching time for your kids must not be from 9 am – 2 pm, you can reschedule it to fit yourself and your child. That is why it’s Solo Homeschooling.

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Use Resources that Homeschool Easier:

Use Homeschool Tracker and Homeschool Curriculum and also join homeschool groups to help you gain more knowledge on how to homeschool your child correctly.

Homeschool books on Kids will play a major role in helping you understand your kid and know how to follow up in case the child is a slow learner and how to learn faster and efficiently.

Be Different:

Solo Homeschooling will be relaxed as a single parent if you are different in the way you handle your kids. Adopting videos on YouTube will help to make the learning process of your kids more natural and more effective.

Field trips will play a significant role in helping your kids have practical and physical contact with most of the things they are taught in school lessons and help them retain more.

Final Tips:

Solo Homeschooling can be more comfortable and fun for you as a solo mom if you plan and understand that it’s you and your child learning and growing to get better always.

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