770 GMAT (Meaning, FAQs, Tips)

A 770 GMAT score is the 99th percentile; though the 99th percentile begins at the 760 scores.

Based on precise facts, a 770 GMAT score is regarded as not just the 99th percentile but 99th%+, in fact GMAT makes provision for integral percentiles only.

The reverse is the case for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) as they provide decimals to have a 99.9 percentile LSAT score.

The average GMAT scores at many MBA programs are increasing, and elevating your score is one way to get admission.

Before we proceed further, let’s dive into what a GMAT score is.

What is a GMAT score?

The thumb rule that states that “Anything above the score of 730 or 740 is similar” is false. This will be explained later in this article on how GMAT scores influence MBA programs and their rankings.

Your goal score is based on the school you apply for, which invariably determines who you will be up against. Typically, a low score doesn’t get one admitted. However, a high score of 760 or 770 doesn’t either but only just increases your chances of getting scholarships based on merit.

One’s profile is usually adjusted based on the average GMAT score. 

Based on target schools, a lower score may appear if you have experiences that are distinct or from an under-represented category.

However, a much higher score might be needed if you come from an over-represented group. 

Influence of GMAT score on Admission:

Numerous factors greatly influence admissions officers at MBA programs regarding one’s GMAT score. Let’s talk about them:

1. Excellent GMAT scores show that one can handle classroom work: 

Business schools pay attention to GMAT scores to checkmate if one’s capability can match up with their programs academically.

Here, vital analytical, verbal, and qualitative skills are evaluated to determine how to deal with the coursework. This includes subjects like economics, strategy, and finance. 

2. The average GMAT score drives MBA rankings: 

Business schools care so much about rankings because of applicants. When a school’s ranking improves, it attracts not just qualified but many applicants.

Admitting qualified students enhances the experience in the classroom and opens up employment opportunities. In turn, this strengthens the school’s reputation as well as rankings.

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Tips on how to have a 770 GMAT score

These tips were given by Gideon Tay Yee Cheun, who happened to have a 770 GMAT score and got admitted into a reputable business school. Read his success tips below:

1. Keep progress records: 

Have software, preferably Excel, that would help monitor your practices, resources, completion rate, scores, numbers of errors, and the type during practices. 

2. Set time for every practice: 

Setting time allows for the enablement of speed as well as accuracy too. In taking a GMAT, time is of utmost validity as every question you answer is extremely important. Any unanswered questions attract serious penalties.

3. Ensure to practice tests fully:

This is essential while building stamina. Ensure to practice full tests void of work, sleep, and food.

4. Keep practicing reviews and error logs as frequently as possible:

Practicing frequently can be in vain sometimes if you do not review mistakes. Error logs ensure one doesn’t make the same mistakes and focus on weak areas.

Other additional tips include:

  • Ensure to take a test deemed official a day before the test day. 
  • You must mentally prepare. This shouldn’t stop you from physiologically preparing as well. Although this could sound extreme to you, it is essentially of great importance to prevent breakdown.
  • Get acquainted with the on-screen timer to ease time management as stopwatches may not be allowed into the exam room on the test day.
  • Prepare all arrangements and make all decisions before the test day. That is how you will choose your order of questions.
  • Last but not least, ensure to reach early. Plan the route you would follow before the test day as GMAT requests one to be at the venue 30 minutes early.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on 770 GMAT:

Will a score of 770 GMAT get me into Harvard business school?

At Harvard, the average GMAT is 730. A score of 770 will most definitely give you an edge over others applicants.

Is the 770 GMAT score enough to guarantee admission? 

No doubt, your GMAT score is extremely important. It is noteworthy that it’s just a part of your application and certainly not the only criteria for admission. Your work history, recommendations, grades, essays, and the group interview are in larger chunks.

Can a GMAT score of 770 be achieved in 2 months?

Irrespective of the sufficient time (number of months) you have, having a 770 GMAT score will be very difficult, and, just considering the statistics, many people won’t make it. If you’re excellent at taking tests, verbal, and studying, a score of 770 is possible to achieve within two months.

Are there any strategies for getting a 770 GMAT score?

Absolutely. The glaring one is to discipline and dedicate yourself to studying. Always make room for improvement, no matter how good or near-perfect you are.

Will a GMAT score of 770 award me a scholarship?

MBA programs award scholarships based on merit. So, yes, a 770 GMAT score will help with that. As in the second question, many other things in your application are also being considered.


As the saying goes, “Nothing good comes easy.” Likewise, an application to a business school, particularly when juggling professional and personal life.

With all these in mind, a 770 GMAT is above the 99th percentile, and very few test takers (1% precisely) can achieve it. This isn’t to frighten you but to prepare you for what’s ahead.

Follow the tips given by Gideon Tay Yee Cheun, and watch as you succeed and gain entry into your desired school of Business. 

Nothing good comes easy, never relent and keep pushing even while you fall. Get back up! You can achieve a 770 GMAT.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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