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Heavy Equipment Operator Schools in Ohio: Heavy equipment is often operated by professional individuals with specialized training.

You will be able to gain significant industry experience and ultimately launch your own company if you attend heavy equipment operator schools since those schools will equip you with the skills necessary to do so.

But, before beginning work in Ohio, you must complete training to become an operator of heavy equipment.

Thus, if you are a beginner who is just starting or someone who wants to get a job quickly, attending any of the schools listed below should be your first step in becoming a professional heavy equipment operator.

Who is a Heavy Equipment Operator?

A heavy equipment operator controls large pieces of machinery used in building and engineering operations.

In most cases, only skilled employees are allowed to handle heavy machinery, and using heavy machinery requires special training.

Heavy Equipment Management graduates can work in commercial and residential construction, highway construction and maintenance, pipelines, landfills, landscaping, environmental restoration, commercial haulage, and heavy equipment maintenance.

More so, students who receive this credential can work in various industries, including heavy equipment, earning good salaries in a field that is expected to grow.

Heavy Equipment Operator Schools in Ohio

Benefits of Heavy Equipment Operator Schools in Ohio

Heavy equipment training schools in Ohio have the potential to improve students’ lives significantly.

Accelerated training programs followed by profession as an operator of heavy equipment or a crane can lead to opportunities that can change a person’s entire life course.

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Heavy equipment operator schools in Ohio can help you whether you’re disabled, a veteran, unemployed or dislocated, or a high school student who doesn’t want to go to college the traditional way.

The purpose of these schools is to give people like you a new perspective on the future, the opportunity to become something more than you are, and the assistance you need to get started on the road to a long and fruitful career.

Heavy Equipment Operator Schools in Ohio

1. Miami Valley Career Technology Center

The Heavy Equipment Operations course at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Clayton gives students the knowledge and skills they need to operate backhoes, graders, excavators, scrapers, and dozers, among other heavy machines.

The course is offered to students interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry.

This course on operating heavy machinery lasts 900 hours and covers all aspects of the job, beginning with safety and maintenance and progressing through earthmoving, grading, and finishing.

2. Local 18 Heavy Equipment Operator Training School

Local 18 Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is one of the top heavy equipment operator schools in Ohio.

Operating Engineers throughout the states of Ohio and northern Kentucky have been able to obtain the support they seek from Local 18 for more than sixty-five years.

Through the Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Fund, you will have the chance to have access to the tools and training that you require so that you can continue working and improve the quality of your life.

This fund will ensure you have the chance to work, enhancing the quality of your life in the long run.

3. Washington State Community College 

Washington State Community College is one of the top heavy equipment operator schools in Ohio.

Anyone who wants to learn how to repair and service diesel engines or enhance their abilities can enroll in the diesel engine certificate program offered by Washington State Community College (WSCC).

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You will learn about the design of diesel engines, the procedures for tune-up and maintenance, electronic diesel engines, and the components of diesel fuel systems.

4. Career and Technical Education Centers of Licking County

Career and Technical Education Centers of Licking County offers exceptional heavy equipment operation in Ohio.

Students participating in this program will have a leg up on the competition for passing certification examinations administered by ASE and the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI).

Students will also learn, among other things, about preventive maintenance, steering and suspension, braking systems, and motor trains during the program.

More so, students can compete on either a heavy truck track or a heavy equipment track for their final project.

5. Hocking College

Hocking College is one of the top heavy equipment operator schools in Ohio.

Those who successfully complete the Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate program will be given the opportunity to receive training and experience in the operation of heavy equipment.

Also, the basics of fixing and maintaining equipment will be discussed throughout the class.

This course covers numerous topics, including the materials used in different sectors, the equations used to determine the types and amounts of these things, and the vocabulary necessary to communicate effectively while working. Hands-on training emphasizes safety.

It includes methods for maintenance, pre-start inspections, shut-down procedures, and optical or laser grade checking equipment.

Developing these skills will benefit individuals interested in entering the numerous fields that make use of heavy machinery to construct, maintain, and improve communities and infrastructure.

6. Edison State Community College

The education in mobile power equipment offered by Edison State Community College is provided in a hybrid format, with some classes offered exclusively online.

This allows the college to meet the needs of its students better.

After you finish the program, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to start working in an entry-level job that involves maintaining and fixing heavy and mobile equipment systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Heavy Equipment Operator Schools in Ohio

How do you become a heavy equipment operator in Canada?

Completion of an apprenticeship program lasting between one and two years, or completion of relevant coursework at the secondary level, at a postsecondary institution, or in the workplace, is necessary.

What makes a good heavy equipment operator?

Highly effective operators have great problem-solving skills and a strong work ethic. They are meticulous and take great delight in their work. Trained workers will rapidly learn the routine and how things work.

Do you need a license to operate an excavator?

To drive an excavator, you need a driver’s license and/or a CDL, which stands for “commercial driver’s license.” Even though you don’t need a special license to operate an excavator, most employers would rather hire someone who has been trained and certified.

What does an operator do in construction?

Construction equipment operators carry large materials at construction sites and mines. They operate equipment that clears and grades terrain for roads, bridges, buildings, runways, and dams.


Training to operate heavy equipment is something that both you and your business should prioritize.

If you want to work as a heavy equipment operator in Ohio, you won’t be able to find work until you’ve completed your training and earned your certification.

Initial training can be completed in as little as four to twelve weeks, depending on the course the student is enrolled in. The course will be significantly more time-consuming if it is more detailed.

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