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What does it truly imply to be part of the few college students who decide to go through getting a Triple Major?

Some students decide to go for a major, some a double major, and the extraordinary, “Triple Major”.

After three years, one can graduate from the university by finishing one major; however, many college students nonetheless choose to double or perhaps triple major instead, which takes a longer time.

How does majoring in multiple courses truly work? How hard is it for college students to triple major?

What does Triple Major mean?

If you are acquainted with the concept of double majoring, it needs to be quite easy to apprehend what a “Triple Major” is; you are simply including an extra course of study.

While offering a triple major is not for the faint-hearted, choosing to go on this path can assist dedicated and inspired college students in the understanding and skills required to excel in more than one discipline.

It can also assist them to stand out to employers in the course of job interviews.

You’re doing a double major when you’re offering two majors at the same time, whether at the same university or at two different universities.

This is not the same as pursuing a dual degree, in which a student is offered two majors, each with a high level of specialization.

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Similarly, you may choose to study a triple major; this means that three courses will count towards the award of a single degree or three distinctive degrees. Do you understand the concept now?

Most college students say that undergoing a triple major in college may be very challenging as it requires that a student juggles fulfilling all of the requirements of three majors.

Only a small number of people enroll in college to study a triple major.

Reasons Students Opt for a Triple Major

1. Helpful when searching for Employment:

Earning triple major will certainly improve your career possibilities and will open up a world of opportunities for you. After graduating from college, you’ll begin attending job interviews in search of employment.

People who are offered one major can only seek employment in their related field. But for those who are offered a triple major have the opportunity to seek jobs in different areas, which has better benefits than having offered a single major. 

2. Exposure to different fields:

You are offering a triple major guarantee that a student would get exposed to different disciplines simultaneously.

The knowledge you gain will not only help you advance in your career and experience, but it will also help you narrow down the options available to you.

3. The More Major You Offer, the Better:

The saying that “more is better” certainly applies to college students offering triple majors. Studying for three majors requires intense discipline, hard work, and dedication.

In most cases, an employer likes to recognize the hard work of individuals applying for jobs in their company.

This indicates that a graduate of a triple major has the edge over college graduates who are offered a single or double major. Thus, employers will sincerely understand the effort you placed into obtaining many majors.

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4. It saves time:

One major advantage and reason college students go for a triple major is that it allows college students to graduate earlier than those offering lesser majors.

By this, you’ll have sufficient time for different things, such as exploring the possibilities that Advanced Placement comes with.

5. To satisfy their parents wishes:

Many college students are offering a major to fulfill their parent’s wishes. Offering three majors provides a means for college students in such situations to fulfill their parent’s wishes as well as theirs.

Most parents feel like their kids are too young to know what is best for them, not minding what the kid enjoys doing. Students in this scenario do so to appease their parents while still pursuing their dreams, despite the difficulties.

6. You can explore different interests:

Many individuals are usually interested in exploring numerous things simultaneously.

In truth, some people can’t concentrate on just one area and wind up dabbling in a variety of fields. The chances are that you would possibly require abilities that might be distinctive from the ones you learned.

Some factors that discourages offering a Triple Major

1. Triple Major requires triple requirements:

As the name implies, offering a triple major requires that you study the three majors, which is quite challenging. A few classes may clash with each other, which could make the entire experience an unpleasant one.

Additionally, it translates that anyone offering a triple major would need to work triple harder to fulfill all of the requirements of all three majors.

And then, you need to be aware of the obligatory classes if you must graduate with all three majors.

2. It kills social life:

Often, you’ll be busy working on class works, assignments, and projects, a lot of which you won’t have the time to make new friends.

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In actual terms, there are higher possibilities that people in this condition will make lesser friends and lose more of the ones they already have.

It’s even more difficult to socialize when pressure, stress, and time management stands in your way.

3. No Fun for You:

College is packed with so much fun, and every prospective student looks forward to experiencing them.

However, if you are offering a triple major, you will have a lot of courses to cover; meaning triple assignments, triple term papers, triple classes, as a matter of fact, triple everything that has to do with study work.

That much work reduces the way you mingle and the fun college has prepared for you. 


In all honesty, offering a triple major is very challenging and requires lots of focus and dedication from the college students following this path.

However, if you desire to go for three majors, do not allow anything to discourage you; if you want it, go for it.

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