Top 5 Best Websites for free Harmonica Lessons in 2022

free Harmonica Lessons

Free Harmonica Lessons: When you decide to study the harmonica, you may feel both excited and overwhelmed. It’s difficult to know where to begin and what resources are accessible.

To play the harmonica well, you don’t need to spend a fortune on private instruction.

Do you want to learn harmonica? The harmonica is surprisingly easy to learn, and many people pick it up quickly.

There are many free resources available to teach you the basics of harmonica playing, as well as more advanced techniques as you progress. You may learn harmonica by taking free online harmonica lessons.

Why take free harmonica lessons?

Free harmonica lessons are the best. With so many resources available, free blues harmonica lessons can become far more. So, why pay? Paying for classes has many benefits.

Fee-for-classes allow for a more personal learning setting where you can hire a local or online tutor to help you learn the harmonica. You get to learn the harmonica one-on-one.

Paying for lessons also means better material. You will notice a considerable boost in lesson content quality whether you hire an instructor or buy a subscription to access more lesson content.

Top 5 Best Websites for free Harmonica Lessons

Harmonica Academy:

Harmonica Academy is a free harmonica lesson platform suitable for novices. Tony Eyers, from Sydney, Australia, has been learning the blues harmonica for many years.

Tony takes you from basic skills like blowing and drawing notes to more advanced ones like bar blues and blues scales. Detailed step-by-step tutorials explain each skill.

While he doesn’t supply movies, he does provide audio recordings and further resources for those still struggling.

Tony’s website is straightforward to use and quick to master for many students. It’s easy to learn harmonica tunes without videos thanks to his short, delicious lessons.

To help students handle issues, Tony will personally respond to their inquiries. This allows forum members to respond to your question in several ways.

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Truefire is a website that provides free harmonica lessons in many styles. It has over 40,000 free lessons available on your phone, computer, or tablet. Truefire’s blog has lessons for many instruments and musical resources.

The Learning Paths are the best place to begin for beginners. TrueFire’s content, on the other hand, is so extensive that it may be a better fit for more advanced guitarists.

Is TrueFire free?

So, unlike other online guitar education platforms and courses, you only pay for what you utilize with TrueFire.

Signing up for a free trial and creating an account with them is absolutely free, and the fee after that varies greatly depending on what you want to accomplish.

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Harmonica Lessons App:

Harmonica Lessons is a free app for iOS and Android. This collection of lessons will teach you the basics of maintaining, repairing, and tuning your harmonica.

You may learn everything from simple harp techniques to expert harmonica techniques.

Your instructor will adapt each class to your skill level. Learn advanced skills including chugging, blues and single-note melodies while jamming with other musicians.

Aside from its simplicity and accessibility, this program’s portability is unmatched. The harmonica’s small size allows it to be carried in your pocket or purse.

All harmonica players, regardless of ability level, should have the Harmonica Lessons App.

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Harmonica 123:

New harmonica players will love free Harmonica Lessons courses and tutorials.

The lessons are taught by Ronnie Shellist, a well-known musician and blues harmonica teacher. Easy harmonica lessons on YouTube are nothing new for Ronnie.

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced are all available on the website. So choose your skill level and start learning.

Videos on the “Beginners” tab walk you through harmonica 101. It starts with one note harmonica, clean notes, breathing practices, and major scales. To see Ronnie’s YouTube video, click “Watch” on the far right.

Each film is between 3 and 20 minutes long, making it easy to master new feats. He also gives weekly practice regimens for beginners. His stuff is good for all levels.

Ronnie Shellist’s work is original, but unstructured. To find his films, you may need to go through the list as they are not yet sorted.

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Instructables provides thousands of DIY instructions. Articles, films, workshops, and even contests. They have videos on cooking and woodworking. The best thing is that experts from all across the world contribute.

It’s easy and exciting to join a community of like-minded people. This Instructable will teach you how to play the harmonica.

The author starts with harmonicas. There are three primary harmonica types, each with its own sound and function, then tremolo and chromatic harmonicas.

These free classes teach harmonica together with other instruments. 1st place is natural harmonica (straight harp), blues harmonica uses the second position.

Complications in bending and tongue blocking may be beyond new players. Thus, this tutorial will help you learn new harp techniques and improve old ones.

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Blues Harp:

Free Harmonica Lessons: If you’d want to learn more about the history and legends of blues harmonica, you can use Blues Harp.

The history of the harmonica, where it came from, and how it paved the way for the Blues music they enjoy today can be found on this website.

John DeConqueroo, the mastermind of the project, has been playing the harmonica for more than a decade.

Because he learned to play the harmonica on his own, John has a keen ear for music and an even keener awareness of how to instruct others.

What key is a blues harp?

Bb is, in fact, the typical harmonica on which to begin learning overblows. This can be played in D if you so desire. If you want to get the most out of this harmonica, try playing slow, rhythmic chugging and melodic lines.

Free harp lessons are available at provides great reviews and easy-to-follow lesson plans. JP Allen is a great teacher for all levels.

Since 1998, JP Allen has taught music. A hobby developed into a passion.

The lesson plan will teach you the basics of harmonicas, including proper handling and model selection. Then you’ll learn basic breathing, blowing, drawing, and daily scales.

Students who learnt the guitar quickly under JP Allen’s tutelage can testify to this on the website. Unquestionably brilliant, JP Allen charges for additional classes or even one-on-one instruction via phone or Skype.


After reading this post, you should feel more relaxed. An instrument may be both exciting and terrifying. Online harp lessons are a great way to learn.

There are also forums and YouTube. Consider online or in-person tutoring to develop your harp skills for a career or just for fun.

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