ACT Prep Games (Meaning, Characteristics, Developers, ACT tips)

ACT Prep Games

ACT Prep Games is an innovative trend in education that helps candidates prepare effectively for the ACT.

ACT is a standardized admission test used to assess the academic abilities of aspiring college students in the United States and other countries.

Moreover, ACT Prep Games adds more fun and excitement to ACT practice study and reading. Thus, it should be encouraged by all ACT students. 

To provide you with more insights on maximising ACT Prep Games in preparing for the ACT, this article will discuss ACT Prep Games, important information every ACT aspirant should know, and some success hacks for the ACT.

What are ACT Prep Games?

ACT Prep Games are fascinating innovations that make studying for ACT fun.

This software help ACT candidates to spend more time studying by providing numerous multiple-choice quizzes dressed in gaming designs that create an exciting study environment.

ACT Prep Games are one of the most spectacular innovations in the educational world that aid students to study effectively.

Characteristics of good ACT Prep Games

There are numerous ACT Prep Games in the world today. While a few boost study capabilities, many of these games damage candidates preparation efforts toward ACT.

Hence, before using any ACT Prep Game to prepare for the ACT consistently, search for the following features in it;

Accurate contents:

Good ACT Prep Game offers content that depicts the nature and pattern of questions in the ACT. Moreover, their game interface provides questions that reflect standard ACT questions.

Targets exact subject area:

A good ACT Prep Game provides questions based on the study areas included in the syllabus to help candidates prepare effectively.


A good ACT Prep Game provides questions in a gaming design that is attractive and exciting to students, making studying more fun.

Top 5 ACT Prep Game Developers:

Based on the analysis of the characteristics of good ACT Prep Games listed above, ACT games produced by the following ACT Prep Game developers are highly recommended for adequate ACT preparation.

ACT Math Jeopardy:

ACT Math Jeopardy is an outstanding ACT Prep Games developer that creates the perfect games for ACT maths section practice. It is highly recommended for candidates struggling in the ACT math section.


FreeRice is one of the most fascinating ACT Prep Game developers in the world today. This company designs games that boost the abilities of ACT candidates ahead of their test.

In their FreeRice game, a correct answer earns the player some cups of rice till it fills a bowl. Moreover, playing the English section using grammar-mode perfects the grammatical abilities of candidates ahead of the test.


Quizlet is an ACT Prep Game developer that creates user-friendly games.

By creating an account with Quizlet, customers can write out the subject areas they struggle in, which is used to create various games that will boost their abilities.

Sheppard’s Software:

Sheppards Software is another top ACT Prep Game developer. This company provides a collection of high-quality academic games that prepare candidates effectively for the ACT.

Sheppards Software offers maths games that are fun and highly technical and word games that improve the language abilities of candidates. Sheppards Software is a fascinating ACT Prep Game developer.

NYTimes Student Crosswords:

NYTimes Student Crosswords is a developer that offers a variety of crosswords and answers keys in different subject areas of the ACT. These crosswords boost the grammatical and mathematical abilities of ACT students.

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How to use ACT prep games effectively:

ACT Prep Games can be detrimental if it is not used correctly. Hence, you can study effectively using ACT Prep Games in the following ways;

Target games that will boost your abilities:

To use ACT Prep Games effectively in preparation for the ACT, target games that will boost your abilities, especially for subject areas you lag in.

Interchange games continuously:

Don’t play a game that improves your maths abilities alone from dusk to dawn; somewhat, spice things up by interchanging different games to avoid getting bored.

Play games before studying material:

Playing ACT Prep Games before studying test materials will create an air of excitement that will boost your brain’s performance and keep it in the best condition throughout your studies.

Important things to note about ACT

ACT means American College Testing. This test is a top-quality assessment that evaluates the academic abilities of aspiring college students in the United States and other countries.

It measures the maths, English, reading, writing, and science abilities of high school students aspiring for college.

Moreover, ACT is a test that aims to measure excellence by judging the educational abilities of its candidates. Nevertheless, take note of the following piece of information about ACT;

  • Administration:

ACT Inc administers ACT.

  • Exam type:

This test adopts a Computer-Based Testing system.

  • Prerequisites:

The exam is open to all high school students fluent in English. 

  • Application:

Candidates can apply for the ACT by sending paper packets, online registration, or telephone lines.

  • Application fee:

To apply for the ACT, candidates must pay a fee of about $70.

  • Application deadline:

All ACT applications must be sent to the examination board five weeks before the test date.

  • Number of sections:

There are five sections in ACT: the English, math, writing, science, and reading sections.

  • Duration:

ACT must be completed in less than 3 hours 55 minutes.

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ACT Prep Games

  • Website:

The website of ACT is

  • Number of questions:

There are a total of 215 questions and one essay in an ACT.

  • Passing score:

The passing score in the ACT is 21.

  • Release of results:

The results of candidates are published online two weeks after the test date.

However, the examination board also sends the paper report of the result to the schools of the candidates and four other colleges of the candidate’s choice, 7 weeks after the date of the test.

  • Removal of scores:

ACT can only remove an unwanted score from the scorecard of the student if he or she submits a letter of request for that purpose.

  • Calculator:

A calculator is permitted in the American College Testing.

Success Hacks for ACT

ACT is a standard assessment test that is quite difficult. You must prepare effectively for the test no matter how intelligent you are.

Each section has questions that are formed from high-level subject areas. Hence, to achieve an excellent score in ACT, apply the following hacks;

Play ACT Prep games:

ACT Prep games are special software that makes studying for ACT more fun and exciting. The best ACT prep games offer the perfect blend of fun and learning that boosts the abilities of its users.

ACT prep games provide a chance for you to do different practice tests. Hence, play ACT Prep games consistently to improve your knowledge and at the same time make your studying more pleasurable and interesting.

Read the passages to a full understanding:

Questions from passages may look simple, however, they are very tricky. Hence, before picking any answer when handling those questions, read the passage first to full understanding.

Professors even say that you read it intensively up to 2 times or even more, to help you identify the thoughts embedded in the passage.

Check the syllabus:

Every exam has its syllabus. Sometimes the ACT Inc. makes little changes to the scope of the exam.

Hence, before studying, check the syllabus and obtain the topic areas you are meant to cover to prevent you from reading outside the test’s area of concentration.

Start with a subject you love:

Preparing for ACT can be very frustrating especially when you have limited knowledge of some subjects.

Nevertheless, to spice up the entire reading process, start with a subject you love. It will energize and excite you to try out the subjects you have limited knowledge about.

Hire a tutor:

If you have studied consistently and you are still struggling with some topics, hire the services of a professional tutor to teach you.

A professional tutor will fine-tune your abilities in all subjects and boost your academic prowess ahead of the test.

Skip the difficult questions first:

Don’t spend all the duration of the exam trying to crack answers to difficult questions. Rather, skip the difficult questions and attempt the easy ones first to save time.

Do enough practice tests:

Do enough practice tests ahead of your ACT. Practice tests equip you with an idea of the nature of the test and expose you to possible knowledge gaps.

Hence, doing enough practice tests consistently is a great way to prepare for the ACT.


ACT prep games are software that makes studying for ACT fun and exciting. However, in a sea of many ACT prep games, few games offer the perfect combination of fun and study programs.

Hence, before choosing an ACT prep game, check the gaming designs, the contents, and subject areas of the game. If the games don’t offer questions that are created from the recommended ACT syllabus, avoid them immediately.

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