Top 7+ Oceanography Colleges in the United States 2022

Oceanography colleges are educational institutions that train people in the field of oceanography.

These schools provide theoretical and practical lessons that help their students manage and comprehend the world’s oceans.

Oceanography colleges also expose students to the knowledge of ocean pollution and how to prevent it, forecast of world’s oceans behaviors, viable exploitation of oceans resources, and the study of all facets of the world’s oceans and seas.

To provide more insight on oceanography colleges, this article will discuss the admission requirements of oceanography colleges, the duration it will take to complete the school, the top 8 oceanography colleges in the world at the moment, and some tips for oceanography colleges.

Finally, this article will further shed some light on the benefits of pursuing a career in oceanography and some soft skills required for career success in oceanography.

What are Oceanography Colleges?

Oceanography colleges are schools that educate students on the field of oceanography.

These academic institutions nurture students on the scientific study of the ocean which covers several areas like waves, plate tectonics, fluxes, ecosystem, and geophysical fluid dynamics.

Oceanography colleges educate students on biological oceanography that is concerned with the following:

  • The biology of marine organisms
  • Chemical oceanography that is concerned with the study of geochemical cycles
  • Ocean acidification that focuses on the reduction in the PH levels of the ocean due to toxic radiations
  • Geological oceanography that covers the study of the geology of the ocean floor.

Moreover, oceanography colleges expose students to the knowledge of physical oceanography, ocean currents, seismic oceanography, ocean heat content, and paleoceanography.

Thus, oceanography colleges are schools with comprehensive learning curricula.

Admission requirements for Oceanography Colleges

Oceanography is a highly revered degree in the world. Most schools that run oceanography degree programs have strict admission policies.

Nevertheless, in addition to other requirements that differ according to colleges, to enroll in an oceanography undergraduate degree program in most universities, you must possess the following;

How long does it take to obtain a degree in Oceanography?

Just like several degree programs, completing an undergraduate degree study in oceanography takes a maximum of only three to five years depending on the program design of a college.

A masters’ degree program in oceanography can span two to three years while a doctoral program in oceanography can be completed over three years.

Top Oceanography Colleges

Attending a world-class oceanography college is the best step for anyone interested in a career in oceanography.

While many institutions in Europe, Asia, and the US offer excellent oceanographic degrees, here is a list of the world’s greatest oceanography colleges.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology This institution has been a renowned learning center for 150 years, since 1861.

MIT seeks to serve the nation and the world by conducting some of the world’s most rigorous research procedures.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology also features renowned academics and a thorough oceanography degree program that leads to numerous career options.

Hawaii Pacific University

This is one of the Oceanography Colleges is that fosters student-centered innovation and research. An alumnus who positively impacts society from Hawaii Pacific University.

An oceanographic degree will expose you to a thorough knowledge of oceans, a skill in great demand.

California University of Technology

Caltech (California Institute of Technology) is a world-class scientific and engineering college that produces seasoned alumni who generate ideas that address important societal concerns.

Thanks to vast research resources, this school is involved in various types of study.

The California University of Technology’s oceanography major exposes students to some of the top brains in the area and innovative research methods.

University of California, Berkeley

This list also includes the University of California, Berkeley.

This school, founded in 1868, is on this list because of its extensive curriculum, industry experts on staff, and student-focused activities that give professional experiences and mentorship.

The University of Berkeley has a student-to-faculty ratio of 17.8 to 1.

Other Impressive Schools to get an Oceanography Degree

Stockton University

Stockton University is a top-notch public university. This university is a top oceanographic school. Stockton University has renowned academics, world-class learning facilities, and an outstanding oceanographic curriculum that combines theory and practice.

Stockton University also offers various scholarship programs and uses a research-based learning system to boost students’ hands-on experience.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

A degree in oceanography from UNC-Chapel Hill is unquestionably one of the best. This school is one of the leading Oceanography Colleges in innovative teaching and research.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s wide oceanographic curriculum inspires students to turn passions into thrilling experiences.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also hosts professional development summits and seminars, and its fully-stocked library provides students with a wealth of educational resources.

It is a great place to study oceanography.’

University of Washington

This institution has a challenging curriculum led by industry veterans.

The University of Washington, founded in 1861, continues to lead the way in knowledge progress and offers many fully-funded oceanography scholarships.

This school’s inventive faculty may also link educational genius to cutting-edge research through sophisticated assessment and intellectual development.

University of Miami

One cannot list the world’s greatest oceanographic schools without including the University of Miami. This school’s academic program focuses on innovation and practice.

The University of Miami’s marine science school contains some of the world’s most renowned oceanographic instructors. The University of Miami is a premier oceanographic school.

Tips for Oceanography Colleges

Oceanography is one of the most rigorous degree programs in the world. It involves a lot of fieldwork and on-site analysis.

Although the colleges listed above have top-class educational facilities that enhance the abilities of students, apply the study tips below to excel in an oceanography program;

Don’t miss practical classes:

The oceanography curriculum of several schools is mostly centered on practical learning than theory. Thus, don’t miss practical classes for any reason as most practical lessons will develop your ability to solve real-life challenges.  

Go for all the field trips:

You will go on several field trips from your freshman year which are mostly funded from your school fees.

Thus, if your department organizes an excursion or field trip during the year, partake in all of them to give you the perfect opportunity for obtaining rich professional knowledge. 

Develop a great relationship with your professors:

Build a good relationship in Oceanography Colleges with your professors to obtain valuable recommendations for scholarships and internships.

Study intensively:

You cannot pass your exams without studying. Thus, use up most of your time outside classes to study and do sufficient practice tests ahead of any test or exam.

Make use of the internet:

Leverage on the internet to watch online tutorials and obtain learning materials that will boost your knowledge of oceanography.

Do several internships:

Internships are great ways to obtain professional exposure and field experiences.

Thus, during your holidays, complete an internship no matter the duration in a top oceanography firm.


Becoming an oceanographer is an ideal decision for you because it is one of the best-paid professions in the world and allows you to explore natural habitats.

To obtain high-quality knowledge of oceanography, attending any of the eight colleges listed above is highly recommended.

Nevertheless, to become an outstanding oceanographer, develop great communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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