Dentistry in Spain (Top Dental Schools, Dental Programs, Career) 2022

A Dentistry Degree in Spain helps to prepare students to become professionals with the necessary knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and competencies to meet society’s health needs.

Is becoming a dentist a good career?

A dentist’s job is frequently listed among the top ten in the country due to its comfortable pay, low unemployment rate, and favourable work-life balance.

Dentistry, according to dental professionals, is more stressful than other vocations. This is consistent with their moderate to severe stress levels at work, where they face an average of five to seven key stressors per day.

Can I study dentistry in Spain in English?

Although most institutions offer dental programs in English, you will need to know enough Spanish to work with patients once you begin the practical phase of your study.

Moreover, depending on the school, dental school lasts four years on average, while an expedited program can be completed in as little as three years.

A dentistry graduate program typically includes science classes as well as clinical training.

Can I prepare for Dentistry from High school in Spain?

To pursue a career as a dentist, a high school student must excel in the following subjects: math, chemistry, biology, and AP Physics.

Additional courses such as physical science and mathematics literature will be accepted. Enrollment in a dentistry bachelor’s degree program requires a minimum pass rate of 50.

How much do dentists make in Spain?

Dentists in Spain earn an average of €77,156 per year and €37 per hour. Dentists can expect to make anywhere from €52,652 to €96,607 per year on average.

They typically require a register with the Spanish Dental Association in order to practice.

On the other hand, an association-recognized Spanish university degree or a diploma from a European Union country are required for a dentist’s membership in the organization.

As a fundamental dentist qualification, this degree or diploma must be taken into consideration.

Top Universities for Dentistry in Spain:

University San Pablo Foundation CEU Andalusia

The primary goal of the Degree in Dentistry at University San Pablo Foundation CEU Andalusia is to educate professionals in the field of oral health so that they can effectively assess, diagnose, and treat patients’ oral health needs, as well as promote healthy living habits, using the knowledge and skills acquired during the degree.

Students receive balanced instruction in all parts of dentistry in English, including anomalies and diseases of the mouth, jaws, and surrounding tissues, thanks to prominent teaching staff with vast experience in the field.

Furthermore, they provide training that goes beyond basic information, drawing on ethical concepts while also considering social skills, such as effective patient communication, so that graduates may carry out their vocation with respect and dignity.

As one of the top Universities for Dentistry in Spain, the Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry provides students with a complete scientific education of the highest calibre while also emphasizing other values essential to being a competent dentist, such as ethical standards, efficient communication with patients and other professionals, and so on.

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Ucam Catholic University of Murcia

The Faculty of Health Sciences at UCAM, the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia, aims to educate dentists in scientific and humanistic methods for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of anomalies and diseases in the teeth, mouth, and jaw area.

Future dentists will need not only knowledge, but also scientific enthusiasm, excellent organizational skills, and empathy for client care and service.

Students who learn in English from various educational systems and situations that meet the age requirements and/or have professional experience are advised to have an understanding of secondary school topics such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology.

As one of the top Universities for Dentistry in Spain, they educate dentists adequately.

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Complutense University of Madrid

The profession of dentistry at Complutense University of Madrid (one of the top Universities for Dentistry in Spain) necessitates specialized and complex materials, which have grown in tandem with the advancement of instrumental procedures.

Dentistry was one of the earliest medical disciplines to adopt instrumentation equipment. Complutense University offers English coursework for a variety of degrees.

This can range from one to two courses with an English portion to a Bilingual Track, which means the degree can be completed entirely in English.

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University of Barcelona

The bachelor’s degree in dentistry offered by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Barcelona leads to a single professional profile, that of an odontologist or dentist, who can then specialize in public or private health care, as employees or self-employed, teaching, research, or management.

In all of these circumstances, the skill profile that this university dentistry education provides students is unique, similar to that of other health professions.

The University of Barcelona is rated as one of the top Universities for Dentistry in Spain.

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University of Granada

The University of Granada is one of Spain’s most prestigious universities, with the biggest number of international students enrolled in various mobility and exchange programs.

The University of Granada’s Dentistry program is aimed to prepare students for a profession in dental medicine.

As one of the top Universities for Dentistry in Spain, their teaching team is highly competent, having participated in a variety of national and international research initiatives, symposia, and events.

