What Does a 1st bachelor’s degree mean? (Quick Answer)

Is there a difference between a bachelor’s degree and a 1st bachelor’s degree? Well, this article will give a say on it.

A first bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree awarded to students who successfully finish four years of study.

It is called a “first” bachelor’s degree because no qualification courses were completed before being awarded a bachelor’s degree.

When you acquire a bachelor’s degree and then enroll in another school in a different discipline, you can receive a bachelor’s degree, referred to as a “second” bachelor’s degree.

When you hold numerous bachelor’s degrees, the first one acquired would be considered your “1st bachelor’s degree.”

This article will explain the 1st Bachelor’s degree, how long it takes to get it, and many more.

What does a 1st bachelor’s degree mean?

A first bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree conferred upon individuals who complete a four-year course of study.

It is referred to as a “first” bachelor’s degree because the prerequisite courses for earning a bachelor’s degree were not completed previously.

How long does it take to get a 1st Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree typically takes four to six years to complete.

Programs that allow students to complete their degrees in shorter periods are available; however, individuals who only take a few courses per semester or change majors during their studies may take longer.

Can you get a Master’s degree without a 1st Bachelor’s degree?

According to UOP, it’s natural to assume that obtaining a master’s degree follows the completion of a bachelor’s degree.

However, some exceptions exist, as some universities allow you to pursue a master’s degree first. Certain schools offer programs that do not require an undergraduate degree.

Remember that most universities remain very traditional in their approach and that obtaining a bachelor’s degree is still mandatory.

Experience is one of the best ways to learn; some universities are beginning to recognize this.

More so, there are certain concepts that students typically learn in a master’s program that you may already be familiar with from your professional experience. You may be unaware of them as curriculum-based theories.

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Is a 1st Bachelor’s degree 4 years?

Bachelor’s degrees are traditionally thought of as requiring four years of study. However, the time it takes to complete an online program can differ greatly from that. 

How much does a bachelor’s degree cost?

If you attend a four-year college in the US, you can expect to pay an average of $8,893 a year for in-state students and $22,203 for students outside the state.

How hard is it to get a 1st bachelor’s degree?

1. The major you study:

For example, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or data science requires greater technical expertise than a BA in history or English.

Think about the types of tasks you enjoy and the assignments you are good at.

Your skill set and interests will determine your coursework’s perceived difficulty level. If you are pursuing a degree that you are passionate about, your classes may be easier than those that you do not enjoy.

2. Pre-college training and education:

You may be halfway through your bachelor’s degree if you already have an associate degree or college credits.

As long as you have many transferring credits, you may be able to speed up your path to a bachelor’s degree.

How hard is it to get a 1st bachelor’s degree in Australia?

At least three years of full-time study are required for a bachelor’s degree, which prepares students for professional positions and postgraduate study.

What is 2nd bachelor’s degree?

A second bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate credential obtained following a prior bachelor’s degree. If you are still enrolled in school, consider pursuing a double major to acquire both bachelor’s degrees concurrently.

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What is the difference between 1st bachelor’s degree and 2nd?

1st bachelor’s degree:

  • This is the initial undergraduate degree a person pursues after high school or equivalent.
  • Typically takes around 3-4 years to complete, depending on the country and the program.
  • Focuses on a chosen major or field of study.
  • Provides a foundational understanding of that subject.
  • Once achieved, the individual is considered to have a tertiary-level education in that particular field.

2nd bachelor’s degree:

  • Pursued after already obtaining a first bachelor’s degree.
  • Allows individuals to study a different field or subject area from their first degree.
  • It might be pursued for various reasons, such as changing career paths, enhancing skills, or pursuing personal interests.
  • Some universities might allow the transfer of general education credits so that it might be shorter in duration than the first degree.
  • Offers a deeper or alternative skill set and knowledge base, broadening the individual’s academic and professional versatility.

In essence, while both are undergraduate degrees, the first establishes a foundational academic and professional path, and the second can be seen as a way to diversify skills or pivot into a different career or academic direction.

How long does it take to get a Bachelor’s degree in China?

Most bachelor’s degrees offered by most Chinese colleges require four years of study. If you study MBBS in China, it may take five or six years.

Frequently Asked Questions on 1st Bachelor’s Degree:

Is a bachelor’s in Germany hard?

German is notoriously difficult to pick up because of its drastically different grammatical structure from English. Even worse, you can’t write in German the way you speak. When writing in German, a particular cadence must be learned via experience.

Is it difficult to get a bachelor’s degree?

To get the most out of a college education, it’s crucial to realize that classes are challenging because they are. When classes are too simple, you’re not learning the material to help you succeed in your future profession. But of course, you don’t want the degree program to be so difficult that you can never finish it.

Why is it called a 1st Bachelor’s degree?

When the term “bachelor” was first coined, it was used to describe a lower-ranking member of the feudal lordship hierarchy. People with a college or university preparatory degree are now called “subordinates” in numerous contexts, especially in the workplace.


A first bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree earned at an academic institution where students study a subject of their choice. It is sometimes referred to as a college degree.

A bachelor’s degree can increase your employment opportunities, expose you to new ideas, and increase your earning potential.

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