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Best Paying Jobs In Plastic Products: The plastic products industry is one of the key industries in the world at the moment.

This industry produces plastic items for several other industries, which are utilized in the manufacture of consumer goods, the development of building materials, and several other purposes.

The plastic products industry is one of the biggest production industries and it offers several job prospects, especially to people that possess certain rare expertise.

This article will discuss the best-paying jobs in the plastic products industry.

10 Jobs In The Plastic Products Industry That Pay Very Well

Here are the most lucrative jobs in the plastics industry:

1. Grinder

Grinders are professionals that use, maintain, and fix equipment that scatters large plastics into little fragments so they can be processed for other purposes.

These experts perform their duties based on a particular set of guidelines.

Grinders ensure that they recover as much plastic as possible from the bigger pieces that are acquired for processing.

These experts are also responsible for checking the equipment before the commencement of any operation to avert any form of breakdown.

Moreover, grinders apply grease to the wheels of the equipment to enable it to function efficiently.

Once they finish grinding plastics, grinders utilize hand tools to file the edges of the item.

These professionals earn about $41,000 every year, and they are some of the best paid professionals in the plastic products industry.

2. Plastic manufacturer

Plastic manufacturers are professionals that shape, cast, and collect plastic items such as combs, plates, play toys, and many others.

They make sure that the equipment used in the production of these products is working effectively.

Plastic manufacturers ensure that industry standards are not disregarded in the course of the blow moulding, injection moulding, and compression moulding stages.

These professionals utilize color mixers to make different colors of plastic items.

Moreover, plastic manufacturers pay strict attention to different safety rules when performing their jobs that involve a lot of risk, especially when hot equipment is utilized. Plastic manufacturers earn an annual salary of about $46,000 per year.

It is one of the best-paying jobs in the plastic products industry.

3. Quality control technician

Quality control technicians are in charge of assessing the plastic products that have just been made to ensure that the measurements of the products are in line with the standard provisions.

These technicians also observe the items to ensure that they do not have any flaws, and if there are any, they come up with a plan that will handle and fix the defect.

Moreover, quality control technicians normally coordinate training for people employed to work in plastic manufacturing plants and educate them on the best techniques that can be applied to ensure that they manufacture quality items.

These professionals establish quality control standards that must be obeyed by all workers, and if there is any drop in the quality of the item produced, they inform the production managers immediately.

Furthermore, quality control technicians also act as auditors for plastic company plants.

They can earn up to $50,000 per year and are among the highest-paid professionals in the plastics industry.

Best Paying Jobs In Plastic Products

4. Maintenance manager

A maintenance manager is one of the best-paid jobs in the plastic products industry.

These professionals are in charge of fixing production machines, enhancing injection moulding and supervising the activities of other maintenance officers working at the plastic products plant.

Moreover, the maintenance manager assists in the transportation of plastic molds in and out of the manufacturing plant, takes note of expenses, and ensures that the amount of money mobilized towards labor and manufacturing does not exceed the budget of the manufacturing plant.

These professionals also treat tenders for construction jobs and come up with fresh techniques that can enhance the productivity of the plant.

Furthermore, maintenance managers ensure that all personnel working at the plastic production plant obey the HSE rules and regulations at all times to ensure that no harm comes to anyone while they discharge their duties.

These professionals make as much as $70,000 every year.

5. Assembler

Assemblers are professionals that are in charge of collecting plastic items as well as devices and equipment used in the entire plastic production process.

They develop, furnish, and package finished items, and also assess them to ensure that they have no flaws.

If there is any fault in any product, the assembler immediately reports it to the production manager to ensure that it does not re-emerge in other items.

Moreover, the assembler is responsible for marking the item based on the provided directives, and they hold meetings with managers and other product workers to talk about how the latest safety measures set up in the company can be enacted.

Assemblers make up to $75,000 and it is still one of the best paying jobs in the plastic products industry.

6. Production supervisor

Production supervisors play a key role in the plastic production industry. This is the major reason they are among the highest earners in the plastic products industry.

