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I could remember when I was admitted into the Univeristy, there was this happiness that I was leaving and being free from the disturbance of mummy and daddy; I couldn’t wait for the first day of University though some people call it “first day of college”.

On the first day of University, I was already prepared , filled with happiness and joy,

the joy of being independent, doing what i want to do and going wherever I want to go.

When I finally got into the University community, I saw my fellow students

moving up and down from one office to the other, submitting admission letters and stamping the required documents.

I finally went into my allocated dorm room and networked with the amazing people there.

Adding to the list of my first day of college, here are the amazing experiences i had and you too will have:

1.A New Circle:

first day of University

The first day of University is the day you get to meet new people that will add to your circle of friends.

These people could be your dorm mates, course mates, lecturers etc.

One first day of University tip that you need to know is that you need to always remember the names of the people you meet.

Remembering their names the second time you meet with them will show that you

value them and have respect for them instead of asking the person again, “Can you remind me your name”.

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2. Don’t be Shy:

first day of University

It’s natural to be Shy as someone who just got into a new environment. But don’t let the

shyness prevent you from enjoying the first day of college.

Just like you are shy and terrified to talk to anyone, that’s the same way your fellow student will be.

They will be Like, ” Will he respond badly if I talk to him?”, “Will I be disgraced?” etc all

these will be going through the mind of your fellow student. I had this experience my first day of University.

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3. Money will become a Necessity:

first day of University

I know while you were in high school, you didn’t really value Money, any money you

had, you spent it abruptly on anything you wanted.

On the first day of University, you will realise that every single dime you have has a value no matter how small it is.

You will learn to save and manage money in any way you can so as to avoid being broke and out of cash.

The funny thing that most students learnt about asking for money from their parents

is that they ask for more than the expected amount and use the extra money for miscellaneous activities.

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4. First day of College: Having a Superior:

You will understand the value of having someone superior(upper level) on your first day in College.

Imagine going into a college without someone helping to show you the places

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and the routes in school, you will find out that life might not be easy for you during your new days in college.

But, if you have someone that can help you all through your registrations and clarification, life will be amazing for you.

This is one advantage I had first day of University.

5. Parents will keep Calling:

It’s normal for your parents to keep calling you everyday after you have left home…that’s the way a caring parent calls.

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There are times that they will even call you consecutively for more than 3 times a day.

But at time goes on, they will keep reducing the calls till it’s once a week.


The tips given in this post about the first day of college are practical and can work for anyone who carefully puts it into practice.

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