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Did you register for ACT? Are you worried about what an ACT ID is?

Then this article is for you. This article will explain what an ACT ID is, how to get one, and the uses of an ACT ID.

What is ACT ID?

ACT ID is an eight-digit identification number that begins with a dash. It is always available for anyone registered for the ACT.

ACT ID is at the bottom and the top of your student report on your admission ticket.

However, if you happen to lose your admission ticket, sign in to your ACT account and print out another one.

This ACT ID is what the ACT lnc, the body administering ACT, will use to identify you and keep accurate records of your ACT scores.

NB: When taking the ACT, you must input the ACT ID from your admission ticket on your answer document.

However, storing your ACT ID on your laptop or phone is always advisable because it is important.

What can I do with ACT ID?

  • It enables you to retrieve your ACT scores whenever the need arises.
  • The ID enables your request for additional score reports.
  • It helps you to monitor colleges to be certain they got your scores.
  • Students who don’t have an ACT account, like those who took the test years ago, can create one using their ACT ID.

How To Get Act ID

There is no special way to get an ACT ID, if not by registering for the ACT. Moreover, you can get your ACT ID without an admission ticket.

ACT ID will be given to you automatically after registration; that is to say, ACT ID comes with completing the online registration process.

After the test, your ACT scores will be available in your account to access them whenever you want.

In rare cases where one can’t find his or her ACT ID after registration, all you need do is call ACT support using their telephone number(319-337-1270) and report.

They will help you check for it. But you have to provide the person in charge with your personal information, like the full name you used during registration, your test date, your address when you registered, and your date of birth.

What You Should Know About Act ID

You and your college will locate your ACT scores through your ACT ID.

If your college does not receive your ACT scores, you should not hesitate to contact the college’s admission office and provide them with your full name and ACT ID.

Also, you should be aware that colleges don’t receive score reports simultaneously.

Some colleges download test score reports every two weeks, while some take longer than that to download score reports.

If you decide to forward your ACT scores to a college when you register, it is advisable to wait at least 8 weeks after you sit for the exam to confirm the receipt of your scores.

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Those who sit for the exam outside the US should wait 9-10 weeks.

Moreover, if you mistakenly input an incorrect college code, you can contact the admission office with your full name and ACT ID to ensure your ACT scores get to the college.

Basic Things You Should Know About ACT

The ACT(American College Test) is the standardized test for college admission in the United States. The ACT includes four aspects of academic skills:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • English
  • Scientific reasoning

There is also a direct writing test, but it is not compulsory.

ACT was established for undergraduate admission, especially in the US and Canadian higher institutions.

The test duration is normally 2 hours, 55 minutes, plus 40 minutes for those taking the optional part, which is writing.

The maximum score on the ACT is 36, while the average score is 21.

So it would help if you scored up to 21 to stand a chance of gaining admission into college; the higher your ACT scores, the higher your chances of gaining admission.

How Much Does ACT Cost?

According to the ACT website, here’s a simplified breakdown of the fees and options related to the ACT test:

ACT Test Fees

ACT Test (without writing)

  • Cost: $68.00
  • Details: This fee covers your test and sends scores to you, your high school, and up to four colleges (if you provide their codes during registration).

ACT Test (with writing)

  • Cost: $93.00
  • Details: This option includes everything from the non-writing test, plus the writing test.

Additional Options and Fees

Changing Test Option

  • Cost: $25.00
  • Details: You can add or remove the writing test until the late registration deadline through MyACT.

Late Registration

  • Cost: $38.00
  • Details: This fee applies if you register or change your test date during the late registration period.

Standby Testing

  • Cost: $68.00
  • Details: This fee is refunded if you’re not admitted to the test center on test day or your registration was cancelled because no photo was provided.

Change Fee

  • Cost: $44.00
  • Details: This fee applies if you change your Test Date or Test Center.

Score Reports to Additional Colleges

  • Cost: $18.50 per report
  • Details: You can request score reports for a 5th and 6th college before the test date. This fee is refundable if you don’t take the test and submit a written request.

Additional Score Reports

  • Cost: $18.50 per report
  • Details: You can request more score reports online after you’ve registered.

Test Information Release

  • Cost: $32.00 (if ordered before the test), $40.00 (if ordered after the test)
  • Details: You can order a release of your test information.

Score Verification

  • Cost: $58.00 (for multiple-choice score verification), $58.00 (for writing score verification), $116.00 (for both)
  • Details: You can request verification of your multiple-choice and/or writing test scores.

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Act ID: Nature of ACT

This ACT is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test, though there is a computerized version of the test now, especially for those not within the US.

This test is an entrance test that higher institutions use to offer admission.

Students commonly take the ACT in the spring of their junior year or during the fall of their senior year.

However, creating time to resit for the test is advisable if you need to raise your score.

Where to find ACT ID

1. Admission Ticket:

When you register for the ACT test, you will receive an admission ticket that you will need to bring to the test center.

Your ACT ID, a unique number assigned to you, will prominently display on this ticket.

The admission ticket not only grants you entry to the test center but also helps to keep track of your test records using the ACT ID.

2. Score Reports:

After you take the ACT test, you will receive a score report that details your scores in each tested area.

Your ACT ID will be on your score reports for easy reference in future interactions with ACT services.

If you need to order additional score reports or verify scores, you’ll use the ACT ID as a reference for your test.

3. ACT Web Account:

An ACT web account is an online account you create on the ACT website to manage your test registrations, view scores, and handle other test-related activities.

Once logged into your ACT web account, you can find your ACT ID in your account details or any score reports available.

Your ACT web account is a hub for managing your interactions with ACT, including registering for future tests, viewing scores, and sending scores to colleges.


What is an ACT ID, and Where Can I Find Mine?

Your ACT ID is a unique number that helps identify your ACT test records. You can find it on your ACT test results report and online ACT account. It’s important for accessing your scores and sending them to colleges.

Can I Take the ACT Test Without an ACT ID?

No, you need an ACT ID to take the test. When you register for the ACT test online, you’ll create an account and get an ACT ID. This number helps keep track of your test scores and connects them to your account.

I Lost My ACT ID! How Can I Retrieve It?

Don’t worry! You can find your ACT ID by logging into your ACT account online. If you forgot your login details, use the “Forgot Your Password” link or contact ACT Customer Care for further assistance.

Is My ACT ID shared with Colleges or Employers?

Your ACT ID is primarily used for your identification within the ACT system. While your scores are shared with colleges or institutions you select, your ACT ID is typically not used in external communications or shared with employers.


ACT is organized nationally annually, mostly in September, October, December, February, April, June, and July. To learn more about the ACT, you should visit their website.

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