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Education wouldn’t have gone far if not for very important individuals known as teachers. In this article, we will define and explain a type of teacher called “Shop teacher.”

We will mention “how to become a shop teacher” and the benefits of a shop teacher.

Who is a Shop Teacher?

A shop teacher is defined as an individual who provides knowledge and instruction on a course that contains information about a trade. A trade can be either metalworking, carpentry, woodworking, printing, and so on.

Their work mainly consists of training students on how to use the tools and materials involved with the different types of trade.

The knowledge and benefits that the teacher brings are enormous and important, but nowadays the course known as “SHOP” is gradually disappearing.

The shop class is usually an elective. However, shop teachers usually teach and provide knowledge to those interested in a trade or interested in acquiring the trade skills.

On the other hand, parents nowadays prefer their children to take elective academic courses. They believe that the course that the shop teachers teach is not important at this age.

Thus, schools have begun to cut shop classes out of the curriculum. Nevertheless, although students lack interest in learning trade skills, there are several important and benefits attached to these trade skills.

Major types of Shop Teachers

There are several types of shop teachers who provide knowledge on different trade skills, some of which are:

Metalworking shop teacher: 

This type of shop teacher teaches students how to perform various tasks related to or about metal.

They will provide knowledge on different types of metal, how to cut or weld these types of metal, the areas a particular metal should be used for, etc.

However, this teacher will teach safety methods and training to students as the equipment and supplies they are exposed to are mainly dangerous.

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Woodworking shop teacher:

This type of shop teacher provides knowledge to students on various ways to handle and work with wood.

The shop teacher will introduce students to different types of wood, how to use the different types of equipment like saws or lathes. The teacher also provides safety instructions to the students.

Auto shop teacher:

This type of shop teacher explains and trains students interested in repairing, building, and rebuilding cars. The students taught by this teacher will be provided knowledge on basic mechanical training.

The teacher will also emphasize safety precautions, providing knowledge on different parts of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

How to become a Shop Teacher

There are several steps an individual should take in becoming one. Some of these steps are:

Checking the credentials required:

Individuals should start by checking their credentials and education required by the states or organizations they are interested in working in.

Different states have different requirements; this means that they will have to contact and consult the offices and websites of the state’s Department of Education to find out the specific requirements.

Some may require bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees.

Finding out where they’re able to work:

Those interested in working in colleges or universities should find out which are offering technology education or industrial education. If they are interested in the public sector, they also have to find a vacancy.

Having experience in the trade:

An individual seeking a shop teaching job should have experience in the metalworking, automotive, or woodworking industry. This will provide great assistance in getting employment or even starting a business.

Characteristics of a Shop Teacher

  • Good communication skills
  • Resourcefulness
  • Patience
  • Good work ethics

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Benefits of a Shop Teacher

Knowledge of technical skills:

They provide the knowledge of technical skills to students. They also increase the known knowledge of technical skills of a student if the student already possesses previous knowledge of that skill.

Improve students work ethics:

Because they can see the actual benefits of their hands-on labor, shop teachers encourage pride and responsibility in the knowledge they are imparting.

This, however, improves work ethics by making the students hard-working. As they are experienced by working in the industry, they’re able to provide knowledge of the expectations and needs of the employers.

Make students career-ready:

They provide the students with the skills needed to work. Thus, they can either become entrepreneurs or work under employers. With their skills, they can also either become mechanics, electricians, carpenters, and many others.

They promote teamwork:

A shop teacher aids and adds to the teamwork characteristics of students, however, teamwork is paramount in many fields like technology and career education fields.

The courses and trade skills that shop teachers provide knowledge to students on need teamwork. For example, an electrician will also need a plumber, bricklayers, and maybe woodworkers to build a house.

Teach problem-solving skills:

The skills taught by shop teachers are very useful for everyday life.

With the technical skills taught, individuals may be able to fix their car if it’s broken on the road, repair their generator, fix their furniture, put in their bulbs, and so on. They can solve problems easier and quicker.

Employment opportunities for a Shop Teacher

Different professions available to shop teachers are:

  • Plumbers
  • Mechanics
  • Carpenters
  • Lecturers
  • Electricians
  • Public servants, etc.


The profession of a shop teacher is important to society. This article urges individuals to make others aware of the benefits and importance of being a shop teacher.

At the same time, schools should try to aid and add to the budget allocated for shop classes.

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