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Most times people don’t always go to College to spend 4 or 5 years just to earn a degree, some will decide to get an online degree which is of the same value as the college degree.

One thing that is unique about the online degree is its duration.

It can take about a year or more to get one which will give you extra time to do other things in your schedule.

One unique benefit about a college degree that it gives you the ability to connect and know more people.

Here, you are seeing your school mates one on one and you have direct interaction with them(Network).

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What is the Easiest online degree to get?

Computer Science:

With many subdivisions like Programming, Graphics design, UI/UX design and many more, you can get a degree from taking courses online within any of these field and get a recognition from it.


This is a degree that is easy to get, you can register in an online school and you will be thought how to speak well with direct assistance from a professional tutor.

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There is a saying that “Many Speak but a Few listen”, for you to get the attention of people, you need to speak in a way that will drag their attention to your words.

Business Administration:

Everyone is into business, be it sales or services, anything that is bringing money into your pocket is a business thus you can grow your skills by taking more courses online to become a good business administrator.

This online degree is easy to get such that it can take up to a year to get all the knowledge that is required.

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What are the Hardest degrees to get?


The rate of engineering drop out is 8.3% though a good graduate with this degree gets a minimum of $61,000 with allowances.

Getting this degree takes time, very difficult and filled with a lot of processes and stress, but it’s really worth the stress.

Biological Science:

The study of the Human Body; Filled with a lot of complexities and experiments though that what makes it tough.

The rate of biological science drop out in school is about 6.7% which makes it very high tough a good graduate in this field earns about $43k.


With its complexities and the rise of fall of the market, economics has been a hard nut to crack though it’s crackable but its really a hard degree to earn.

The amazing thing about this course is that you need a good level of mathematics with an ability to think creatively and that’s why a good graduate earns about $43k with an allowance.

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Schools to earn an Online degree from:

Capella University:

This is an online school that has only 7 online degrees which allow you to sign up for two courses at a time such that you get you complete a 4 years course in about a year if you are determined and fast enough to study hard and smart.

Exams and tests are taken at the end of a 12-week period.

Capella University is located at Minneapolis, Minnesota with a tuition fee of about $2,300 – $2,700 every 12 weeks.

Northeastern University:

With a tuition fee of about $61,000 and a total degree of 10, Northeastern University offers three online degrees completions programs and gives you several options to complete them faster.

Exam scores can be submitted from Proficiency tests like CLEP, DSST and AP can be used to shave off additional credit if you have a relevant business or health education.

Liberty University:

Located at Lynchburg, Virginia with about $47,000 and accreditation, Liberty University has the biggest menu for online degrees and has options that can help you study faster and at your own pace.

Some qualities or qualifications like Insurance can earn you credits and help you move faster to the completion of your programs.

Sure you know its accredited from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Benefits of an Online Degree:

  1. More time for other activities.
  2. It adds spice to your CV
  3. It takes less time and Cost


Online degrees are good to get, though all through the time you will spend learning and studying, it won’t be easy for you it’s worth the stress.

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If you really want to become more employable and become more valuable, you can get an online degree and get better.

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