Reasons why College is Hard (Best tips)

When I graduated from high school and was about to get into college, I wondered what college life will be like, I asked my cousin who was in his final year, “How is life over there”, “Is College really Hard?”.

He smiled and explained that life isn’t hard and it isn’t so easy but you can live a comfortable life in college and come out with good grades if you make up your mind.

When I finally got into the awesome world, I now understood what he explained by “It isn’t hard and it isn’t easy”. Life in College is filled with experiences that will shape your life to the fullest.

You get to learn a lot of things both the good and the bad then you get to choose the path to follow because nobody will choose for you.

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Reasons why life is Hard in College

Here are the reasons college is hard at times:

1. You get to care for yourself:

Is college like high school

This is the greatest responsibility of a student catering to oneself.

There are times that You will be hungry and you don’t know what to eat, funny enough you might not have money to buy what to eat.

That’s the life of a college student and that’s why some people say that life is hard in college.

NB: Someone even went to the extent of asking if College is like high school or do you have to do extra things to keep up?

2. A load of Assignments

Is College really Hard

This is one thing about being a college student. You have loads of Assignments that you are not familiar with.

Funny enough, these assignments make up your Continuous Assessment which is needed for you to do well in a given course.

How to handle difficult Assignments:

  • Make research: For you to do an assignment well, you need to research well in the library and seek solutions online like YouTube and forums.
  • Ask for help: Just like you moved to a new level of study, there are people that are above you in studying, you can meet with them so that they can explain more to you.
  • Collaborate: When things get out of hand, you can meet with your coursemates to collaborate and find a solution.

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3. Too many Studies:

Is College really Hard

Studies can be quite tedious in college, especially when preparing for an exam. Staying up late at night to prepare well for an exam, waking up early to continue

reading, revising all that you have studied, and going into the exam hall only to see questions from the Moon.

It’s very painful to pass through all these and still not write well in an exam that’s why I tell you that life in College isn’t as easy as it seems. (Is College like high school)

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4. Financial aids:

I know how it feels to be without financial aid in college. It’s like everything is working against you.

When you don’t have financial aid, you might not reach your greatest potential because money speeds up things.

Do I need a side hustle in School?

A side hustle is needed to build up whatever you have in mind.

Your parents or guardians might not prove you with all the money you need that is why

you need to put extra effort to make money on your own. A side hustle like Barbing, doing assignments for the lazy students, graphics work, etc can

earn you a little money for basic upkeeping (Is college like high school).

5. Handling Sickness

Is college like high school

Handling Sickness is hard for a student.

There are times that you need the support and attention of your parents but they are not there to help.

So, all responsibilities will come from you to take care of yourself till you become strong again. Can you compare when you are sick at home to when you are sick in School?

The difference is clear because you get to be well taken care of at home than in school.

If you are at home, your parents will take care of the bills but if you are in school, you will take care of the bills…That’s why College is Hard.


I believe after reading this post, you now know if College is Hard or it’s easy.

One thing about being a student is that you get to learn and grow yourself and all these come from being an active college student.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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