Does FAFSA cover housing

Does FAFSA cover housing? (Quick answer)

Apart from asking about the meaning of FAFSA, most students also ask the question, “Does FAFSA cover housing?” FAFSA is a student-oriented financial assistant initiated for both undergraduate and graduate students with financial incapability to further their academic career/pursuit.  It is a fund to help a student cope with his financial situation towards his academic …

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Dissertation vs Thesis

Dissertation vs Thesis (Major differences and similarities)

As a graduate student or graduate-study aspirant, you must or may have come across the terms thesis and dissertation and may be wondering what they really entail. These terms are often used interchangeably and are sometimes said to be similar. However, they differ in various ways and in different instances. Stick with us through this …

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Competitive Parity

Competitive Parity (Major tips you need to know)

In society today, companies use different strategies to determine their promotional and marketing activities. One of such strategies is known as “competitive parity”. An organization’s success does not only depend on the fact that it can build a legacy, its ability to sustain that legacy is also crucial. The success of any organization depends on …

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Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) (Major tips)

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is an assessment done to assess the child’s reading capability from the stage of kindergarten through 8th grade. This test is carried out individually on the students. DRA is a tool that aids teachers assess the children’s reading capability. It also helps teachers identify the next step to take to enhance …

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