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Most Expensive Colleges In California: California is known for its culture, beautiful attractions, climate, geography, and famous cities. However, California is home to some of the best universities in the country and the world at large.

Students get the best education in state-of-the-art facilities at Californian universities. It’s no surprise that students from all over the world want to go to school in California.

However, California has some of the most expensive schools in the country, and most of these schools offer students scholarships.

To get into these schools, students will have to meet certain requirements.

This article will talk about the most expensive schools in California, what it takes to get into these prestigious schools, and how to do well in school at a Californian university.

Requirements for Getting into the Most Expensive Colleges In California 

To gain admission into the expensive universities in California, students need to meet the following admission requirements:

Expensive schools in California 

The expensive schools in California are among the best in the country.

The money spent on acquiring an education in these schools is worth it as students will get the best education in the best environments.

These are some of the most expensive schools in the state of California:

1. Harvey Mudd College:

Harvey Mudd College is a leading science, engineering, and mathematics college. The college is also a liberal arts college, a unique characteristic of a college.

Students from Harvey Mudd College graduate and become leaders in the fields of their choice, having a clear understanding of the effects of their work on society and thriving as change agents.

The college offers students ten science, engineering, and mathematics majors, grounding them in a unique and solid curriculum that includes a healthy dose of social science and humanities courses.

The college goes by the principle that students do not have to give up their love for the arts while being good scientists.

Harvey Mudd also provides hands-on experience for students through its top research projects and famous clinic program.

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Harvey Mudd College is one of the most expensive colleges in California. It costs students roughly $77,339 per year to attend Harvey Mudd College.

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2. University of Southern California: 

The University of Southern California is renowned for being one of the world’s top private research universities.

USC has a big financial aid program. The school coordinates school, state, and federal money to completely meet the university’s need for undergraduates who meet all eligibility standards and deadlines.

The University of Southern California has an acceptance rate of 12.5% and a good acceptance rate for people of color, making the university a diverse community.

The University of Southern California has about 49,500 students and a full-time faculty of 4,700.

However, students pay roughly $85,648 a year at the University of Southern California aside from financial aid, and the university provides over $640 million in aid and scholarships.

The University of Southern California has started a new program to make college more affordable for middle-income and low-income families.

Under this program, students from families with annual incomes of $80,000 or less can go to college for free.

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3. Scripps College

Scripps College was founded in 1926. The school is located in Claremont, California, and Scripps College is a top-ranked private liberal arts institution dedicated to educating women for lives of engagement and devotion.

Scripps College promotes qualities of both spirit and mind in line with the vision of its founder, Ellen Browning Scripps.

Studying at Scripps College means learning with inspiring and intelligent women who challenge and help each other in all that they do.

Tuition fees will be billed based on whether or not the student is enrolled. If a student is registered as a full-time student, the full-time rate will be shown on the bill.

Full time at Scripps means taking at least 3.0 courses. Part-time students can only be part-time if the Registrar gives them permission to do so.

The amount they have to pay will depend on how many classes they are taking. When someone is part time, they take less than 3.0 courses per semester.

As one of the most expensive colleges in California, students at Scripps College pay about $75,474 per year aside from financial aid.

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4. Pitzer College

Pitzer College is a highly ranked liberal arts and sciences college in California that is close to Los Angeles.

The college focuses on interdisciplinary and environmental studies, the arts, social and humanities, and natural and behavioral sciences.

Students at Pitzer fashion their own college experience. Students get to work with faculty advisers to create special majors that align with their needs.

Pitzer College also has good international exchange programs where students get to study abroad and appreciate the world’s diversity.

More so, Pitzer College has an acceptance rate of about 14%, and students pay around $74,408 a year in fees before financial aid.

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5. California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, is an independent, private institution located in Pasadena.

Caltech has a global reputation in the fields of engineering and science, bringing together some of the world’s greatest minds and most creative tools to address essential scientific questions and critical societal issues.

Caltech has one of the most rigorous educational environments in the world, with broad learning options, active research and student collaborations with faculty helping students create world-changing innovations and ideas.

At Caltech, research is broadened, presumptions are challenged, and ideas are refined through the thorough trading of ideas.

Caltech aims to be a top destination for people with the greatest and most innovative minds from all experiences and backgrounds.

However, Caltech is notoriously selective and considered among the top engineering schools in the United States. Average annual out-of-pocket costs for a Caltech student are around $83,598.

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Most Expensive Colleges In California: Tips for excelling in College

Programs offered at colleges can be staggering.

However, for students to graduate with academic excellence, they need to put in a required amount of effort. Here are some tips for students aiming to make the most of studying at colleges:

1. Work Smart:

Students should not just put in the time but also put in the effort. Consider situations from different angles and find what works best for them.

Do not be scared of taking advantage of any and all opportunities available. This will help in developing skills and increasing work performance.

Getting the required exposure can do a lot of good and help students achieve academic success. 

2. Time management: 

Students who actively manage their time well have a significant advantage over their peers who do not. Studying should always be prioritized over extracurricular activities.

As a student, make a timetable for your day and stick with it. It pays to be disciplined.

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3. Discover the best studying pattern

Students will do better academically if they discover study patterns that work best for them as fast as they can. The learning style should be one that suits them and helps them assimilate better.

4. Work on problematic areas

Students should always try to get input from their peers and professors about academic work. It helps them know where they are and what areas they need to work on.

Students should always carry out self-assessments of their school work and be able to accept constructive feedback. This will help them in their professional future.

5. Network

To be successful in your professional future, who you know is as essential as what you know. Attend lectures on campus, introduce yourself to your professors, and familiarize yourself with your peers.

You can also contact the alumni group at your school to find out who might be able to meet up with current students.

Frequently Asked Questions on Most Expensive Colleges In California 

What is most expensive college in US?

University of Chicago

What college is the hardest to get into?

Harvard University

Why is college life fun?

Being a college student is like being given a second chance at life, with the freedom to pursue personal interests, socialize with peers, and devote as much time as necessary to academic pursuits. Following your bliss is always a good time. As long as you pick a major or field that excites you and makes you happy, and if you make some good friends along with some negative ones, you will have a great time.

Why is college so fun?

New Friends = Diverse Social Life.


Students planning to study at expensive colleges in California get the best education that many colleges cannot match in the country.

Graduating from any of California’s expensive universities ensures success in one’s chosen field and financial stability.

However, the drive to seize opportunities, try new things, and be a force for change and the betterment of the world will help students and graduates alike succeed in their chosen careers.

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