15+ Cheap Hobbies for College Students

Are you looking for cheap hobbies for college students? This list of college student hobbies gives you an idea of the many activities you can begin right now.

For kids of all ages and skill levels, here are some craft, athletic, and technology-based hobbies. The majority of these do not necessitate any prior knowledge or experience.

To clear your mind and balance your time as a student, you should take up one of these cheap hobbies for college students.

What is a Hobby?

A hobby is a regular activity that is done for pleasure, usually in one’s spare time.

Collecting themed things and objects, engaging in creative and artistic endeavors, playing sports, and engaging in other amusements are all examples of hobbies.

15+ Cheap Hobbies for College Students

16. Blogging:

Writing is a craft that you can use to keep yourself busy when you are less busy. Writing can be in the form of blogging where you share your ideas on a specific niche.

It can be a very meditative experience, whether you want to improve your skills through writing courses, writing groups, or just writing for yourself.

Personal stories, fictional stories, poetry, song lyrics, and other topics are some examples of what you could write about.

More so, blogging shows that you are well-organized, creative, and self-motivated, and if you choose it as one of your winter hobbies, you will be opening doors to a variety of unique chances and experiences.

A blog also gives you an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to prospective employers that you are able to manage your time well, juggle obligations, and complete the work assigned to you.

You also have examples of your writing ability to demonstrate to potential employers because you are a blogger.

As one of the hobbies for college students, and despite the fact that all companies recognize these characteristics, blogging is particularly advantageous for those who want to work as copywriters, technical writers, aspiring journalists, in editorial positions, or in social media-related professions.

15. Sports:

Participating in a sports team, or simply a single sport, is beneficial to both your body and mind. Exercising and participating in sports releases endorphins, which make you feel better overall.

Running, swimming, and ball sports are just a few of the many free activities available.

Sports participation is a fantastic approach to boost both your body and mind. Whether you choose to participate in group sports or go it alone, you will release endorphins and strengthen your body.

A lot of sports are available for free. Other sports, such as skateboarding, biking, or any sport involving a ball, may require some equipment, but the cost is quite minimal.

As one of the hobbies for college students, playing sports in a park or with friends can also be a terrific way to meet new people.

14. Gaming:

Gaming is a completely acceptable hobby and one that can actually assist you in self-improvement.

Gaming can teach us a variety of abilities and give our brains a much-needed workout, so keep doing what you enjoy while also learning crucial skills. Playing video games is a form of entertainment.

It’s possible that being good at video games is a combination of talent and skill. Even if it’s a talent, it’ll need to be accompanied by some skill. It also depends on the game you’re playing and the difficulty level you’ve reached.

13. Painting:

Painting is more about overcoming fear than it is about creating an image; it requires practice, experience, and observation.

Painting can pick your interest and encourage you to think about how you interpret the world. Apart from being a fun pastime, art as one of the hobbies for college students may assist nurture a child in a variety of ways.

More so, art has been shown to lower stress hormones and relax the mind. Drawing and painting help people relax and de-stress, which is especially important during times like the pandemic.

The fine motor abilities of the kid are improved through painting.

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12. Coding:

Coding as a hobby denotes that you are a coding enthusiast who enjoys coding for the sheer joy of it.

Coding enthusiasts can spend hours upon hours learning new technologies, putting their coding talents to use to develop something new, and even competing in coding competitions.

Many people code for a variety of reasons, including fun. For some, the fun of developing an application is more important than the end result.

Coding is one of the hobbies for college students to pursue as well as a valuable skill to master. You may acquire your degree or learn to code for pleasure by enrolling in low-cost online courses.

You can also use code to make websites, apps, games, and more.

11. Volunteering:

Volunteering is the most effective way to work for people and society. For example, if you use your painting hobby to work with underprivileged children in your neighborhood, you can continue to enjoy your hobby while also contributing to society.

Spending free time volunteering might produce a win-win situation if you can develop a practice of giving back.

There are innumerable groups all around the world dedicated to whatever cause you are passionate about.

Getting engaged in your community, whether it’s working with the homeless or raising awareness for sustainability programs, will make you feel good while also helping others.

Volunteering experience is a terrific method to stand out to companies while also contributing to your community. It demonstrates your willingness to assist others while also demonstrating collaboration and compassion.

Many of the skills you gain as a volunteer may be useful in your professional life.

