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Cheating at Penn Foster: Penn foster is an online school that has the clearance or accreditation to teach various courses and administer exams online to students.

Penn foster college offers associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and undergraduate certificates, a system called “Asynchronous online courses and instruction.”

The college has no hand in participating in any federal or state aid programs as its educational system is quite affordable for anyone who wants it.

This article provides tips on Penn Foster, how Penn Foster handles Cheating, and some instances of academic dishonesty.

About Penn Foster:

Penn Foster has made it its mission to assist professionals just like you in launching, advancing, and thriving in their professional lives.

For more than a century and a half, the online platform has been dedicated to this goal.

With over 100 self-paced, career-relevant programs across our College, Career, and High school campuses, students may get the education they need at a price they can afford.

The program you select is tailored to meet your specific learning needs, and it is created to accommodate your busy schedule, so you may study whenever and wherever you want.

At Penn foster, you are liable to study at home and also at your own pace.

There is no rush, no immediate reason to run to class or beat the traffic and be in class almost immediately to sit for any exam or write a test.

The working class can also afford this school as it has your convenience first in mind for learning and examinations. The fact that this college is very affordable makes it super great.

Your tuition fee includes everything you will need to be in school, from books, study guides, and learning aids to the excellence this college has had and the success it has achieved over the years.

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So the billion-dollar question would be how they intend to track cheating whenever an online examination commences?

About Penn Foster Accreditation:

Penn Foster College is nationally accredited for the college programs by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

How does Penn Foster track Cheating?

The term “cheating” refers to the act of committing fraud, deception, or dishonesty in an academic setting.

Usage of materials that are not authorized by the assignment’s guidelines or aiding others in the use of materials that are not authorized is a type of cheating.

Now, since learning is online at Penn foster, it is suggested that examinations and tests will follow the same protocol online too.

It is quite easy for students enrolling in an online examination to cheat, but Penn Foster has a way to track cheating.

How Penn Foster Uses Online Proctoring System to Track Cheating:

An online proctoring system has been introduced, which would make it seem like you had a face to face contact with a real proctor.

Since then, there has been an introduction of over a million proctored exams that have been taken on the systems of Penn foster.

From these remotely proctored exams, less than 1% of proctored events are flagged for infractions.

Webcam systems are in place, and the student is recorded throughout the exams. They are also limited to walking around after an exam has started.

They will be required to show proof of identity through an identity card or a license to the webcam for additional identification to prove studentship with Penn foster college.

This recording will eventually be saved and audited by the remote proctoring platform.

More so, the student will also be tasked with looking for a credible proctor who meets the requirements to proctor the exams, and yet again, Penn foster will verify the credibility of the said proctor too.

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The process of ascertaining the proctor would be through an ongoing programmatic roll out then Penn foster works towards changing all the exams to fit into the remote proctor’s option.

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How to Ensure the Awareness of Students about Integrity of Online Proctoring:

With online proctoring, students can take exams whenever they want, giving them more freedom to advance at their speed rather than waiting until the end of the semester to complete their coursework.

With regards to online learning, there’s no doubt about that. Therefore, online schools must demonstrate their dedication to the success of their students by preparing their pupils for success.

One way to ensure that students learn the content is through online proctoring, which also increases the school’s integrity and credibility.

Academic Dishonesty or Cheating in Penn Foster:

The definition of cheating is any attempt at an inappropriate collaborative activity where the work provided to the school does not accurately represent the work of the enrolled student, as stated in Penn Foster’s Student Handbook, notably in the section on Academic Dishonesty.

One sort of academic dishonesty or cheating is plagiarism. It involves using someone else’s ideas, words, or statements without giving them due credit.

What are some instances of academic dishonesty or cheating?

Academic dishonesty comes in a variety of forms. Some of them are crystal clear, while others are less so. You can see examples of academic lying or cheating in the list below.

  • Bribery
  • Cheating
  • Conspiracy
  • Misrepresentation
  • Collusion
  • Fabrication
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Duplicate Submission

Is Academic Dishonesty a significant issue?

It can be serious if students are discovered engaging in plagiarism, unapproved collaboration, or other types of academic dishonesty. They risk being suspended or kicked out of the school.

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Therefore, you must ensure that your task is done accurately and honestly.

Since Penn Foster’s online program is self-paced, you can take as much time as you need to learn and comprehend the content on your first try.

Official Website Of Penn Foster

Frequently Asked Questions on Penn Foster and Cheating:

Can I finish Penn Foster in 3 months?

Penn Foster High School will award you a diploma once you have completed all of your required courses. As few as three years are required to get your degree. It’s also possible to complete a year of high school in as little as nine months if you qualify for credit from prior education.

How long is a semester at Penn Foster?

12 months

Does Penn Foster have a final exam?

There are no typical “final exams” in Penn Foster’s online programs. They don’t have any final exams at all in career diploma programs and their high school diplomas. You’ll be able to graduate as long as you’ve done well in your classes.

Can you cheat on Penn Foster?

For the avoidance of doubt; it is expressly forbidden to use Content in any way that could damage the integrity of Penn Foster educational programs or students’ educational experiences in any way to cheat on Penn Foster educational examinations or assignments.


There is a huge penalty for cheating, and anyone caught will face the full penalty of the law. It is pertinent always to study as Penn foster has zero tolerance for cheating.

Studying effectively has proven to be a solution to academic issues. Do not just dream big but make sure you work hard towards actualizing the dream.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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