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University of Valencia

Dentistry programs at the University of Valencia equip prospective dentists with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, diagnose, and treat health concerns with teeth, jawbones, mouth, and oral tissues.

Furthermore, the need for continuing education is emphasized, as it is necessary for graduates to incorporate scientific and technological breakthroughs into their everyday clinical practice.

Patients’ features must be taken into account in order for them to play a role in treatment decisions, therefore communication with them is also a priority.

Students are overseen by a tutor from their company or institution, as well as an academic tutor from the University of Valencia, during their work placements.

The main goal of this Dentistry school in Spain is to help students use and supplement the knowledge they’ve gained during their academic careers, while also utilizing the skills they’ve learned that have prepared them for the professional world, enabled employment, and fostered entrepreneurial potential.

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Do dentists in Spain have free time?

As long as dentists are working, they are allowed to take time off whenever they want.

Only six months in advance can they decide how much free time they will need, schedule it into the scheduling calendar, and adjust their rates to compensate for the time they won’t be billed.

Study Programs in Dentistry in Spain in 2022 

Master in dental aesthetics:

If you’re interested in pursuing a Master of Science degree in dental aesthetics at the European University of Valencia under the Faculty of Biomedical and Health Sciences, you’ll learn to use the most advanced materials and techniques, as well as cutting-edge digital resources, to ensure that you’ll be able to communicate effectively and achieve an excellent aesthetic result with your patients and colleagues.

You will have the opportunity to actively participate in research and receive methodological support for your Master’s Thesis and participation in national and international congresses for the specialty of Aesthetic Dental.

Admission opens for face-to-face on Sep 5, 2022.

Master’s degree in Advanced Oral Surgery and Implantology

The Master’s degree in Advanced Oral Surgery and Implantology from the European University of Madrid encourages you to take a thorough approach to patient care, which includes surgical procedures (sinus lifts, guided bone regeneration, block grafts, and pre-prosthetic surgery), prosthodontics (complete rehabilitations, hybrids, overdentures, and single crowns, among others), and laboratory work.

You will treat a big number of patients, which will give you good professional training. The Master’s students treated 1,800 patients last year, doing 13,900 treatments.

Admission for this Dentistry program in Spain opens face-to-face on Sep 5, 2022.

Master in Implantology and Oral Surgery

The Master of Implantology and Oral Surgery program at the University San Pablo Foundation CEU Andalusia was created with the goal of providing comprehensive training in oral surgery, implantology, and peri-implant pathology.

This program will prepare you to practice as a professional.

The Master’s program is divided into two semesters that gradually integrate information and practical activities within a small group of students and in a personalized manner, allowing students to develop the confidence necessary to move to the resolution of the most challenging problems.

This Dentistry in Spain master’s program is unique and priceless.

Endodontics and restorative Dentistry

The Master’s Degree in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry offered by the European University of Valencia from October 21st, 2022 will provide you with the theoretical and practical expertise necessary to treat all types of dental problems from an endodontic perspective.

At the conclusion of the program, you will be able to use the tools and theoretical and clinical knowledge essential to meet new difficulties in your professional environment safely and successfully. 

Prosthetics, Implantoprostheses and Dental Aesthetics 

At the European University of Valencia, starting from September 5th, 2022 you’ll study Prosthetics, Implantoprostheses, and Dental Aesthetics in order to assist in diagnosing and planning dental prostheses and implants.

You will receive extensive theoretical and practical training in order to perform procedures of varying complexity, including fixed, single, or multiple prostheses on teeth or implants, removable prostheses, and rehabilitative treatments that complement other specialties, with an emphasis on dental aesthetics.

Master’s degree in advanced endodontics

Starting September 5th, 2022, you will be introduced to the latest advances in the experimental and research field, as well as the most advanced techniques and materials for root canal treatment, such as the optical microscope and CBCT, through a Master’s degree in advanced endodontics from the European University of Valencia.


The Bachelor of Science in Dentistry program is designed to prepare students to become professionals who have the necessary knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and competencies to meet the health needs of the general public.

These institutions offer dentistry degrees that are totally taught in English, but you will be required to learn enough Spanish to be able to communicate effectively with patients once you begin the practical phase of your studies.

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