Production supervisors are in charge of coordinating the activities of plastics and production workers at the plant.

They organize manufacturing activities and ensure that machines are working effectively.

Moreover, production supervisors come up with production timetables that are followed by workers to prevent any delay in the transportation of goods to customers.

These professionals ensure that all challenges encountered in the course of production are fixed before production can continue appropriately.

Furthermore, production supervisors ensure that copies of the standard operating procedures of the company are available at all times and they also ensure that the complaints of workers are clearly communicated to the board.

These professionals help workers to create new moulds and they also assist in grooming and educating people that have just been employed by the company on how to go about the entire production process.

They make up to $60,000 per year.

7. Blow moulding technician

Blow moulding technicians are professionals that are in charge of operating equipment that moulds plastic items by pumping air into the plastic, which enlarges it.

These professionals collect blow molding equipment and inspect it on a regular basis to ensure that it is working properly.

Furthermore, the blow moulding technician guides the worker that cuts and organizes the moulded items.

These professionals ensure that blow molding equipment is thoroughly cleansed once any operation has been completed.

Blow moulding technicians also instruct the moulding staff on how they can perform their tasks effectively and make sure that they learn all the safety processes.

Blow molding technicians make up to $45,000 per year.

8. Patternmaker

Patternmakers are professionals in the plastic products industry who make a lot of money.

They are in charge of developing plastic foundry patterns and ensuring that the patterns match the anticipated measurements.

These professionals utilize several devices to evaluate the dimensions of plastic products and make use of high-level machines such as drill presses to create different patterns when desired.

Moreover, patternmakers fix broken patterns and make sure that they are made to the correct dimensions. These professionals make as much as $48,000 per year.

9. Moldmaker

Moldmakers are professionals that are in charge of creating accurate mouldings and making sure that they have the capacity to produce each moulding effectively.

They do this by combining several modeling materials with other substances. Moreover, moldmakers adjust moulds for plastic injections and other activities.

Before the large-scale molding operation commences, moldmakers utilize measurement instruments to check the dimensions.

These professionals also offer help to machine operators in the course of the injection moulding processes. However, moldmakers make as much as $61,000 per year, and it is one of the best-paying jobs in the plastic products industry.

10. Plastics engineer

A plastic engineer designs and develops plastic items, moulds, and several other materials.

These specialists invent novel injection molding devices, manage the entire plastic production process, support other engineers throughout plastic production, and make sure everyone at the factory respects safety laws and regulations.

Moreover, plastics engineers look for possible means by which the production cost can be reduced without affecting the quality of the item.

These professionals also conduct assessments of the finished items and develop qualifications for any item design.

Plastics engineers make up to $83,000 per year and are one of the best paid professionals in the plastics industry.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Paying Jobs In Plastic Products

What can you do with a used plastic?

Bags from the grocery store, dry cleaner, and newspapers can all be recycled if they are clean. When you’re done with a plastic bag, simply rinse it off and toss it in the recycling bin.

Why you should go plastic-free?

As a result of mistaking plastic bags for food sources like jellyfish, tens of thousands of marine species perish every year. Cancer, weakened immunity, endocrine disruption, and other illnesses have all been linked to plastic.

Is plastic sustainable?

Polymers are the building blocks of all plastics; they are lengthy chains of carbon or hydrogen atoms that are synthesized from fossil fuels or natural gas. Plastic is not a sustainable material because it requires energy that cannot be replenished indefinitely.

How is plastic harmful?

Chemicals leached from plastics throughout their entire life cycle, especially when waste isn’t adequately managed, are a severe threat to human health and the environment.


The plastic product industry is one that has grown in relevance over the years.

Many industries depend on the plastic products industry for raw materials used in the manufacture of consumer goods, the development of building materials, and several other purposes.

Moreover, there are lots of well-paying jobs in the plastic products industry and, in addition to the jobs listed above, injection mould operators, plant managers, and plastic welders are other jobs in the plastic products industry that pay really well.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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