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Easiest Ivy League To Get Into: The Ivy League comprises eight private research universities in the United States.

Attending an Ivy League school exposes you to powerful networking opportunities and state-of-the-art learning resources.

Moreover, attending an Ivy League school allows you to spend more time with your professors because of the low student-to-faculty ratio and enhances your resume.

Thus, when you want to attend college, Ivy League schools should be your first option.

Cornell University is the easiest Ivy League school to get into. This is because this school has an acceptance rate of 14.1%, higher than other Ivy League schools.

However, Cornell University is still one of the best schools in the United States and has a lower acceptance rate than most schools in the US.

If you want to learn about Cornell University and other Ivy League schools, read this post to the end.

Is Ivy League Worth It?

Those who graduate from an Ivy League school join a network of people who are supportive and helpful.

In addition to receiving a first-rate education, you can now count yourself among an exclusive group of people who have completed their degrees.

Keeping in touch with fellow alums of prestigious universities can have far-reaching effects on your personal and professional development.

Going to a school in the Ivy League means having access to resources created by some of the smartest people in the world.

Ivy League professors tend to be highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their teaching subjects.

Academics in these roles are strongly urged and, in most cases, expected to do university-sponsored research on these themes.

These thinkers develop novel hypotheses on issues students are already exploring, giving them cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute information.

In addition, a degree from an Ivy League institution might give you a leg up in the job market in industries like finance, law, and business consulting, where competition is fierce.

Many of the world’s most prestigious businesses hire directly from Ivy League universities since they are home to some of the most talented and intelligent students.

Is Ivy League hard to get into?

For precision, let’s call the Ivy League a sports league just like the PacWest or the Big Ten.

The ivy that grew around the walls of the older private schools in the Northeast gave rise to the moniker, which dates back to the 1930s.

The figures on acceptance rates to Ivy League universities make it very evident how competitive the admissions process is at elite institutions.

The Ivy League universities are extremely competitive, with an admittance rate of somewhat more than 9% on average.

In recent years, it has gotten even more competitive to gain admission to an Ivy League institution.

Even with admittance rates as low as 3.19 percent, Harvard and Princeton remain at the top of the list. All eight Ivy League schools had historically low admission rates for the Class of 2026.

7+ Easiest Ivy League To Get Into

1. Cornell University:

Cornell University is one of the Ivy League colleges in the world. It is the easiest ivy league school to get into.

This school is committed to developing, sustaining, and sharing knowledge to educate future generations of global citizens and enhance a culture of broad inquiry.

Cornell University is also dedicated to improving the lives of students and citizens of New York by providing them with a quality education that cannot be compared with several schools all around the globe.

Cornell University offers several boasts a sustainable staff base of about 1700 faculty and 1090 academic professionals that manage the academic and non-academic activities of over 15,000 undergraduate and 7,000 graduate students.

Moreover, Cornell University remains committed to impacting lives through engagement and respect for the natural environment.

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2. Brown University

Brown is one of the best research universities in the world. This school is renowned for its student-centered learning system that maximizes the skills and talents of students.

Brown University students, faculty, and staff are pushed to create innovations that add value to society.

This university encourages collaboration between staff and students, which results in the development of complex problem-solving discoveries.

More so, Brown University is a top research university with faculty members who are known all over the world.

The university remains a school that has contributed significantly to the development of society through innovative teaching, cutting-edge research, and the advancement of knowledge in all spheres of human life.

In addition, Brown university is one of the easiest ivy league schools to get into.

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3. Columbia University

Columbia University is another leading research university in the world.

This school is distinguished for its top-class learning facilities available to bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral students across all areas of study.

Columbia University maintains a high academic standard that cannot be compared with several schools across the United States and the world.

This school has numerous seasoned professors and lecturers that are highly distinguished in their respective fields of study.

Columbia University encourages teamwork between faculty and students, and this design has resulted in the development of several ground-breaking innovations across several fields.

As one of the top ivy league schools to get into, Columbia University is known for advancing knowledge for societal development.

