9 Easiest California Colleges To Get Into (FAQs) | 2023

California is home to several colleges. When it comes to studying abroad, the Golden State is a terrific place to be.

California features world-class colleges that welcome international students, a sunny environment, world-famous beaches, interesting cities, a high standard of living, a varied range of cultural resources, and a leading position in modern technology.

This article explains the easiest California colleges to get into, the benefits of studying in California and the associated FAQs.

Benefits of studying in California

1. Outstanding Possibilities for Higher Education:

In California, there are numerous high-quality schools and universities. The University of California system and the California State University system are two of the state’s most well-known public college systems.

In addition, many of the nation’s most prestigious institutions like Berkeley and UCLA are located in the state of California.

2. Recreation in Nature:

If you’re looking to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, California has an abundance of options.

Students have the freedom to explore the great outdoors at their own pace in this state.

Many major cities in California are just a short drive away from some of the best surfing, skiing, hiking, climbing, and camping opportunities in the state.

More so, several colleges and universities in California offer students the chance to participate in an outdoor recreation club.

3. Environmentally friendly businesses:

The state of California is a national leader in the development of green jobs and the development of the green economy.

Legislation to reduce carbon emissions and create new jobs in environmentally friendly industries has been passed by the state.

Studies in environmental science and sustainability prepare students for a wide range of employment options in the environmental field when they graduate.

Additionally, the state of California is a leader in the creation of environmentally friendly jobs, resulting in a plethora of options for aspiring workers.

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Easiest California Colleges To Get Into

While some of these schools maintain a very high acceptance rate, some have a low acceptance rate. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest California colleges to get into at the moment:

1. Azusa Pacific University:

Azusa Pacific University is a leading Christian college in the United States. This school has an acceptance rate of 94%.

Azusa Pacific University offers over 150 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

However, to gain admission to Azusa Pacific University, students must possess an SAT score of at least 1030 on a 1600 scale.

Azusa Pacific is a group of scholars and Christians getting ready to change the world for Christ.

APU students are exposed to numerous national and international study opportunities. It remains one of the easiest California colleges to get into.

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2. California State University-Fresno

California State University, Fresno, is one of the 23 campuses in the California State University system.

The school has an acceptance rate of 90%, which means that 9 out of every 10 students are offered admission by the university.

Despite its inflated acceptance rate, this school has several top-class learning facilities. However, to gain admission to California State University, Fresno, applicants must have a minimum SAT score of 890.

California State University Fresno remains dedicated to producing graduates that go on to meet the demands of society. Over 230,000 people have graduated from California State University, Fresno.

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3. Lake Tahoe Community College 

LTCC is a California community college in the middle of South Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Community College offers a warm learning environment that allows students to learn comfortably.

With a student population of more than 6,500, Lake Tahoe Community College is one of California’s most populated community colleges.

Lake Tahoe Community College maintains an excellent standard of learning that provides students with all they need to know before transferring to four-year institutions and embarking on their chosen career pathway.

The personalized learning curriculum employed at Lake Tahoe Community College allows students to attain their academic and individual targets.

LTCC has an acceptance rate of 100%, making it one of the easiest colleges to get into in California.

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4. Cuesta College

Cuesta College remains one of the most renowned colleges in California.

Like LTCC, Cuesta College has an acceptance rate of about 100%.

Cuesta College has top-class academic programs, receptive student services, and very experienced and dedicated faculty and staff despite its high acceptance rate.

The Accrediting Commission accredits Cuesta College for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which the U.S. Department of Education recognizes.

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5. California State University, Northridge 

California State University, Northridge is a leading school in California. This school has an acceptance rate of 66%, one of the lowest on this list.

The mission of California State University, Northridge, which was founded in 1958, has been to unleash the transformative potential of higher education for the benefit of all people.

However, applicants to California State University, Northridge must possess a minimum SAT score of 900 before being considered for admission.

This school has over 38,000 students and a faculty and staff population of over 4,000 drawn from different parts of the world.

Regarding research, California State University Northridge remains committed to maintaining partnerships between themselves and campus stakeholders in developing data-driven decisions to help the university excel.

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6. California State University, Chico

California State University, Chico is a renowned college in California and one of the easiest to get into, with an acceptance rate of 90%.

The school has a long history of providing students with high-quality education at a reasonable price. 

They stand out in the CSU system because of their high graduation rates and beautiful campus, as well as their dedicated teachers and friendly community that provides a personal touch that makes students feel at home.

However, applicants to California State University, Chico, must possess a minimum SAT score of 970 to be admitted to the school.

The student-to-faculty ratio at the school is 23:1. Moreover, this school boasts over 340 award-winning faculty members who are still dedicated to developing breathtaking innovations.

California State University, Chico is renowned for its work in the areas of cancer treatments, designing robotics, and sustainable farming practices.

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7. West Valley College 

West Valley is one of the easiest colleges to get into in California, with an acceptance rate of 100%.

The college is committed to equipping students with the talents, drive, and passion they need to impact society positively.

The school is also dedicated to the inculcation of collaborative spirit in the minds of students.

West Valley College is a public California Community College that offers a top-class education that prepares students to meet the academic demands of the four-year colleges and universities they desire to attend.

West Valley’s goal is to help students build their own futures so they can give back to a world that needs their skills, drive, and enthusiasm. They do this by getting to know each student as much as possible on a personal level.

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8. Mt San Antonio College

Mt San Antonio College is renowned for helping students attain their academic targets.

Mount San Antonio College is committed to providing world-class education, services, and workforce training to produce graduates who make a positive difference in society.

The college achieves this by creating an appealing and supportive educational environment for students.

As one of the leading community colleges in California, Mt. San Antonio College offers a comprehensive learning curriculum.

It is still maintaining top-class educational standards thanks to the presence of ultramodern facilities, classrooms, and workshops, some of the finest technology, and top-of-the-line equipment.

As one of the easiest colleges to get into in California, this school has an acceptance rate of 100%.

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9. Lapositas College 

Las Positas College is one of the easiest California colleges to get into. This school is one of the best community colleges in California.

Lapositas College has an acceptance rate of 100%. However, applicants must still satisfy the school’s admission requirements before they can land an admission spot in the school.

More so, Las Positas College has about 10,000 day and night students. the school offers a two-year program for students who want to prepare for a career, transfer to a four-year college or university, or improve themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Easiest California Colleges To Get Into

What GPA do you need for UCLA?

a 3.0 GPA or higher

Is a 4.5 A good GPA?

With a 4.5 GPA, you’re in great shape to go to college. Most likely, you’re taking hard classes and getting As and high Bs. The average grade point average at 99.68% of schools is below 4.5. You can send in college applications and have a good chance of getting in.

What GPA is required for Stanford?

3.96 GPA or higher

What GPA is required for Berkeley?

If you want to go to UC Berkeley, you have to have a 3.89 GPA, meaning you have to be at the top of your class and above average. Also, most of the grades on your report cards should be A’s. Also, it would be best if you took a lot of IB or AP classes to show that you can handle academics at the college level. If you can do all of these things, you might get in.


California is home to several schools and colleges in the United States. Due to the competition, most schools in California maintain a high level of academic excellence.

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