Photography schools in Texas

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If you are looking for the top Photography schools in Texas, this article is for you.

Photography is an excellent career choice if you possess an extraordinary skill set, solid creative ability, compositional ability, and technical abilities.

It takes a great deal of work and commitment to developing effective photography skills. More so, if you appreciate taking on new challenges and exploring the world via a camera lens, this could be a rewarding job for you.

Is Photography hard?

It’s just as difficult as any other art major or any major at all. It won’t be challenging if you’re passionate about it and have a natural ability for it.

If you don’t care about it, it will be the most difficult major in the world for you.

How much does it cost to study photography in Texas?

The average annual cost of a photography education is between $10,000 and $30,000.

Of course, you can always choose online classes rather than investing your money and time in a four-year degree program. You should budget approximately $100 each month for online courses.

How long does it take to get your photography degree?

Certificate programs in photography can range from six to ten classes to four years in length, depending on the school.

Associate degrees in photography usually take two years to finish and have around 90 credit hours.

Top Photography schools in Texas 2022

Saint Edward’s University:

As you progress with digital imaging, you’ll learn about traditional analog film-based photography and darkroom printing. Both black-and-white and color still photography, as well as video/film tales, will become second nature to you.

You’ll learn how to work in a professional studio atmosphere and participate in elective courses such as documentary photography, artistic inquiry, and alternative techniques.

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And you’ll get a sense of the broader picture: how photography’s technology and applications have evolved over time, and how you may help define its future.

Important Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in photography and media arts needs 51 hours of major courses, which contain a mix of visual studies and photography.

Electives: Students take six hours of elective photography classes concentrating on a variety of topics.

Installation Strategies, Documentary Photography, Digital Darkroom, Alternative Processes, and Photographic Book Design have all been covered in the past.

General Education Requirements:

In addition to their main courses and electives, students must complete 42-57 hours of general education courses over the course of four years.

In addition to the major and general education courses, there are other opportunities to minor in various disciplines.

Texas A&M University-Commerce:

The Texas A&M University-Commerce is a top-notch university that made it to the Top Photography schools in Texas.

The Department of Fine Arts at Texas A&M University-Commerce offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. You can choose between two tracks:

Commercial  Photography:

Client-based methods and commercial photography business are covered in the Commercial Photography track. This track will provide you with a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge and professional abilities.

Students must finish a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) credit hours to acquire a BFA in photography.

Fine Arts Photography: 

With the Fine Arts Photography track, you may learn more about the conceptual side of photography, the history of photography, and critical thinking.

This route is competency-based and emphasizes ongoing assessment. Students must finish a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) credit hours to acquire a BFA in photography.

A photography degree at Texas A&M University-Commerce will allow you to do the following:

  • Develop your creativity and unique approaches in a variety of photographic and video techniques.
  • Create a distinctive vision and a creative practice that is unique to you.
  • Improve your critical thinking abilities.
  • Among photography students, there is a strong sense of belonging.

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Sam Houston State University:

Sam Houston State University is one of the top photography schools in Texas.

At Sam Houston State University, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography teaches students to express themselves via photography by teaching them basic principles and techniques.

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The BFA students benefit from direct observation and ongoing feedback from professors, and they are encouraged to forge their paths as they develop their skills via discovery.

To continue in the BFA program, all students must complete the W.A.S.H. (Workshop in Art Studio and History) upon joining the Art Program and pass a BFA portfolio review in their second year.

Students pursuing a BFA in photography take classes in darkroom photography, alternative methods, and digital media. In a properly equipped studio, students study professional lighting techniques.

Courses on the human form, narrative photography, advanced studio, the history of photography, and a capstone course in professional practices look at current concerns in photography.

Students in the Art Department must have a Mac laptop with the most recent version of Adobe Creative Suite.

This approach frees students from the constraints of class schedules and lab hours, allowing them to be as productive as possible. 

Careers in Photography at Sam Houston State University:

  • Photographer
  • Freelancer
  • Curatorial Consultant
  • Art Librarian
  • Art K-12 Educator

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Top Photography schools in Texas 2022

University of Houston:

The Photography/Digital Media Program prepares students for various vocations involving both traditional and cutting-edge imaging technology.

The University of Houston is committed to creating and studying creative works in an environment that encourages civil debate, self-awareness, and student achievement as members of a diverse metropolitan community with a long tradition of institutional support for photography.

Students in this university actively engage in technical and conceptual experimentation and interdisciplinary exploration through student-driven research and concentrated studio time.

Students in the BFA program are encouraged to build their unique artistic identities based on a strong technical, historical, and critical studio practise foundation.

Technical education in the classroom focuses on a full understanding of digital photography and video art, studio lighting, conventional photographic forms, and large format photography.

Historical and theoretical studies and an assessment of current practices in lens-based media are used to strengthen technical capabilities.

Most significantly, the PDM curriculum and methodology are designed to help our students adapt to a constantly changing media world.

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Texas State University:

The Photography program offers a diverse range of historically informed coursework to equip aspiring photographers with a rigorous and supportive atmosphere to prepare them for the ever-changing world of modern photographic practices.

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Students can examine all medium areas and get the necessary technical abilities to build their voices with such a broad-based program.

Each student completes a two-semester thesis capstone after taking seven core classes ranging from traditional darkroom to advanced digital to photographic literature.

Students create a professional body of work throughout these two final courses, culminating in a portfolio and exhibition.

Texas State University’s curriculum prepares well-informed, intelligent, and highly competent graduates for jobs as artists, arts workers, and graduate studies by focusing on individual artistic development, visual literacy, and critical inquiry.

More so, the amazing curriculum made it one of the Photography schools in Texas.

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Photography schools in Texas 2022

Is a photography diploma worth the investment in 2022?

If it is truly your passion and you attend the appropriate institute, then yes, it is well worth it! Look for a reputable institution that provides a choice of media and production courses.

They are more than likely to have a strong network that can provide you with the necessary exposure to acquiring a decent job.


Photography is a wonderful career choice if you have an exceptional skill set, good creative ability, composition, and technical skills.

Students in these Photography schools in Texas take a lot of practice and dedication to develop good photography skills.

If you enjoy taking on new tasks and seeing the world through a camera lens, this could be a satisfying job for you.

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