10. Swimming:

Swimming is regarded as the ideal activity to have because of the numerous physical and emotional benefits it provides. Swimming’s most significant advantage is that it is almost completely injury-free.

Swimming is suitable for people of all ages because it does not involve a strenuous workout.

It is a terrific way for individuals of all ages to have fun. As one of the hobbies for college students, swimming for recreation can give you a low-impact workout while also allowing you to relax and feel good.

9. Drawing:

Sketching and drawing are excellent ways to grow your creative abilities and begin to think in new ways. Art demonstrates that there are usually multiple solutions to a problem.

Open-ended thinking and creativity are fostered through art. These can be quite beneficial in terms of personal development and problem-solving.

There are free online courses available to enhance this creative ability. Drawing has the advantage of being able to be done anywhere, and you can simply share your creations via social media or keep them to yourself.

Drawing can lead to painting and other forms of creativity.

8. Gardening:

Gardening is a mentally and physically beneficial hobby that may be enjoyed by people of all ages. You also get to consume the beautiful fruits, veggies, and herbs you’ve grown.

So grab your tools and get your hands dirty in the dirt. In fact, gardening has been proved to help in depression prevention. As individuals strive to live in a more sustainable environment, urban gardens are becoming more popular.

You can start gardening yourself and cultivate your own food or just flowers for their aesthetic beauty, depending on how much space you have.

7. Dancing:

Dancing as one of the hobbies for college students is similar to discovering a new person within yourself.

Practice makes a person skilled in any subject, and this is true in dance as well. It’s critical to set aside some time for practice, as several steps necessitate it.

Dance is a sort of physical activity that also has a high feel-good factor. It increases your strength and flexibility, and your muscles and joints will be healthier as a result.

If you dance on a daily basis, your posture and body balance will improve. Dancing is a doorway to many diverse cultures around the world.

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6. Candle Making:

Making candles is a calming and enjoyable activity.

Because candle manufacturing is a low-cost hubby, you may use candles to decorate your house as well as offer them as gifts. Candlemaking has evolved into an art form over time.

Individuals have their own candle designs and ideas. In this situation, any design that is created becomes a work of art, at least in the eyes of the artist.

5. Play a Musical Instrument:

Learning a musical instrument not only nourishes and sustains the brain but also benefits a variety of other cognitive and physical components of the human body.

As one of the hobbies for college students, learning a musical instrument has been extensively researched and proven to boost memory, not just cognitive memory but also muscular memory. 

4. Photography:

Photography brings so much value to our lives by documenting important events, people, and locations, as well as assisting us in learning and growing as individuals.

Photography as one of the hobbies for college students allows for a great deal of creative expression as well as technical expertise.

While some people may go overboard in documenting every occasion for social media, the fact remains that photography is a genuinely rewarding hobby.

Taking up photography as a pastime can bring a lot of joy to your life, even if you never earn a penny from your photos.

3. Sewing clothes:

Sewing is a hobby designed specifically for fashion enthusiasts. Sewing was formerly a very important aspect of civilization.

Most people were taught this skill so that they could fix a pair of pants or sew a frock. Even if you’ve never touched a needle and thread before, sewing is a delightful pastime/hubby that can easily turn into a lucrative one with a little practice.

As one of the hobbies for college students, sewing is a profitable hobby that has stood the test of time, from personalized apparel to crafts.

2. Cooking:

The best part about cooking as a hobby is that you have limitless opportunities to experiment with not only taste but also cooking components for healthy eating habits.

Cooking as one of the hobbies for college students requires you to read a variety of recipes and online guides from all over the world. You’ll learn more about diverse cultures and flavors from different countries as a result of this.

1. Yoga:

Yoga is beneficial for those who are too lazy to exercise or workout because it boosts energy levels. Yoga can help them improve their physical and mental balance, strength and flexibility, and stress management.

Yoga is a wonderful hobby for spiritual and mental relaxation, as well as for improving health and fitness.

Yoga is not a religion, but rather an ancient type of exercise devised by India’s ancient sages to promote physical and mental well-being. Beginning yoga does not necessitate an expensive or extensive setup.


Hobbies allow you to improve your quality of life. Hobbies allow you to relax while still being mentally productive.

They are beneficial to one’s health and may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Taking part in a hobby for a few hours a week can help you avoid depression and dementia.

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