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Visiting or moving to China as a new person to a new environment might seem scary with people speaking a different language from yours which may look very difficult at first to handle.

But China is a home away from home filled with extraordinary people, willing and eager to work hard to make a living, a place in which everyone tries to be innovative trying to create something out of nothing.

While we talk about the things not to do when visiting China, I will highlight that as a new person traveling to China, it’s best you don’t travel alone unless you are already familiar with the environment or you have someone that will direct you as you move around.

Alright, Let’s get straight to the tips for visiting the china the first time:

Tips for visiting china for the first time:

Don’t expect people to understand what you speak:

If you are an English speaker that can’t speak Chinese, don’t expect people to understand what you say. Though you might have people that understand a little English, its best to try your best to get a translator who could assist you. You could learn simple words like, “ni hao- Hi”, “Xiexie – Thank You”.

To make your stay fun, try your best to give out good gifts to the Chinese people you come in contact with so as to build friendship and likeness for you.

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Don’t have much personal contacts with them:

A verbal greeting is okay with fewer hugs and kisses to avoid exposure to disease and infections due to overpopulation. Also, learn not to bow while saying “ni hao –Hi”.

Don’t play with Chopsticks:

The Chinese value chopsticks, they abhor eating with the wrong end of the chopsticks that is why a chopstick is shaped in such a way that you are convinced on the right way to use it.

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Don’t stand it on your food, it may indicate funeral with the sticks burning and also don’t play drums with it. It’s really a bad omen.

If you don’t know how to use the chopsticks, it’s best you avoid using it. This is an important tip to know when visiting china for the first time.

Don’t tip in the restaurant:

Chinese people find it very annoying when you leave a tip on a table after eating in their restaurant or just giving them a tip for something they did well; it’s a sign of disrespect to them. It is best you give them a gift or thank them for what they did well.

Travel with a VPN and get enough Cash with you:

Please don’t forget this while visiting china the first time, its one of the most important things you need to set a good internet connection and visit social media handles or even use the internet freely.

Though finding a good VPN to use is really hard because most of them are banned by a firewall. But you can buy from a good source that has strong security.

In the case of cash, most Chinese shops make use of cash than credit cards though it tends to reduce in the long run, thus make sure you have enough cash readily available for you or use mobile payment like WeChat to make life easier for you.

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Avoid talking about deaths or negative things:

Neglect talking about things that brings bad thought to you and the people you visit. Its one important thing you need to avoid when you visit China.

It really makes them feel bad especially when you talk about the way some parts of China are doing economically, it makes them feel like you are casting their country.

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Furthermore, avoid talking negative about any of the 55 minority groups in China, that one’s really piss them off.

Don’t abuse a Chinese Man:

You might be upset due to someone’s behavior or reaction may be due to poor communication and understanding, in this case, try your best not to shout at the person, create a nice way of addressing their mistakes privately and let go of the past if you are still annoyed by giving compliments to the good acts done by the person.

An addition to things you should know about visiting china upfront:

When it comes to calling a Chinese man by name, its best you can refer to them by their last name, it shows a sign of respect and they really like it that way.

Their family members may refer to themselves with their first names, but as a foreigner, you should always refer to a Chinese with his/her last name.

Visiting or moving to China
Visiting China

Can someone from the Us move to China?

Sure, that is if the US citizen is entitled to a China citizenship or has married a Chinese person which gained him/her citizenship through the process. Otherwise, you can seek for a Chinese visa to travel for tourism, work, or business.

Moving from China to the US:

A lot of things are involved in moving from China to the United States, the factors involved are:

  • Finding out the cost of movement:

It’s not easy moving your properties from the US to China, you can take your most important properties and sell off the less important ones. Other sub-factors to be considered in the movement includes:

  • Origin
  • Destination of movement (The cost of moving to LA, is different from that of New York)
  • The volume of properties to be moved.
  • Check your properties:

Use the moving calculator to check your properties.

  • Ship to China
  • When it comes to China, you will be notified to clear and the properties will have brought to your house.

What to bring when moving to China:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network):

A subscription for a premium VPN service will help get access to good network coverage when you move to China. Try and purchase from a good company that won’t be banned by firewall easily.

  • Makeup kits
  • Devices: Devices like your phones, laptop, and accessories, Camera, headphones, etc. These devices will spice up your stay when you move or visa China.
  • Facemask and Sanitizers: This is very important in case of a disease outbreak or basically for hygiene. Sure you know there are more people in China than anywhere in the world, so you will bump into a lot of people so its good when you get into your house, you sanitize and stay safe.
  • Deodorant and Soap: You might find it difficult to adapt to the kind of soap or deodorant you are given in China, so it’s best you go with yours so that you will be comfortable taking care of yourself while on a visit to China.
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What you should avoid in Shanghai:

Shanghai being one of the most beautiful places in China is filled with beautiful and expensive things.

One thing about Shanghai is that people there don’t speak English but only Chinese and one thing they abhor just like anywhere in China is that you don’t tip a Chinese man in Shanghai.

Thus Here are the things you should avoid:

  • Avoid expensive restaurants: As beautiful as it is, it’s filled with expensive stores and restaurants that will give you good products and services at a high price.
  • Visit Tourist centers but don’t spend all your money there.
  • Don’t be moved by the colorful neon boxes telling you a product is 50% off the price.
  • Don’t forget to visit the beautiful and colorful temples.

Final tips on moving or visiting China for the first time:

In moving to China from the United States, the average cost of living a month in a small apartment in China is $300 which is quite afforadable so if you really love China, you will enjoy your stay.

China as a whole will teach you how to work hard for a living, teaching you how to pray and stay steadfast to who you serve.

Thanks for reading this article.

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