Social Media Marketing Degree (Benefits, schools, etc)

Social media marketing refers to a marketing process where you use social media to connect and build relationships with your audience, increase revenue, and create brand awareness. Knowledge through a social media marketing degree help brands create genuine content that is relevant to their audience and track engagement rates using analytics.

This article will give detailed explanation on Social Media Marketing Degree, the benefits, best schools to get a social media marketing degree and many more.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Increase brand recognition and trustworthiness

Social media increases brand visibility online. It creates awareness for a brand globally and tells the world how it works.

In this 21st century, most businesses are online because, people see that the internet is taking over business (E-commerce) and everyone wants to have a touch of it.

2. Better Customer service and satisfaction levels

Social media is an excellent way for brands to connect with their customers. It allows brands to listen to their customers and respond accordingly.

Your brand’s reputation can be affected by how fast and appropriately you respond to consumers’ comments. However, you can improve customer service and satisfaction in two areas of social media: publicly and privately.

3. Building Online community

Social media is quite popular because it allows people to be represented. Many people feel more connected to their virtual communities than they do in real life.

Online communities are vital for brands that understand the value of their customers and brand. At the same time, brands that know how to tell authentic stories that highlight core values get their consumers satisfied.

4. Zeitgeist Update

Zeitgeist is the outlook or the trend of the period. However, social media marketing helps create zeitgeist update for a brand to their audience.

On the other hand, marketers must keep up with social trends; if consumers make major changes in their lifestyles, opinions, or habits, they must stay on top of them.

Social media can be likened to a microcosm, it’s a melting pot full of hot topics, viral fads, and pressing issues.

So, listening to your audience on social media will help you identify what content resonates with them and then join the conversation in creative ways that entertain.

5. Social commerce can increase revenue

Social media has turned into a part of the customer journey. 74% of consumers consult this medium (social media) before purchasing. Consumers have to switch from product sites to review sites and back again before they can purchase a product.

Social media platforms are realizing that streamlining customer journeys is the way forward.

What Can I Do with a Social Media Marketing Degree?

As explained earlier, social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic and online attention for an organization or company through its social media sites.

This entails many different social interactions, often specific to the type of social media site. With that in mind, social media marketing degrees teach their students general marketing concepts and specific techniques specific to social media.

Most social media marketing degrees cover implementing and assessing social media strategies to create compelling social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

Job Opportunities for Social Media Marketing Degree Holders

Many social media marketing graduates eventually move up to managerial positions. Between now and 2026, employment for advertising, promotion, and marketing managers is expected to grow by 9%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Marketing managers are in constant demand due to the rapid technological changes that have occurred in this field.

At the same time, social media marketers will be needed for many years due to the increasing reliance on technology and the internet to deliver marketing materials to consumers.

Research shows that many social media marketing degree holders begin their careers as social media coordinators or specialists using their knowledge in branding or digital marketing.

However, they can be promoted to social media managers, marketing directors, or marketing communications managers after gaining more experience.

Common Specializations to a Social Media Marketing Degree

The majority of general social media marketing degrees will include coursework in business and communications. On the other hand, social media marketing degrees often include courses in

  • Communication
  • Business
  • Marketing.

You will begin your career as a general social media marketing specialist and work as a digital marketing coordinator for small businesses.

Then, this degree will prepare you to work in multiple industries such as entertainment, journalism, politics, business, and journalism.

Students who choose to study the social media management concentration would take social marketing strategy and management courses.

With a bachelor’s degree, digital marketing is sometimes paired with social media marketing. So, students would then continue taking marketing courses and taking courses in digital branding, digital advertising, and digital promotion.

These courses prepare students for certification in social media tools such as Hootsuite and Google Analytics.

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Schools that offer social media marketing degrees

Full Sail University

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing having a tuition fee of $23,116.

Full Sail University, a progressive university located in Florida, is innovative and forward-thinking. Full Sail University’s online accelerated internet marketing degree is a unique blend of industry-savvy coursework.

Highlights of their program includes emailing marketing and search engine optimization. Full Sail offers an opportunity for online students to receive a Momentum Scholarship also giving the students the opportunity to complete their programs in half the time than other programs.

Southern New Hampshire University

They offer an online bachelor in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $320/credit hour.

Southern New Hampshire University is a popular choice for both traditional and non-traditional students. Students looking for an affordable online bachelor’s degree in internet marketing can find it at SNHU.

This online bachelor of science in marketing has a concentration. It provides a solid foundation in marketing research and social media, communications, brand management, and analysis.

The online tuition rates in Southern New Hampshire are among the lowest, and they have been for a while.

American Public University

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing having a tuition fee of $270/credit hour.

American University is a popular choice for active military personnel and working professionals. They offer a bachelor’s degree with an internet technology focusing on making tuition even more affordable, opening additional financial aid, vouchers, and scholarship options.

Franklin University Online

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing having a tuition fee of $526/credit hour.

Franklin University offers many distance-learning options, especially for adult students. The bachelor’s degree in online marketing from Franklin University is an excellent choice for students looking for a practical, affordable degree in this field.

The online internet marketing degree program offers students project-based learning that allows for a regular synthesis of course material.

Regent University

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Marketing. The tuition for their program is $425/credit hour.

