Transcript vs. Diploma

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Certificates have become an important requirement to succeed in life. Certificates can serve as means of employment, to get awards, and so on. In this article, we will be comparing two different types of certificates: “Transcript vs. Diploma”, their importance, differences, and similarities.

Transcript vs. Diploma

What is a Transcript?

A transcript is a complete proof of education that can be written, printed, or given online. It comprises a record of all your courses and grades from your previous or current educational institution.

A transcript is very important as it is useful for traveling abroad for education, transferring to a different school, getting employment opportunities, etc.

 Academic transcripts have some other names like;

  • Mark Sheet
  • Transcript of Record
  • Record of Achievements
  • Report Card
  • Statement of Learning
  • Permanent Record
  • Academic Certificates
  • Mark List
  • Diploma Supplements

Transcripts are received from your educational institution of study, which the education board of conduct has already generated.

Information in a Transcript:

There are several pieces of information that a transcript may have, which are:

  • The student’s information: A transcript should have the student’s full name, the student identification number, and the date of birth of the student.
  • The student’s overall grade: For college transcripts, it will contain the student’s GPA, while for the other educational institutions, it will contain the grade of all courses and classes attended and applied for.
  • The average grade of the class: It may also contain the average grade of all class members; for some academic institutions, compare the result of the student to the average.
  • The number of students of the class: A transcript may contain the total number of students of that particular class.
  • Names of other educational institutions attended.
  • List of all courses attended: It should have a list of all courses applied for and attended. Some even contain courses that could have been applied for.
  • Awards and achievements presented to the students during the duration of their school years.
  • An official signature or stamp from the registrar of the academic institution.
  • The duration of the student’s attendance at the educational institution.
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Transcript vs. Diploma

Importance of Transcript

A transcript is useful in several ways, which are:

  • For employment or to get a job.
  • To travel abroad for educational reasons.
  • To transfer to a different school.
  • For admission purposes to a higher-level educational institution.

Transcript vs. Diploma

What is a Diploma?

A diploma is a certificate awarded by an academic or educational institution to a student as proof of study. Diploma courses do not require much time to complete. However, doing a diploma, you can only choose one major course.

A student gets a diploma from either colleges, universities, or even high schools. At the same time, a student can complete a diploma course in one or two years.

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The tuition or fees required to complete a diploma course is less compared to a degree. However, the disadvantage of a diploma is that diploma holders earn much less than those with a degree.

A diploma course emphasizes greatly on a practical approach to learning. However, using a diploma, you can apply for a degree which means moving to a higher level of education.

Before choosing to become a diploma holder, you should go through all details involved with or attached to the title.

A diploma can contain a variety of information, including:

  • The name of the academic or educational institution, whether high school, university, or college.
  • The name of the student.
  • The district or county in the case of a high school diploma and so on.

It is important to safeguard the original copy of the diploma as it is very hard to get a replacement.

Importance of a Diploma

  • It adds to or fattens up your resume.
  • It provides employers a very good reason to hire an individual.
  • A diploma gives you a competitive edge compared to your colleagues who lack it, putting you in line for a promotion.
  • It helps individuals to find worth in their existence.
  • A diploma creates opportunities that were formerly unavailable.
  • A diploma helps individuals to qualify for training programs or higher education.
  • It is available to different people, either high school dropouts, people who lack money as the fees aren’t much, or people who lack time to finish a degree.
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Transcript vs. Diploma (Differences)

  • A transcript is a complete proof of education that can be written, printed, or even online. It comprises a record of all your courses and grades from your previous or current educational institution. At the same time, a diploma is a certificate awarded by an academic or educational institution to a student as proof an individual has completed a specific course of study.
  • A transcript is mostly what colleges require as part of the admission process. In contrast, the colleges only require a diploma as the certificate for admission.
  • A transcript contains the courses taken by a student and grades, while a diploma contains the certificate that proves the completion of a specific course studied.

Transcript vs. Diploma (Similarities)

  • Both transcripts and diplomas are certificates.
  • A transcript and a diploma prove that a student has studied at an academic or educational institution.
  • An employer can use either a transcript or a diploma as a reason to hire an individual.


A transcript and a diploma are important certificates that contribute to the future of an individual. This article has explained both a transcript and a diploma. Choosing to get a diploma is a personal choice.

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