GRI Scholarship (Meaning, Requirements, Programs, date) in 2021

GRI Scholarship

The GRI Scholarship offers a reward to successful candidates to further their knowledge in real estate. However, obtaining the GRI Scholarship (Graduate Realtor Institute) is a manner to stand out in your pursuit of being a realtor.

The GRI set of courses represents the minimal general body of know-how for innovative real estate experts as described by the Professional Development Committee of the National Association of Realtors.

This article will explain GRI scholarship, the requirements and the programs associated with it. Read on.

What is GRI?

GRI (Graduate of the Realtor Institute) designation is proof that a realtor has taken the step to be an expert in the profession of real estate. It encompasses taking classes in transactions, ethics, and technology.

The price and requirements needed for a GRI training differ by state, and earning a GRI Scholarship would help cover the program’s cost.

However, it takes about 60 to 90 hours of course time and approximately $900 to $1,100 to finish the requirements.

The courses prepare the hours, with a maximum of 6 hours and a minimum of 3 hours for the different topics, including contract law and marketing essentials.

How to earn GRI designation:

To earn a GRI designation, you will be required to offer courses in technology, regulatory and legal issues in the field, and a better exploration of the sales process.

It is the first thing to do after earning your license as a realtor and can be compared to a graduate degree gotten after college.

Earning a GRI designation is a means to make your services stand when listing presentations. It lets potential clients see that you have vast knowledge in assisting them in purchasing or selling their property.

However, having a GRI designation may also provide you with the edge you’re searching for in the competitive real estate industry.

GRI Scholarship Program

According to the National Association of Realtors research, the best performers in most real estate workplaces are usually GRIs.

Acquiring a GRI designation means taking your career as a realtor to a higher level and with next-level training, next-level skills, and next-level information.

The various GRI Scholarship set up provides financial aids to students who seek to earn the GRI designation.

The GRI Scholarship is open to all candidates willing to broaden their knowledge on the real estate business and who aim at becoming next-level realtors. 

It is available in most states in the United States and several independent companies. 

However, as different states and companies have the power to offer the GRI Scholarship, the requirement and eligibility of the GRI Scholarship differ by the state or company offering the GRI Scholarship.

For example, the GRI Scholarship requirement in Arizona may be entirely different from the GRI Scholarship requirement in Texas.

They may also have different application dates, scholarships offer to successful candidates, the GRI Scholarship criteria, and procedures for registration.

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Major GRI scholarships in the US:

1. Kentucky Association of Realtors GRI Scholarship

All who are members of the Kentucky Realtors are eligible for GRI Scholarship. Eligibility of GRI Scholarship to Kentucky Realtors involves;

  • Members of the Kentucky Realtors.
  • Members who’re in excellent condition with other GRI associations from local, state and national levels.
  • Member to finish GRI courses in Kentucky and have a duration of 3 years to use GRI Scholarship grants. 

The Kentucky Realtors Institute (KRI) offers scholarships to members and non-members who wish to pursue a career as a realtor and further their education at a higher institution.

2. Arizona Association of Realtors GRI Scholarship

Criteria for Applying:

  • Applicant ought to be a manager, broker or sales agent and be an active member in excellent standing of the Arizona Realtors.
  • Members who already have the GRI designation should not apply.
  • Applicant may be authorized to apply for a maximum of two GRI Scholarships in a year. However, they can’t apply for two scholarships within the same month.
  • New recipients of the GRI scholarship will be given their scholarship funds first every month before old recipients receive theirs. If all successful candidates have gotten their scholarships and there are still some left, those who applied for two will receive them.

Criteria for Scholarship:

  • Applicant ought to pick one of the classes indexed on the application form. Please note: If only one GRI course is listed, it is the sole course eligible for the scholarship.
  • If accepted, recipients are mandated to attend the class which they picked on their scholarship form.
  • Applications that don’t meet the GRI scholarship requirements will NOT be considered.
  • Recipients ought to register for their GRI Scholarship class(es) before the commencement of the program.

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3. West & Southeast Realtor of the Valley (WeSERV) GRI Scholarship

Criteria for Application:

Scholarships will be offered to 5 WeSERV members in excellent standing and have been active members for at least one year. Applicants can be realtors and brokers and ought to be members in excellent standing throughout the scholarship duration.

Scholarship Process:

  • Scholarships will be offered to 5 WeSERV members (realtors and brokers) in excellent standing who’s been a member for a minimum of a year.
  • A random draw is used to select recipients.
  • Members who already have a GRI designation won’t be considered for this scholarship.
  • Members can select any of the courses from the WeSERV GRI course schedule.
  • It is compulsory to take All GRI classes at WeSERV.

4.Georgia Association of Realtors GRI Scholarship

Who is Eligible to apply?

Individuals who possess Georgia licensees with an active real estate license and Georgia real estate trade personnel or expert businesses are eligible for a GAR Scholarship. GAR group of workers and their immediate households aren’t eligible.

GAR select recipients not minding the sex, age, marital status, race, disability, nationality, religion, or belonging to an organization.

They select without preference for employment or association with any certified real estate company, dealer, or participant in a professional organization.

The Trustees are ignorant of the applicant’s name, organization, or association when considering scholarship applications.


In a present-day competitive commercial enterprise environment, it regularly takes greater than simply motivation and initiative to be successful. 

The GRI Scholarship provides a financial incentive for qualified candidates to expand their real estate knowledge.

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