Texas Homeschool laws (A-Z Guide)

Texas Homeschool laws (A-Z Guide)4 min read

Texas is one of the best homeschool-friendly states in the US. It is considered a private school where the state does not regulate its activities. If you want to start Homeschooling in Texas but don’t know how to go about it, in this article, I will explain the Texas Homeschool laws, Texas homeschool graduation requirements, Record-Keeping in homeschool, how to start homeschooling in Texas and many more. So read till the end.

Texas Homeschool Requirements:

For you to homeschool effectively in Texas, you need to follow the Texas Homeschool laws, which are very easy for homeschooling families.

Letter of Intent:

Unlike in Oregon Homeschool where you have to file a letter of intent to your school district, Homeschooling in Texas doesn’t require that; all you have to do is to officially write a letter of withdrawal from Public school to the school district that you reside. The content of the letter will signify that you have decided to homeschool your child starting the date you will start.

Its advisable to start the next school day after the submission of the letter to avoid truancy charges.

Teach the Required Subjects:

As you begin Homeschooling in Texas, you need to teach these subjects:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • A course on Good citizenship.

You could also add Science and History though not recommended by the law. These subjects will give the child a broad worldview about Education. In addition, the law requires that you use a visual curriculum like Online programs, textbooks to teach your child.

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Number of Days to Homeschool:

The Texas Homeschool laws doesn’t state any number of days to homeschool a child. But, its essential you homeschool the days similar to that of Public school. On the other hand, let the homeschool days and time suit your child’s learning capacity to prepare him/her for higher education.

Record Keeping in Texas Homeschool laws:

Though record-keeping is not stated while Homeschooling in Texas, its very essential you keep track of curriculum, textbooks, tests, and quizzes while homeschooling. You can keep records with the help of a Homeschool Tracker to reduce the use of pen and paper in record keeping.

The record compiled together can form a Homeschool Portfolio which serves as a reference of Homeschool and a Transcript for college application.

Back to Pubic School:

Going back to pubic after homeschooling in Texas can be due to some issues that might occur in the family. Issues like a change of location, loss of a family member can make the family decide to go back to public school. In this case, a homeschool Portfolio will serve as proof of homeschool and a medium of assessment for the child.

The school can decide to give an assessment test to the child to know the right grade to put the child and also know how well the child is performing in that grade.

Texas Homeschool Graduation Requirements:

According to Texas Education Agency, the State of Texas considers the successful completion of a home school education to be equivalent to graduation from a public high school, therefore an institution of higher education in Texas must treat a home school graduate to the same general standards, including specific standardized testing score requirements, as other applicants for undergraduate admission who have graduated from a public high school.


There are no teacher qualifications for homeschooling in Texas, but the Texas Homeschool laws require that a legitimate instruction should be provided to the child in the best way the child can understand.

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Texas Homeschool Groups:

The groups help you meet up with fellow homeschoolers like you. In these groups, you get advice, and sometimes you get funds from fellow homeschoolers. The groups include:

Texas Home Educators:

They are a statewide homeschool service organization serving the Texas homeschool community. They help you in your entire homeschool adventure and guide step by step with the Texas Homeschool laws.

North Texas Home Educators’ Network (NTHEN):

NTHEN is one of the largest regional Homeschool organizations in Texas, serving local support group leaders and homeschooling families from more than 225 local support organizations located in more than 75 counties throughout north, northeast, and central Texas, since 1988.

Final tips:

Texas is a wonderful state with thousands of Homeschoolers all over the state. The good thing about Homeschooling in Texas is there are lots of support groups for homeschool and Texas is more than a Homeschool friendly state.

Awesome one, I hope this article helped. Thanks for reading this article.

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Disclaimer: Every information we provide here is not legal advice but as a result of research. We are not an endorsement of any homeschool group.

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