Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path? (FAQs)

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path? Air freight/delivery services is a good career path. 

There are several jobs available in this field for people who do not have a college degree.

Moreover, taking up an air freight/delivery service job offers many other advantages.

This article will discuss some of the top reasons you should embark on a career in air freight/delivery services and the highest-paying job in air freight/delivery services.

What is Air Freight/Delivery Services?

Air freight/delivery services is an industry that allows small, medium, and large businesses to transport huge quantities of products, merchandise, and goods through helicopters and aircraft from one place to another.

Unlike Air Express, a door-to-door delivery service, air freight covers airport-to-airport delivery services.

Air freight/delivery services are by far the fastest way to transport goods over long distances, especially for tangible items and products.

Reasons Air Freight/Delivery Services Is A Good Career Path

1. Lots of job opportunities

By “job opportunity,” we mean one or more openings for full-time employment with the petitioning employer in the targeted occupation(s).

The air freight/delivery services industry offers many job opportunities with good annual salaries.

2. There is little to no academic requirement

Most of the air freight/delivery services industry jobs do not require an academic degree. However, experience is key in determining how far you can go in this industry.

3. Opportunities for personal growth

The air freight/delivery services industry offers opportunities for personal growth. With international trade evolving daily, you will learn about new ideas and systems in the industry.

4. High demand

With the number of companies increasing every day, the demand for the services rendered by the air freight/delivery services industry will always be on the rise.

So, any job in this industry offers good job security.

Highest Paying Jobs In Air Freight/Delivery Services

1. Aircraft Loadmaster

Aircraft loadmasters are among the highest-paid individuals in the air freight/delivery services industry.

They are responsible for appropriately loading goods into an aircraft.

Aircraft loadmasters know the rules regarding loading items onto an aircraft and the laws governing the transportation of commodities via aircraft.

These individuals earn an annual salary of about $70,000.

2. Airlines Freight Forwarder

Another well-paying job in the air freight/delivery services industry is as an airline freight forwarder.

These professionals, employed by airlines or freight companies, ensure that goods are safely transported from one destination to another.

They register items at the airport, set up plans for storage or transportation when required, inform clients where they can pick up their goods, and ensure that all documents are accurately completed and filed to complete the transportation of the goods successfully.

Freight forwarders for airlines are very important to the success of moving goods by plane.

3. Freight Logistics Operations Manager

Freight logistics operations managers are in charge of the entire supply chain of a company or firm.

They are responsible for procuring, transporting, and storing goods.

Freight logistics operations managers also ensure that goods are properly transported over modes other than air.

One of the highest-paid jobs in the air freight/delivery services industry is that of a freight logistics operations manager.

4. Inventory Expert

Inventory experts are responsible for keeping records of goods, and they ensure that goods are available in the correct quantity when required.

Although inventory experts perform a rigorous job, it pays well compared to most air freight/delivery services jobs.

To excel at this job, you must be detail-oriented and have a good knowledge of inventory management.

It is one of the top air freight/delivery services industry jobs.

5. Ground Operator Manager

Ground operator managers are responsible for ensuring that airport operations go smoothly.

They control goods, ensure that aircraft are in top working condition, and perform several other duties.

Moreover, ground operator managers are responsible for ensuring that every airport worker has obtained adequate training that will enable them to perform their job excellently.

Ground operations managers are among the highest-earning professionals in the air freight/delivery services industry.

6. Cargo Salesperson

Cargo salespeople can help anyone transport goods from one location to another via aircraft. You must possess excellent communication and organization skills to do this job well.

Cargo salespeople perform their jobs at airports. They earn about $60,000 in salaries every year.

7. Freight Handler

Freight handlers are responsible for every shipment coming into and leaving airports.

They ensure that merchandise is adequately transported, keep records of goods, and ensure that all safety ethics are sustained throughout the operations.

Freight handlers utilize equipment like forklifts to discharge their duties effectively.

However, freight handlers must possess the required certifications to operate any equipment.

8. First Officer

The first officer, popularly known as the co-pilot, assists the flight captain. However, to excel in this job, first officers must possess a good knowledge of aircraft.

These professionals make about $50,000 a year in salaries.

9. Line Service Technician

One of the best-paying jobs in the air freight/delivery services industry is a line service technician.

Line service technicians ensure that aircraft are in top working conditions and that any fault they develop is properly handled.

These professionals collaborate with other experts in the aviation industry to ensure that aircraft fly in one piece.

To secure this job, you must possess an A&P license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Air Freight/Delivery Services As A Good Career Path

What does air freight mean?

Parcel delivery by air freight transports items from one location to another via an air transport service, either chartered or commercial. These shipments leave from major hubs for commercial and passenger air travel and go wherever there is an airport.

What is standard air freight?

To put it simply, air freight is the movement of cargo via airplane. Depending on their weight and deadline, express or courier shipments can be sent via regularly scheduled or chartered flights.

What is the difference between air cargo and air freight?

To elaborate, cargo denotes the items transported by an external aircraft, and an air freight company is responsible for loading them onto their plane. Cargo and freight mean the same thing, but in this context, we’re talking about what an airplane transports.

What are air freight charges?

Transportation of cargo by air between airports is included in the rates and fees that make up the air freight industry. Rates are the money a shipping company asks for transporting packages of a certain weight (kg or lb). A fee is extra money you must pay to transport your shipment.

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path?

Yes, it is.


Air freight/delivery services is an excellent career path.

This career path offers many job opportunities that pay well, and you don’t need a degree to secure a job in this field.

Moreover, this article has done well in providing a list of the highest-paying jobs in the air freight/delivery services industry.

But before you apply for any of the jobs, do enough research to know enough about them.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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