13+ Best paying jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts | 2023

The real estate investment trust is a significant provider of employment opportunities, with good working conditions and high-paying jobs.

Beginning a professional life in real estate investment can be quite rewarding.

Thus, this article will explain the tips you need to know about Real-estate Investment Trust, stating whether or not it is a good career path, and many more.

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?

A real estate investment trust (often abbreviated as REIT) is a type of corporation that invests in real estate and is responsible for its financing, maintenance, purchasing, and transaction of property.

This piece of property includes land, house, building, etc, as well as any improvements made to it, which may include buildings, roads, other structures, or utility systems.

Is real estate investment a good career path?

Yes, it is. When it comes to choosing a career, people are always confused if they are making the right decision or not. Choosing a career path can be quite difficult and confusing.

If you are thinking of starting a career in real estate investment trust, then you are on the right path. It is a very productive field that offers individuals high-paying job opportunities.

Investing in real estate can be a very effective strategy to take charge of your financial future.

Are REITs a good investment?

To put it simply, REITs offer a total return. For the most part, they pay high dividends and have the potential for moderate long-term growth.

In terms of long-term total returns, REIT stocks tend to be in the same ballpark as value stocks and higher-risk bonds.

Retirement savers and retirees who need a steady stream of income to cover their living expenses can benefit from REITs because of their strong dividends.

As required by law, REITs are required to distribute at least 90% of their taxable income to shareholders annually. The steady flow of contractual rents paid by their tenants fuels their dividends.

On the other hand, listed REIT stocks have a low correlation to other equities and fixed-income investments, making them an excellent means of diversifying a portfolio’s investment holdings.

In a portfolio, REIT returns tend to “zig” when other investments “zag,” reducing overall volatility and increasing returns for a given level of risk.

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High-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts: 

The highest paying jobs in a real estate investment trust are discussed below:

1. Real Estate Analyst:

Real estate analysts help organizations with a lot of property manage their investments in real estate.

To do this, they closely watch how the market changes and make models that use market trends to predict what will happen next.

An active relationship exists between the real estate investment trust (REIT) analyst and the real estate and financial management staff.

The Real estate analyst ensures that the company makes well-thought-out and educated property decisions by doing excellent research, evaluation, and monitoring of real estate market trends.

As one of the highest-paid jobs in real estate investment trusts, a REIT analyst needs to be able to run financial simulations using different financial methods, just like he would do when analyzing the firm’s assets or new purchases.

More so, as a direct consequence, attaining success in this sector requires in-depth knowledge of several financial topics. A real estate Analyst earns an average salary of $82000 per year.

2. Real Estate attorney:

A real estate attorney, also called a real estate lawyer, is a person who is licensed to practice real estate law. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

This means that they have the knowledge and experience to give advice to parties involved in a real estate transaction, like the sale of a home or a short sale.

Real estate attorneys specializing in property transactions strive to find solutions to a wide range of problems that arise in the context of property transactions and ownership.

Attorneys act as mediators when dealing with titles, transactions, paperwork, and other legal matters related to real estate holdings.

In addition to this, they offer their legal counsel to both purchasers and sellers of real estate assets.

A real estate attorney earns an average salary of $119,000 per year.

3. Property Manager:

A property manager is a person or corporation engaged to oversee the daily operations of a piece of real estate. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

When property owners and real estate investors are reluctant or unable to manage the properties themselves, they often hire property managers.

Generally, the expense of engaging a property manager is tax-deductible against the property’s income. Apartment complexes, shopping malls, and office buildings are typical types of commercial property managed by property managers.

Even though it might not look like a very difficult set of chores, their objective is to do their job in an organized and timely manner to prevent squandering either time or money.

Depending on the employer, a property manager can make from $60,000 to $120,000 per year on average salary and bonuses.

4. Real Estate Communication Consultant:  

Real estate consultants are specialized experts that aid buyers and sellers in making educated decisions on real estate transactions.

For instance, they can assist with doing a financial study for a particular property or with strategic portfolio planning.

Their responsibilities include talking to shareholders, making investment reports, and putting together groups for meetings and seminars.

As one of the highest-income jobs in real estate investment trusts, their responsibilities is to contact innovators and look for potential initiatives to start.

5. Property Developer: 

A Property Developer is a person whose employment include buying and selling buildings and land, as well as organizing the construction of new structures.

Property is bought by a real estate developer, who then constructs the items for sale. They are in charge of the whole building process and work with different professionals to ensure everything goes as planned.

Engineers, architects, builders, and lawyers are some professionals who work in this field. 

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6. Sales associate:

A Sales Associate or Retail Sales Associate is tasked with guiding consumers during the purchasing process.

The job entails greeting customers as they enter the store, assisting them in locating specific items or demonstrating how to use them, and ringing up their purchases at the POS register.

This is also one of the highest-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

A sales associate keeps track of bidders’ and property owners’ contracts. He’s also in charge of calculating asset values and making recommendations for home improvements to raise prices.

He’s also responsible for attracting new clients and persuading them to buy homes.

Associates make money from REITs by getting clients to sell for less than the asking price or by getting buyers to pay more.

7. Vice president:

The Vice President of Real Estate is in charge of finding places to buy or rent, negotiating contracts, and finding new partners. VPS is ranked one of the best-paying careers in real estate investment trusts.