Regent University, a Christian-based university, is renowned for its faith-based academics. It also has a distinguished faculty. The affordable online degree programs at Regent University include a BA (Communications Studies) and a concentration on the internet and social media.

This degree is an excellent option for those interested in pursuing an online bachelor in marketing. Students studying internet marketing online complete courses in theory, social media campaigns, content development, strategy, and more.

Savannah College of Art and Design

They offer an online Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media. The tuition for their program is $814/credit hour.

Savannah College of Art and Design is located in Georgia offering creative career opportunities. SCAD offers many online bachelor’s programs, which are interconnected with internet marketing online degree interest.

These programs include; online bachelors in digital media, graphic and interactive design, gaming development, advertising, and more. Savannah College is a leader in online classroom technology and has a supportive faculty.

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University of Wisconsin- Stout

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $315.00/credit hour (MN and WI residents) or $580.00/credit hour (out-of-state).

The University of Wisconsin STOUT, a Midwestern institution with a high percentage of alumni and 98% continued education or graduate employment rate, is known for its accomplished alumni.

The UW-Stout bachelor’s degree in digital marketing technology can be an excellent option for anyone looking to earn an online marketing degree. They offer programs in digital distribution, web app development, building dynamic user interactions, process evaluation, and many other topics.

The best thing about the online internet marketing degree program is its multidisciplinary approach that allows for more excellent job opportunities.

New England College of Business

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $485.00/credit-hour

New England College of Business, located in Boston, is an online school specifically designed for working professionals. Their degree in digital management online is an affordable option for those looking to pursue an internet marketing degree.

This degree offers a well-rounded curriculum that combines business, technical and creative skills necessary to have a successful career.

University of Maryland University College – Global Campus

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $499/credit-hour (outside-state) and $294/credit-hour(in-state).

University of Maryland University College-Global Campus is the largest online public university in the country. UMUC offers over 90 degrees on a collaborative, user-friendly learning platform.

They offer a BS degree in digital media and internet technology. However, BS is one of the most popular online bachelor’s programs in internet marketing.

It covers everything you need to know about digital media management, technology, programming, scripting, web design, and business principles. The UMUC BS graduates are successful in graphic design, web design, multimedia, and other related fields.

Lindenwood University

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $563/credit-hour

In Missouri, Lindenwood University is an academic community that offers many opportunities for not traditional students. The university offers a BS degree in social media and digital strategy.

This online degree in internet market development will help you get a job in the industry. You can earn your digital content degree online or on campus. The degree curriculum is unique in that it includes content strategy practices, branding, audience analysis, and visual art.

Indiana Wesleyan University

They offer an online bachelor of science in digital social marketing. The tuition for their program is $780/credit hour.

Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christian-based university that values collaboration between students and faculty. There are many online bachelor’s degrees programs in internet marketing available at this college.

These programs include a BS degree in marketing with a focus on social media and digital advertising. However, all online marketing students take economic principles, statistics, leadership perspectives, and economic principles courses.

Indian Wesleyan offers flexible credit transfer options, making it possible to complete your degree at your own pace.

Johnson and Wales University

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $330/credit hour.

Johnson and Wales University offers high-quality education. It is well-known for its flexibility and low tuition rates. They also have a dedicated faculty.

JWU offers a digital marketing and online social media degree that is career-focused and provides valuable content in web design optimization and implementation of content strategies, communication techniques, and more.

Johnson and Wales also offers online degrees that last 11 weeks each. Students can quickly complete their degrees within four years.

Park University

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $399/credit hour.

Park University was founded in 1875. It has a long tradition of academic excellence and affordability. They offers a distance-learning program that is ACBSP-accredited in business/marketing online.

This degree is ideal for those who are interested in pursuing an online bachelors in marketing. It also covers a wide range of skills that are desirable in the job market.

Park offers two concentration tracks, digital marketing, and professional sales, for additional customization.

Oregon State University

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $317/credit-hour

Oregon State University is an internationally recognized institution that is a public research university. OSU values diversity in its student body as well as its academic programming.

OSU offers a BA in business administration or BS in business management as a distance-learning degree.

It includes a 24-credit course series in consumer behaviour, business analytics, integrated marketing communications, and many other vital areas of online marketing.

At the same time, OSU offers a career-focused academic counselling department to assist students in their post-graduation goals.

Arizona State University Online

They offer an online Bachelor of Science degree in digital marketing. The tuition for their program is $620 per-credit-hour (outside-state).

Arizona State University has an excellent academic reputation and is competitive. It has many award-winning programs and maintains the same high standards as a campus.

However, they offer an online bachelor’s degree in mass communication and media studies.

Students pursuing an online BA in mass communication in media studies can take courses in media and society, statistics and social-behavioural science.

The ASU mass communications faculty includes Pulitzer-Prize winner and top-tier media scholars.

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The online Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing includes a concentration on Social Media and learning how to use social media to build loyalty, engage customers and drive business.

Digital and internet marketing are constantly evolving, thus, the field is constantly evolving with new platforms, updates, trends, and other industry elements.

An online bachelor’s degree is a great way to start a career having many potential roles, including digital marketing managers, web designers and analytics managers, and SEO/SEM professionals.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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