How to become a Homeschool Teacher

How to become a Homeschool Teacher4 min read

The rate of homeschooling all over the United States has grown so well that everybody wants to become a Homeschool Teacher so questions like”What requirements do I need to be a Homeschool teacher?”, “What are my duties?” keep popping up.

Don’t worry, in this article, I will answer all these questions so sit tight and read till the end.

Homeschool Teachers are mostly retired teacher, school teachers who want to be less rigid in their teaching schedule or a homeschool parent that wants to have extra income.

To become a homeschool teacher, you need to decide the homeschool curriculum to use based on your degree or educational background and moreover, you need to understand the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling a child while using a Homeschool Tracker or Pen and Paper.

Qualities of a good Homeschool Teacher:

If you don’t have the qualities to be patient and easy-going with children, then being a homeschool teacher might not be easy for you. Here are the qualities of a Homeschool teacher:


You need to give the process time. As a homeschool teacher, you have to give yourself time and room to learn every day, read books on kids, and how to get along with them.

You also need to understand that comparing your homeschool kids to other kids will do you more harm than good.

Reading on different homeschool styles will help give you ideas on how to be a better teacher who understands child development and parenting. This is because the homeschool curriculum vary from subject to textbooks needed for homeschooling a child.

In addition to dedicating your time to homeschooling your kids, you need the following:

  • Homeschool Space: This is a room or space where you teach your kid. It’s best you don’t teach them in the living room to avoid distractions from the Television or a visitor that came to visit.
  • Time: A set-out time every day or specific days to homeschool your child.

Not too Rigid:

A good homeschool teacher is not too rigid in her ways of teaching. She will always take her time to make sure that the kid understands even if he/she is a slow learner.

Being flexible requires that you need to be patient with your child and follow him up using the Homeschool Tracker so that you don’t make mistakes in your process of homeschooling or even breaking the laws of homeschooling in your state or region.


Set out a homeschool space, time, and goals so as to concentrate. Goals should be in the long term and short term so that you can have a target and also build accountability in your homeschool tracker.

Also setting goals in extracurricular activities will help build up your child’s self-esteem to interact with other kids during sporting activities.

Extra Curricular Activities:

A good homeschool teacher should be able to incorporate extracurricular activities into the learning process of the child. Activities like Trips, games, and sports will go a long way in helping the child learn faster.

A quote says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Requirements to become a Homeschool Teacher:

The basic requirement of a Homeschool teacher is to have a High school Diploma. But its always advisable to check the homeschool laws of your state(United States).

Washington requires that you get a college degree or credits in order to teach while most states require a High school diploma.

In the case of New York, the intending homeschool parents must file before July 1 or 14 days before homeschool an annual declaration of intention to homeschool stating the home instruction plan.

In addition to this, you can also present a Homeschool Resume that should include your credentials like a Bachelor’s degree in education as well as the grades you are certified to teach.

How much does a Homeschool teacher make?

According to Neuvoo, an average homeschool teacher makes about $25 per hour and about $48,750 per year. As a starter, you can make below this amount but as time goes on, the pay will increase as you improve in skills.

What are the Parental Requirements to homeschool your Child:

The basic parental requirement for Homeschooling a child is a High school Diploma just like a Homeschool teacher though most states (United States) have no educational qualification for homeschool Parents.

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Final tips:

To build up your skill as a Homeschool teacher, its advisable to join Homeschool Groups and Organizations that promote Homeschool to connect with fellow homeschool teachers.

Homeschooling today also provides updates on the tips and tricks on how to homeschool a child properly, I advise you subscribe to them.

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