Researchers just discovered the small Investment Ideas for Students

If you really want to secure a future for yourself, get over the fear of Investing, get the small Investment ideas for students and help in saving and investing for students, then this post is for you, make sure you follow it till the end:

What is an Investment?

An Investment literally mean putting money into something(business) to make profit.

saving and investing for students

It involves placing of capital(a definite sum of money) in expectation of deriving income, returns, products from its use.

Its like planting a seed, watering it and expecting it to grow and produce more fruits and seeds. You invest so that you can get ROI (Return on investment).

As a student, you have to pick out one investment opportunity among the small investment ideas for Students. You didn’t go to school to school alone, you went to school to Educate yourself in all the aspects of life. Here is what I mean…

Investments open up ways for You, it helps you prepare for life outside school.

When you get to the library to read, try and get in touch with books that help you grow not only on the course you are studying.  Don’t always let your schooling interfere with your Education.

An important Key in small investment ideas for Students:

1. Learn before you Earn:

Before you talk about making an investment, you need to SAVE money first. You cannot invest what you don’t have.

You need to clear your debt before thinking of an investment. Pay up anyone that you are owing and set yourself free, it will help you in saving and investing for students . This is the number 1 key .

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2. Be Knowledgeable:

One other important key I mentioned earlier but what to emphasize more on is KNOWLEDGE.

small Investment ideas

I would advice you to read as much books as you can about a field before you invest into it. Learn all the tricks and failures involved in that business before you invest so that you don’t lose your hard earned money because its very painful.

Small Investment ideas

Learn to Start Small:

I understand that you don’t have the huge amount of money to kick off but you can start small.

Just like I mentioned earlier, you can start by saving a definite amount of money every week using the cookie jar to put in the money every week as low as $10/N1000.

saving and investing for students

Before you go into Investing, you need to set a Goal for Yourself.

There is no more Time:

I always thought that I had all the time in the world until I graduated without having any investment but I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I made .

So save up your money and prepare to make an investment. I want to let you know that you can always start small and grow every day. This is a piece of important advice in small investment ideas for students.

Why you should Invest:

1.It helps you to secure you future

2. It would help you get over the fear of investing.

3. It would help you earn returns while still being a Student.

What can you Invest in?

This might sound funny but the best and foremost investment you can do is on …


Funny right? Let me explain…

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can you can ever do. It has to do with growing yourself in all aspects – academically, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise.

Investment ideas for students

It involves paying to attend trainings that will add value to your life, attending conferences and seminars, taking part in webinar and reading good books. Like I said earlier, it is the best and the most important investment idea for students that you can do.

Invest in your Business:

First of all, you need to own a mini business as a student.

Though your parents might be against it, but you really need it. You might not start one in your first year but you can start one in your second year.

Investing in your business can be as low as purchasing clothes and selling them to your course mates and friends, and as time goes on, the business will keep growing.

Before you know what is going on, you’ve got a shop and you can expand more and more. But before you start up a business, make sure you seek advice and get a mentor in that field.

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Small Investment ideas

Invest in Blogging:

Investing in blogging has to do with starting up a blog for yourself to write about what you are passionate about.

It involves purchasing a domain name, hosting the site, purchasing a theme for the site(optional) and paying for the security of the site. When these are done, you are good to go.

Investment ideas for students

Any other payment to be done depends on how to agreed to the fees above whether monthly or yearly. Blogging is an investment that pays for a life time if you are consistent and patient with it, it’s lucrative but requires dedication and time.

One of the small investment ideas for patient and consistent students that are willing to work hard.

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Invest in Mini-Importation Business:

I want to let you know that as a student if you import goods and products into your country. It sounds somehow right?

It just requires a laptop and an internet connection together with a link with your seller. You can import fancy slippers and clothes (for the ladies) and you can also import foreign books and sell to your friends.

One of the small investment ideas for business-minded students.

Invest in a friend’s business:

You can invest in a friend’s business and have him pay you either weekly or monthly.

Let’s take a barbing salon as an example, you can negotiate with a friend to buy clippers for his business and have him pay you a certain amount every week or month. It’s business. Let’s think of something.

Invest in small Businesses on Campus:

This is just like investing in the stock exchange market. It involves observing the growing businesses on campus and buying shares in them. It’s somehow right?

Small investment idea:

But it works.

See how you can do it:

  1. Visit the top shops on campus.
  2. Meet the director or the shop owner.
  3. Tell him these words, “Sir, I really appreciate the way you have been using the products from your shop to help me. I want to invest into your business because it’s really going well”. Tell him the amount you have and negotiate on your RIO (Return on investment).

It’s as easy as this. Try it out, you can always modify the statement to fit you.

Make it official by providing a document where you can sign the agreement.

Note: this can have a disadvantage because the business can fail anytime and you can lose your money. This is one of the risky small investment ideas for students that pay well but you really need saving and investing tips for students.

This is one the cool small investment ideas for students that continuously pay provided the school is in session.

Invest in Forex Trading:

Forex trading is a market for the trading of currencies.

Investment ideas for students

This is a very risk business. You need to study the processes and tricks involved so that you don’t easily lose your money.

It involves the buying and selling of currencies.

Conclusion on the small investment ideas for students:

Now you have completed this post, which investment will you start up with; I guess you will probably thinking of a business but I want you to start with Investing in yourself.

Choose a field you love the best and grow yourself in that field, get the required saving and investing ideas for students, be consistent, persistent and goal oriented and you will hit it.

Thanks for reading this post. Do well to share it with your friends.

Go out there and make a difference today.

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