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Dating when it comes to guys can be a bit twisted. Some guys can’t even talk to opposite sex because of timidity and fear but in this post I will show you the most important College dating tips for guys.

One thing every guy needs to know is that you will keep meeting different ladies

everyday so just because a single lady told you no or rejected you does not mean that it’s the end of the world.

Dating a lady is a gradual process, you don’t just see a lady for the first time and tell her that you love her and would love to marry her.

Every lady has a dignity and should be respected that why they don’t allow any kind of guy to say empty words to them.

So now, how can a guy approach a lady? What are the things he will say to the lady in College, what dating tips for guys can I use when talking to a lady?

College dating tips for guys(1st Stage)

Be Bold:

Ladies like guys that are bold and courageous to walk up to them.

Being bold gives you the boost for the lady to give you listening ears.

As a guy, you need to ask yourself this question, “Why are my afraid of walking up to this lady?”, “Why do I want to meet this lady?”,

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all these questions should be answered so that you can know your motive and why you should proceed.

This is a secret dating tips for guys that you should know – Be Bold and Confident, it’s what is needed to gain your grounds while talking to a lady.

Outfit is a Criteria:

Your outfit is the way you make yourself look handsome and attracting.

In building a good Outfit, you need to be mindful of the color combination, the type of shoe that goes with a certain cloth etc.

Not Every lady will give you ATTENTION:

This is one dating tips every guy should know.

Not Every lady will give you attention because some just believe that every guy has the same information to pass, so no need to listen.

So, to get her attention, you need a motive for approaching and have something meaningful to say to her.

It’s okay to admire a lady who is dresses well but don’t use as a medium to go the extra mile..

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College dating tips for guys (2nd Stage):

Buy her gifts:

Ladies love gifts so much so if you want to continuously win the heart of your lady,

you need to surprise her with unexpected gifts that will make her more happy and love you more and more.

Most guys in college tend to avoid this dating tips because they feel it’s going to

cost them too much but if you want to enjoy the true love of your lady, you need to buy her gifts because it’s worth it.

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Understand that she has her own life to live:

This is one dating problem guys have while in college. Just because you have a Girlfriend that loves you doesn’t mean you should control her life.

She has her own life to live, that is the College long Distance Relationship tips are

there to help you build your relationship whether long Distance or a close one.

This dating tips for guys should Really be put into consideration to avoid un necessary thoughts and problems from breaking down your relationship.

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Compliment her:

This is one thing that most ladies love after gifts. Compliment her new hair, her new shoes, the way she prepared the food etc.

Compliment help to make her feel happy, encouraged and concerned that she is loved by someone.


The college dating tips for guys are the important tips you need if you really want your relationship to do well in College.

Dating In college isn’t as it is outside because college might give you more time than usual.

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