Virginia Homeschool laws (A-Z Guide)

Virginia Homeschool laws (A-Z Guide)5 min read

Virginia is a homeschool friendly state with a lot of families enjoying the benefit of homeschooling. Virginia Homeschool laws are easy to follow, to help families enjoy teaching with their child while homeschooling in VA.

If you wish to homeschool in VA but do not know where to start, in this article, I will show you the Virginia Homeschool laws, Graduation requirements, Recordkeeping, Homeschool groups in VA, and many more. So sit tight and read till the end.

Virginia Homeschool Requirements:

There are four options for homeschooling in Virginia, they include:

Homeschooling under the Home Instruction Option:

While homeschooling in Virginia under the home instruction Option, you need to ensure that you have one out of four of these qualifications:

  • High school diploma or higher degree
  • Current Virginia teacher’s license
  • Curriculum or program of study
  • Evidence that you can provide an adequate education.

Letter of Intent:

As you begin homeschooling in VA, you need to file a letter of intent to the superintendent of your school district by August 15th, indicating your qualification and the curriculum to be used. The qualification includes a copy of your high school diploma, a copy of the current Virginia teacher’s license, or any of those mentioned above.

The subjects you intend to teach your child should include English, Reading, Spelling, Math, Social studies. I would recommend you send your letter via mail to have evidence of submission.

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Annual Evaluation:

According to the Virginia Homeschool laws, every August 1, you need to submit a yearly evaluation of your child’s progress to the superintendent of your district.

Homeschooling in VA with a Religious Exemption:

A child can be excused by law to homeschool if there is a religious belief opposed to the attendance of school. In this situation, you need to:

File a Religious exemption application letter:

In this letter, you state that you want your child to be excepted from public school for religious reasons and state how it relates to public education.

Once you send this letter, you don’t have to start homeschooling immediately; you wait for a response from the state board; in a situation where you don’t get a response, you file a reminder.

Homeschooling in Virginia with a Certified Tutor:

According to Virginia Homeschool laws, if you are a certified teacher with a license in Virginia, you can apply to the school superintendent to allow you to tutor your children.

You do not have to mention the number of children you want to tutor and also don’t refer to it as homeschool because it might cause confusion.

Also, while homeschooling with a certified teacher, no yearly assessment or notifications are required, provided the teacher’s credentials are up to date.

Homeschooling under the Private School Option:

You can homeschool in VA while registered as a Private school student, but you don’t have to present in the school. In this situation, the attendance will be the same number of days, hours per day, and weeks as that of public school.

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Record Keeping in Virginia:

Record keeping is essential in homeschooling in Virginia; the superintendent of the district requires it to know how well your child is homeschooling. Also, the records are proof of homeschooling that can compile into a Homeschool Portfolio.

Some parents decide to use a homeschool Tracker to reduce the use of pen and paper for record-keeping, which makes it more accessible, convenient, and faster.

Virginia homeschool Graduation Requirements:

There are no gradation requirements according to Virginia Homeschool laws, but the parent needs to know when to graduate a child. The graduation is accompanied by a homeschool portfolio that serves as a reference or proof of homeschool.

Also, a child doesn’t get a high school diploma after homeschooling in Virginia but can take an exam called “GED Exam”, to get an equivalent diploma to that of a high school diploma.

According to GED, the test covers four subjects: Maths, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning through Language Arts. You can take all four together or one at a time at an official GED test centre when you’re ready.

Homeschool Groups in Virginia:

Faith Home Educators Homeschool Group:

FAITH is a local support group for Christian homeschoolers. The goal is to provide encouragement, support, and assistance to new and existing homeschooling families and to educate and inform the public concerning homeschooling. They also organize events for homeschoolers to meet up and connect.

Home Educators of Rainbow Forest HERF:

Home Educators of Rainbow Forest (HERF) is a non-profit support group under Rainbow Forest Baptist Church in Troutville, Virginia (near Roanoke). The group seeks to encourage and support other home educating families through Christian fellowship, prayer, and activities for socialization.

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Louisa VA Homeschoolers:

This is an organisation of Virginia homeschoolers formed for home educators in Louisa to keep up with each other.

Hampton Roads Christian Homeschoolers:

HRCH is a group of homeschoolers who support and encourage one other in the homeschool journey. They provide social opportunities, thus building strong relationships while homeschooling.

Enrolling back to Public school:

A family can decide to stop homeschooling due to some specific factors. In this case, while enrolling back into public school, the school district can choose to see your homeschool records to know how well your child is performing and to decide the grade to enroll the child.

On the other hand, some school districts might decide to test the child and allocate a grade based on the score of the test.

Final Tips:

Homeschooling in VA is fun if you follow the Virginia Homeschool laws.

In addition, homeschooling can be frustrating at times, so always reach out to other homeschoolers to get assistance on how to handle your child.

Awesome one, I hope this article helped. Thanks for reading this article.

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Disclaimer: Every information we provide here is not legal advice but as a result of research. We are not an endorsement of any homeschool group.

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