Online Theatre Degree (Courses, Schools, Benefits)

Online Theatre Degree

Some colleges provide certificates through academic degree programs in theatre, with some parts of the program having the ability to be taken through online courses.

There are currently many universities that offer theatre degree programs that may be done completely online. However, most theatre programs need students to participate in active learning experiences that aren’t attainable in online programs.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Online theatre degree and how to go about it.

Is it possible to earn an Online Theatre Degree?

The prospects of receiving an online theatre degree are small due to the requirement to actively participate in all aspects of theatric arts. However, there are some lessons available online for people who prefer distance study.

One alternative is to begin an introductory course; such classes would provide you hints on what theatre arts is all about or could serve as gateway specific fields like theatre history, technical theatre, or playwriting.

To acquire a theatre degree online, colleges that provide distance learning for specific theater courses might give you some of the same flexibility as a fully online program, such as a flexible schedule and the ability to take classes whenever you choose.

Some courses may additionally mandate that you head to see some live productions on stage.

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What Theatre Courses are available online?

You can find online courses only about all aspects of arts; however, the bulk of classes available are introductory, offering just a summary of the topic.

Classes that specialize on an online theatre degree within a complicated level may require active participation in training and, therefore, tend to be offered in additional contemporary classroom settings on campus.

Basic online courses are available within the following areas:

  • Theatre appreciation
  • Acting
  • Scenery design
  • Costume design
  • Lighting design
  • Playwriting
  • Theatre history
  • Stagecraft
  • Musical theatre

What are the technical requirements for taking a web theatre course?

First and foremost, you ought to have online access through a reliable computer. You ought to even be conscious of using the browser and sort of software program needed for a specific class before enrolling.

Lectures could also be offered through various forms, like video podcasts. However, students can interact through discussion boards, like those offered through Blackboard, as well as blogs, Skype, e-mail, and other online communication.

List of schools that award online Theatre Arts Degrees

If you are searching for the best institutions to earn an online theatre degree from, below is a list of some of the world’s renowned institutions that offer distant learning in theatre arts and offer an online theatre degree after completion of your online studies:

  • Holmes Community College
  • Wayne State University
  • Missouri State University
  • Northern Oklahoma College
  • Owensboro Community and Technical College
  • Academy of Art University
  • Itawamba Community College
  • Shorter University
  • Lynn University

Major reasons to get an Online theatre degree

Access to several career opportunities: 

Regular people limit the knowledge of theatre arts to just designing, acting, dancing, singing, and directing.

But there is more to theatre arts than the professionals mentioned above; from technical roles to working in wardrobe, you can inspect all the amazing jobs you’ll pursue with a theater degree.

Theatre arts teachers also are in high demand, with job vacancies increasing by more than 36% since 2004.

Performance experiences: 

A theater degree can provide you with incredible performance opportunities. For instance, at Cal U, the university boasts of excellent facilities like theaters, fully equipped scene and costume shops, and a design lab. 

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Comprehensive theater training: 

An online theatre degree course of study provides instruction during various disciplines, including performance, theater history, dramatic literature, design, technology, stage management, theater production, and humanities management.

The chance to learn from top talent: 

Once you enroll during a theater course of study, you’re signing up to learn from a number of the remarkable talents within the field.

Creative expression: 

It’s said that creative expression helps us understand our world and become better at navigating life’s challenges.

Develop your life skills: 

As part of taking classes on an online theatre degree, you would begin to discover/develop some life skills that apply to the world. 

Auditioning practice: 

Knowing how to interview and audition is one of the foremost important skills within the theatre arts program and show business.

Why take a chance on trial and error when you can receive professional help? Learn how to remember scripts, exude confidence, and display your design portfolio to get results from the pros.

Expand your knowledge of the world: 

Taking online theatre arts classes would help you know more and understand other cultures and traditions around the world. Also, careers in theater arts often include many travels. 

Social change: 

Theater arts enable us to reflect on society, both as performers and audience members. If you want to make a difference and express your vision of the planet, a degree in theater may be an excellent spot to start.


Acquiring an online theatre degree can open the doors to numerous career opportunities.

The theatrical arts and its history can be summarized in an online lesson, or you can learn about other components of the program, including playwriting or scenic design, as part of a typical program on campus.

Whether creating a group for a play, choreographing a dance number, or directing a huge production for stage and film, it all begins with a theatre arts degree.

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