As part of ULC’s place-based real estate mission, he or she makes sure that all real estate deals are done in line with Assets, Finance, and Master Site.

Vice presidents must have at least eight years of similar experiences, such as management. They are obligated to participate in coaching opportunities and public speaking engagements. 

The yearly wage ranges from $160,000 to $240,000 on average.

8. Real estate investor:

A real estate investor, also known as a real estate entrepreneur, is someone who puts money aside to buy property, land, or rights above and below land.

The investor relations department is in charge of all external contracts with REIT investors in the real estate industry.

According to SEC requirements, the investor relations director’s responsibility is to plan frequent gatherings, including the summary report and financial statement.

9. Home inspector:

Home inspectors assess properties for defects or repairs that may be required. They frequently give prospective home buyers or agents estimates for expenditures and maintenance work. The average annual income is $53,134.

10. Real Estate Agent:

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who aids in the purchase or sale of a home or other real estate.

So a real estate agent acts in the best interest of his client and is compensated by a commission—a percentage of the property’s purchase price—which is usually paid in full.

There are real estate agents who focus exclusively on residential properties, while others concentrate on the sale of commercial properties.

As real estate brokers, they act as mediators between purchasers and vendors. In addition to shopping malls, resorts, manufacturing facilities, and apartment complexes are also included among the assets held by this industry. 

As one of the highest-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, real estate brokers need licenses and more training to work on their own and find other agents to work for them.  

11. Acquisition Team: 

It is the responsibility of the acquisition team to hunt for potential investment possibilities.

These opportunities may take the form of conventional real estate assets or innovative business concepts that have the potential to develop into profitable enterprises.

The individuals who work in the acquisition and purchasing department are highly skilled experts who have solid experience in finance and real estate.

12. A property appraiser:

An appraiser is a specialist who evaluates the value of a piece of property, such as land, houses, or another type of property. 

The value of a particular piece of real estate may be influenced by several different factors, including those associated with the market and the economy.

You will need to obtain a license to become a property appraiser and undergo training to acquire the necessary abilities.

More so, you must have a strong educational background in finance, business, real estate, and other relevant fields to be considered for the position.

An appraiser earns an average income of $53,000 a year.

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13. Real Estate Foreclosure Experts:

Real estate foreclosure experts make it easier for banks and other lending institutions to take back homes and businesses whose mortgages have not been paid.

Real estate foreclosure experts focus their practice on residential properties in various phases of the foreclosure process.

They help customers get loan modifications to pay their bills and avoid foreclosure.

They also help property owners through the foreclosure process and find seized homes for people who want to buy them.

In the United States, a foreclosure expert earns a yearly income of $60,243, which is average.

14. Mortgage Loan Officers:

This profession is one of the highest-paying jobs in the real estate industry.

A mortgage loan officer is a licensed employee of a mortgage broker, or mortgage bank, who helps people apply for home loans and offers or negotiates the terms of home loans for a fee.

A loan officer helps people apply for loans at banks, credit unions, independent lenders, and mortgage companies.

Before recommending someone for approval, they make sure the person is eligible to get a loan and figure out if they are creditworthy based on their past and current finances.

When someone applies for a mortgage, they must work with a mortgage loan officer.

The mortgage loan officer may also be a financial institution that offers various loan choices and assists you in deciding between them.

A mortgage broker is another alternative, and they will give options from several different institutions. There is also the possibility that it is a loan officer.

On the other hand, an individual who performs the duties of a mortgage loan officer is often referred to as just a loan officer.

They get information from a possible homebuyer on the potential buyer’s financial situation and the property that the potential buyer wants to buy.

The loan officer will next look around for various loan possibilities and give the homebuyer their top recommendations once they decide.

To become a mortgage loan officer, you will need to obtain a state license and national accreditation, as is the case with most jobs in the real estate industry.

The average yearly salary of a mortgage loan officer in the United States is $152,639.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts:

What is a real estate investment trust scheme?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are companies or trusts that buy and manage rental properties and/or mortgage loans with the money from many investors.

Can REITs make you rich?

Buying real estate investment trusts is a great way for regular investors to get rich from real estate (REITs). These are companies that buy, sell, and take care of pools of properties. By law, they have to pay out at least 90% of their taxable income as dividends.

How do REITs make money?

REITs make money from the mortgages that are used to build a real estate or from rental incomes once the property has been built. REITs give their investors a steady income and, if they hold on to them for a long time, growth based on the value of the properties they own.

Can REITs lose money?

There is always a chance of losing money when making an investment. When interest rates rise and investors shift their money from stocks to bonds, the value of publicly-traded REITs is particularly vulnerable to lose.

Is it harder to get a mortgage for an investment property?

Obtaining a loan for an investment property is more difficult and generally more expensive than obtaining one for a primary residence. Increasing your credit score, lowering your debt-to-income ratio, and showing two years of employment stability are all requirements for many lenders.


A real estate investment trust is a good career with good employment opportunities, high-paying jobs, and good working conditions.

In addition to meeting the educational prerequisites for a career in real estate, acquiring the appropriate license to practice within the industry is an essential step in breaking into the industry.

In addition to the required license, there are also real estate laws that are made to be specific to different countries and states.

Because of this, it is of the utmost importance for one to become familiar with these laws before beginning work in this field.

Finally, working in this industry will earn you a decent income and good working conditions. Start your career in real estate investment with some of the jobs discussed above. 

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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