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Best Rugby Boarding Schools in England: Rugby is a team sport in which a total of 15 players participate. To win the game, the team must get the ball behind the opposing team’s try line and into what is known as the in-goal area.

Rugby is a team sport that can be played with the ball in hand as well as by kicking it around. When the ball is carried in the hand, however, it can only be thrown or passed off in the reverse direction of its travel.

This article will explain the best rugby boarding schools in England and a few tips about rugby.

Is rugby popular in England?

Rugby is one of the highly regarded team sports in the UK, both professionally and recreationally, and is divided into two divisions: Rugby Union and Rugby League. The Rugby Union division is the more popular of the two.

Both sports have their own set of rules, including the number of players on each team and the methods used to advance the ball.

Best Rugby Boarding Schools in England | 2022

Amerigo Houston Saint Pius X High School:

St. Pius X High School, located on a beautiful private boarding campus in the heart of Houston, offers students an exceptional education that allows them to explore their passions, develop their interests, and gain hands-on experience in a technologically advanced setting.

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Students at St. Pius X can choose from over 100 AP, Honors, Dual Credit, and College Prep courses in a variety of subjects. There are more than 30 on-campus clubs and 20 athletic teams for students to join.

Rugby has been a vital part of life at Saint Pius X High School for many years, and it is a sport in which we have enjoyed significant success throughout the years.

More so, Saint Pius X High School is one of the best rugby boarding schools in England.

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Bishop’s College School:

Blundell’s School is a co-educational boarding independent school based in Tiverton, Devon. Blundell’s is a dynamic community rooted in history but forward-thinking in its embrace of the options available to today’s kids.

Rugby has long been an integral part of life at Blundell’s, and a sport in which we have achieved considerable success.

The school’s first competitive fixture took place almost 150 years ago, and in the intervening years, current and previous pupils have competed at the highest level, including internationally and with the British and Irish Lions.

As one of the best rugby boarding schools in England, the level of success continues to this day, with their top teams achieving major regional and national success on a regular basis.

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Bodwell High School:

Bodwell High School is a private, co-educational boarding school serving students in grades 8 through 12 and preparing them for college.

Bodwell’s campus is located in scenic North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, overlooking the Burrard Inlet and the city’s cityscape.

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Recognized as a pioneer among Canadian boarding schools, the school’s diverse student body of both domestic and international students provides a rich and stimulating environment for learning, studying, playing, and forming life-long memories and connections.

More so, Bodwell High School is one of the best rugby boarding schools in England.

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Kimball Union Academy:

Student athletes can participate in a competitive and enjoyable athletic and recreational program at Kimball Union.

Over 70% of students receive at least one varsity letter each year, and the Wildcats compete in 14 varsity sports, including hockey, basketball, field hockey, and soccer.

KUA graduates student-athletes who go on to play collegiate and professional sports every year.

As one of the best rugby boarding schools in England, working directly with bright and experienced coaches, players build confidence, commitment, time management, and leadership skills.

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Collège du Léman Sàrl:

Collège du Léman, an international school in Geneva, Switzerland, educates children from 2 to 18 years old. Athletics helps build a “shared culture” among kids from diverse backgrounds.

The Collège du Léman has a strong reputation of distinction in sports, intramurals, house events, and activities.

Whether skiing through the snow or chasing a pass down the wing, your child will be able to enjoy the benefits of participation in sports.

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Rugby is a popular team sport in the United Kingdom. Both sports have their own set of rules, including player count and ball movement.

The RFL is responsible for rugby league in the United Kingdom. It is responsible for the management of the England Rugby League team, as well as the Challenge Cup, Super League, and Championships.

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In the United Kingdom, the Rugby Football Union continues to rule. This organization is responsible for promoting and administering the sport, as well as for developing players and officials.