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4. Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is one of the best schools in the United States. The school is a private Ivy League research university in New Hampshire.

This school offers a welcoming learning environment that allows faculty and students to work together and develop solutions to the utmost needs of the world at the moment.

Dartmouth College is renowned for training some of the most talented students to emerge from high schools.

Through its comprehensive learning curriculum, Dartmouth College prepares them for a life of continuous learning and effective leadership.

Dartmouth College is also blessed with faculty members that are very passionate about teaching and the sharing of knowledge.

Moreover, Dartmouth College encourages academic excellence at all times and welcomes the development of different ideas about a particular challenge or issue society faces.

This school offers admission spots to students who deserve admission, regardless of tribe, cultural background, or financial status.

In addition, Dartmouth university made it to the list of the easiest ivy league schools to get into.

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5. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most popular schools in the world. This school has the lowest acceptance rate among all the Ivy League schools. 

Harvard University is committed to maintaining the highest standards in teaching, learning, research, and developing leaders who can impact the world. 

This prestigious university has countless arts and science undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Students offer these programs across the three campuses of the school; Cambridge, Boston, and Boston’s Longwood Medical Area.  

Harvard University has several scholarship programs and grants available to help qualified students complete their education for free. 

Graduates of Harvard University founded the most renowned companies in the United States. 

More so, Harvard University is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research and to creating leaders who make a difference worldwide.

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6. The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania, also called Penn or UPenn, is a private Ivy League research university in Pennsylvania.

As one of the finest liberal arts and sciences colleges in the U.S., the University of Pennsylvania provides a top-class experience distinguished by scholarship, intellectual rigor, and academic drive.

With students from over 130 countries, this school offers students the opportunity to study in a culturally diverse learning environment.

Moreover, the University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to developing a community of students, scholars, and staff that mirrors the diversity of the planet we share.

This school is one of the world’s most advanced research and teaching schools, with over $1.1 billion spent on research each year.

In addition, Penn is one of the top ivy league schools to get into.

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7. Princeton University

Princeton is a renowned American university of higher learning that dates back to the 17th century.

The institution is noted for various aspects, including its high-quality teaching and accomplished professors, close-knit student community, varsity sports, and cutting-edge research.

With a low student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1, Princeton University facilitates close working relationships between students and professors.

Princeton University offers a curriculum focusing on learning, resourcefulness, innovation, and teamwork.

At Princeton University, students are exposed to a learning environment that develops their analytical, critical thinking, writing, and communication skills.

Princeton University is undoubtedly a leading private research school in the United States.

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8. Yale University

Yale University is one of the eight Ivy League schools in the United States. The university is a private research university in New Haven, Connecticut.

People may know about Yale because it is in the Ivy League or because its music and drama programs are some of the best in the country. But Yale is a real place where people live for four years, despite its high reputation.

This school has faculty members that are devoted to the task of assisting students in achieving their career goals and interests.

Yale University instills in its students the spirit of lifelong learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Easiest Ivy League To Get Into 

Why do they call it an Ivy League school?

The Ivy League gets its name from a partnership between Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Penn. This partnership is called the Ivy League, which comes from the Roman numeral for four.

Why is Stanford not an Ivy League?

Duke, MIT, and Stanford aren’t in the Ivy League because they weren’t very good at sports when the league was made.

Is MIT an Ivy League?

Even though MIT does not belong to the Ivy League, its classrooms, professors, alumni network, and acceptance rates are all on par with those of the other elite universities.

Is it harder to get into MIT or Harvard?

Harvard has a little lower acceptance rate than MIT, but MIT has higher test score averages, so you’ll need to do even better on the SAT or ACT, especially in Math, to get in.


Ivy League schools are undoubtedly the best schools in the world. They maintain a very high standard of learning and expose students to rich learning experiences.

Of all the Ivy League schools, Cornell University has the lowest acceptance rate and the easiest ivy league to enter.

However, gaining admission into this school is difficult, and you must still fulfill the university’s admission requirements.

Nevertheless, if you have the financial might to attend the best schools, choose any of these schools listed above.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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