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This is a common question that most people ask about College, “Does going to college make you successful”. I know people that didn’t go to college but are doing wonderfully well much more than some people that attended great colleges. So, I want to ask, “Do you really need a College degree?” Or Does education guarantee success?

Why College isn’t necessary to be successful

Sure there are benefits of earning a degree in college but there are people that proves

that you don’t need a college degree to do exploits in life but all you need is a marketable skill to do well.

When I asked a business man this question, he answered, “All I need is to attend a

business school and I’m good to go”. So now does going to college make you successful?

This question will be answered as you read along in this post. Here are the tips that will be handled to get the best answer to the above question.

What are the benefits of Earning a College degree?

Does education guarantee success

The article 10 amazing Benefits of earning a College degree explains all the benefits and advantages accompanied with earning a college degree. (Does going to college make you successful?)

Some of the tips include:

  • More Money – Your degree serves as means of promotion which is equal to more money.
  • Amazing Network of People – You get to know more people.
  • Job security
  • Job Satisfaction etc
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Reasons you don’t need a College Degree:

Does going to College make you Successful
  • The internet has made life easy – Online Courses. With a phone and an internet connection, you can get access to any course you want both the free and the paid ones. If you really have something that you are curious about, you can easily Google it and find the solution to it( Why college isn’t necessary to be successful).
  • You can start a Business without a College Degree – A lot of great Business men started their business without a single class in college. Most of them started through mentorship and knowledge and are earning much more than the people that spent 4 or 5 years in college studying.(Does going to College make you successful?).
  • A Course against your will : I know some people that applied to study for a particular course but couldn’t get the course due to low grades and were asked to drop down to a lower course or retake the exam after a year. When that person considers retaking the exam, he would rather Study the Course that he was given which is against his Will. Finally, when the individual is out of College, he/she will find it difficult to continue the course thereby making the degree useless to some extent(Why college isn’t necessary to be successful).
  • You might not Practice what you studied: It’s normal that after spending 4 or 5 years in college and you might not Practice the course you studied. So Here, “Does Education guarantee Success?”.

Does Education guarantee Success?

Yes , education does guarantee Success. I have seen billionaires who dropped out of

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school… remember Jack Ma who failed many times in college, applied for several jobs and

failed but started up the biggest Company in China with a marketable skill. Jack Ma wasn’t schooled, he was educated that was how he grew to the top.

Jack Ma to his Son,

Son, you don’t need to be among the top 3 in Class, you can be in the middle as long as your grades aren’t bad. Only this kind of person has enough time to learn other skills.

Jack Ma

I have seen people with amazing degrees but still not doing well in life.

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(Does going to College make you Successful?)

What is the Problem?

The issue with this is that most college graduates pass through college schooling

themselves and forgetting to educate themselves.

How hard is life without College:

Does going to College make you Successful

Life without college can be a bit hard to some extent. Why? There are some

opportunities that come to people that attended college alone. The ones that require experience and knowledge from College etc.

I know a billionaire that regrets why he didn’t go to College; funny enough he has all

the money that he needs but the only thing he lacks is the College experience which he

cannot get anywhere.

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(Does going to College make you Successful).

List of jobs you can get without a College Degree:

Here are the list of jobs that pays well and you can do without going to college to get a degree:

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Does Education guarantee Success

1.Graphics Works:

You can easily take a course online on Udemy for about $100 and become a good graphics designer.

Once you are done learning, you need to keep practicing till you become very good

then you teach other, do works for People and earn much money from it.

A single job can pay you $100 depending on your worth.

2. Power Distributors:

These are the people that check out the power issues happening around an area.

This job doesn’t require a college degree, all that is needed is to be taught is how it is done and you are good to go.

3. Business:

For you to do well in business, you need to groom yourself on how to do business and succeed.

You don’t need to have a College Degree to start up a business, all you need is a

business school to improve on the skills you have and you also need to read business books.

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Does going to College make you Successful?


Now i know you can answer the question, “Does going to College make you Successful?”.

So, if you want to do well in College without regretting your stay in college , you need to

understand your reasons for being in college and also understand that going to college alone doesn’t make you successful.

Thanks for reading this post.

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